MTL Sweet Pampering

SP 134 MTL

Chapter 134 is so handsome like Fu Hanxi, there only one in the world The next day she goes to the school, the early end of self-study, the broadcast informed the school mock exam results. Liu Jin, the director of the school, was removed from the position of director of the teaching office because of… Continue reading SP 134 MTL

MTL Sweet Pampering

SP 133 MTL

Chapter 133 One more than a pit she Three seconds later, Xie Lin hangs up the phone. Fu Hanxi after say two sentences and returned the phone to her. "Do not refuse, do you still want to go to there?" Gu Weiwei took the phone and said. "That is the Qianqian cousin. The last time… Continue reading SP 133 MTL

MTL Sweet Pampering

SP 132 MTL

Chapter 132 I am her boyfriend Gu Weiwei suspected that Fu Hanxi sent people to act decisively Fortunately, he is letting a lawyer come, not to come here personally as her parents. Jiang Yu learned from Gu Weiwei about the incident and asked the three police officers present to prove it. Then he said. "Mr.… Continue reading SP 132 MTL

MTL Sweet Pampering

SP 131 MTL

Chapter 131 Who is the thief shouting to catch a thief? Luo Qianqian glanced at the insatiable Zhu Xiaoqin and others and took the phone to Liu Jin's desk. A video is playing on the phone, the yellow-haired girl is looking for Mu Weiwei, a group of people calls her to the woods, and eight… Continue reading SP 131 MTL

MTL Sweet Pampering

SP 130 MTL

Chapter 130 Clumsy shift the blame skill Zhu Xiaoqin looked at Gu Weiwei suspiciously. As far as she knows, Li Jiacheng, the chairman of Longsheng Group, had long since denied her daughter. The people of Mu family are also dead. Where did the parents come to school? Gu Weiwei thought that just now Liu Jin… Continue reading SP 130 MTL

MTL Sweet Pampering

SP 129 MTL

Chapter 129 Can a boyfriend be a parent? The injured student went to the infirmary and Gu Weiwei and several other female students were called to the teaching office. Liu Jin didn't ask indiscriminately, and smacked with his first. “Mu Weiwei, the school is the place to learn, not the place where you fight with… Continue reading SP 129 MTL

MTL Sweet Pampering

SP 128 MTL

Chapter 128 All give me to the teaching office. Sure enough, after the afternoon, Gu Weiwei went out of school, and the yellow-haired girl stopped her with someone. "Let you leave school, don't you go, what are you running?"  JiCheng and LuoQianqian looked bad and looked at each other and asked. "Weiwei, who are they… Continue reading SP 128 MTL


SP 127 MTL

Chapter 127 Let's go school Since the last live event, Gu Weiwei's desks always full of various love letters and small gifts. Even some brave guys will stop her on the way However, she has not spoken yet, and Luo Qianqian has already grabbed the boy's ears until is red. "Xie Lin, skipping classes to… Continue reading SP 127 MTL

MTL Sweet Pampering

SP 126 MTL

Chapter 126, I am not kissing him anyway. The luxuriant flower's fragrance is filled with warmth, and the warm sunshine is scattered on the two through the wisteria flower stand. The cold and reserved man, with cold lips and a gentle smile, looked forward to the girl in front of him. Gu Weiwei licked her… Continue reading SP 126 MTL

MTL Sweet Pampering

SP 125 MTL

Chapter 125 Extra Large Luxury Dog Food After dinner, Fu Hanxi took a call and went back to the study. He was too busy to come out. Gu Weiwei prepared him a stomach-care lunch for the next day, and went back to the room and read a book for a while. Early in the morning,… Continue reading SP 125 MTL