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Chapter 28 After ten years

    You are still a little girl when you meet each other.

    Flying with you is my wish.

    Since leaving the house with his bag,

    I will deeply cherish this wish.

    You don’t know how much trauma I have experienced,

    I don’t know that I have become strong,

    Ever since I was on my way home,

    I can’t imagine the sadness when facing you.

    Ten years, ten years, ten years,

    Everything is forgotten;

    Ten years, Ah, ten years back to my hometown,

    I don’t know how to be hurt.

    The shopping mall opposite the building is in the middle of the event. A young male singer sings a song that is not lively with a clear voice. It seems a bit awkward in the downtown area. The inferior horn raises his decibel, giving the past people a feeling of trembling of the eardrum.

    Unlike the 喧嚣 below, Yin Ruoji’s office has a chilly atmosphere all year round, but the office is indifferent to the crayon on the wall. Over the years, the color of the painting is still vivid, with a strong possessive desire to declare its existence. Zhang Xian staring at the painting on the wall, even if it has been in and out of the office hundreds of times thousands of times, it still feels very strange. Which famous work is this? Is it deliberately distorted and immature, or is it just a young master’s mess? In any case, with Yin Ruoji’s critical eye, I am willing to hang this picture in the office, it must have its extraordinary.

    “To one,” Yin Ruoji saw him staring at the painting and reminding him, “What’s the matter?”

    “Oh, Uncle Yin, this is the drawing from the design department below. Let’s take a look.” He handed the drawings over and began to explain. “This time the new product is mainly aimed at young women, so the bottle is slim and light. The pattern is also more elegant and lively. But I personally feel that since the concept of our products is pure natural whitening without adding, it should be highlighted in the product packaging, or use advertising to explain.”

    “The bottle is well designed.” Yin Ruoji returned the drawings to him. “As for advertising, what do you think?”

    “Now everyone’s opinions are quite mixed. Some prefer Hong Kong and Taiwan models. Some think that they should choose pure mainland stars. I personally prefer stars. After all, young women like the trend, and choose the stars they like. Have a better effect.”

    “Okay, I believe in you, come up with a result to show it to me!” Yin Ruoji smiled and expressed his approval. Zhang Xian thinks that Yin Ruoji has really changed a lot in so many years. He was not such a laughing person, but now he is always very gentle and very approachable.

     Zhang Xian As soon as he walked out of the office, the employees at the door showed a look of discovery. He rushed them over a “V” gesture.. “Through.”

    “Yeah!” everyone cheered, and the effort for such a long time was not in vain.

    “Now, as long as people who find advertising endorsements are fine, do you have any thoughts?” He smiled with relief. After many years, Zhang Xian’s beard has increased, and the whole person is like Darwin’s reincarnation. It’s no wonder that everyone in the unit calls him “Lao”. This way, he is not like a young man who is less than thirty, and he is like an old man who is heading for the forty.

    However, Zhang Xian did not take it seriously. He felt that it was very good. At least, unlike that person, he was quickly chased by phobia.

    “To Ye Hao! She is a sexy goddess Ah!” Someone has already proposed.

    “What! Ye Hao is so vulgar, it is also a facelift and ribs, and it does not match the concept of our products!”

    “I want to say it or not, she is so pure.”

    “Please, that woman is a vase of contrived! And the girls now don’t like her very much!”

    Soon, the battle for the spokesperson became a war to defend the idol.

    “Wait a minute!” a male employee with glasses shouted. “I know that a person is the best person!” He jumped onto the table. “You promise no opinion! Fiona!”

    “Fiona? Ah, day Ah, I like her!”

    “Is it the hybrid killer in the “Desperate Agent” Ah, I just love her!”

    “My goddess! But can she please? She must be a good price!” The people who had been smashed in the past immediately established a united front.

    Zhang Xian, who has been silently watching them mad at the side, finally couldn’t help but say. “Who is Fiona?”

    “Daddy, you are out! You haven’t seen “The Desperate Agent”? The global box office champion, Fiona is a killer inside, you should really look at it, she is simply awesome! And she recently intends to return to China To develop, we must seize this opportunity, and we can also expand the company’s popularity in the name of helping her promote. She is the object of the imitation of the little girl, you see the street girl wearing the big plaid shirt. This is her learning!”

    “A Zhong,” Zhang Xian stopped his sorrows in a painful way. “Then you will arrange Ah. If she really said what you said, then no matter how much money, we must fight her down.” The plaid shirt on the top looks at him, and if it is really influenced by the actress, her appeal can be seen. A Zhong went abroad for a long time and had a good relationship with the agents of various stars. His message was always the most informed.

    “Yeah!” everyone cheered again, using 120% enthusiasm to do it like a chicken blood.

     Zhang Xian smiled. When he took over the department, others were urging him because the department was called the madman department. Although the people inside were very talented, they were very difficult to manage. However, Zhang Xian did not care at all. He never deliberately restrained these people. As long as the direction is correct, they are free to play. However, it turns out that this method is very effective.

    He walked into the elevator and went upstairs. The upstairs was the company’s R&D department, occupying a whole floor. He walked out of the elevator and the security guard immediately greeted him. “Zhang Zong, Mr. Yin said that he still has something to do today and can’t go back.”

    “Don’t eat dinner?” He raised his eyebrows, this guy, really a workaholic.

    “Isn’t that sure?” The tone of the security guard was also very helpless. Zhang Xian shrugged and turned and went on.


    On the day that Fiona came, the fans under the entire building were caught up in the news. This is also A Zhong’s trick, taking the opportunity to promote the company, and the outside only claimed to be the news of internal fans. Soon, a black car came and slowly stopped downstairs. The fans screamed and desperately broke through the security guards to see the idol side.

     Zhang Xian saw this scene upstairs and couldn’t help but nod. Sure enough, A Zhong chose the right person.

    The door opened and a slender and bumpy girl walked down the car. She wore a cap and black sunglasses, but she was simply a plaid shirt and jeans. The atmosphere at the scene changed immediately, and the fans all shouted neatly.. “Fiona! Fiona! Fiona!”

    The girl showed a sweet smile and waved to the enthusiastic fans, completely without her cold pride in the movie.

     Zhang Xian had already waited there early, the elevator door opened and the girl came out from the inside. At this point she has picked up her hat and sunglasses, a long black curly hair and waist, delicate facial features with a playful smile, she seems to be an active doll, pure, sexy, seductive, sweet… Zhang Xian has flashed countless words in her brain, breathing a sigh, and her eyes suddenly have no way to remove her.

    damn it! He should look at the movie in advance, otherwise it won’t be…and it won’t be so crazy!

    He stared at the beautiful woman in front of him, and couldn’t breathe. It’s no wonder that everyone here, including those freaks, always supported her! He swayed the hem of his clothes, though it was already very flat. He never felt that he was so huge, as if his arms and legs were scary and he didn’t know where to put it.

    “Don’t be dazed! Let’s say hello Ah!”

    “Oh…” Zhang Xian, I just came back and said, “Hello, welcome to China.”

    A side-by-side translator quickly turned his words over. Zhang Xian regretted that he had to bite his tongue. The other person was a foreigner Ah! He should speak English! This beauty must be very good for his first impression! He felt that he was really stupid.

    The agent first walked into the conference room with the girl. Zhang Xian’s hand trembled and immediately took out the phone from his trouser pocket and nervously took a series of numbers. “Hey! A Fei… You must come and come to save me. I am dying! I am going to die! If you don’t come, just wait for me to collect the corpse!” He said the words, did not give the other party a chance to talk, immediately hang up the phone into the conference room.

    At the meeting, A Zhong was always chattering. After all, he was a planner. While Zhang Xian Yi tried to make her eyes less explicit, she couldn’t help but stick to the girl, Tian Ah! It’s so beautiful!

    At this point Fiona found his eyes to smile at him.

    As if the cupid bow and arrow were replaced with flail, Zhang Xian’s heart was shot full of happy eyes. He almost stunned in the past without a sigh! He was sent to the electricity! He was charged for the first time in his life!

    “…I am going to have a glass of water!” He fled away, and he will suffocate when he stays!

    He sat outside to soothe his hot and mad heart, when the elevator slammed, a tall man came out from inside.

     Yin Zhe Fei wore a light blue shirt and ironed the perfect light gray suit with a clean white coat. He looked a little pale, his hair screaming in disarray, but he couldn’t tell the charm of being handsome and hard to hide. He used to be a youthful young man, but now that he has passed for many years, his temperament has become more and more stable, and his handsome face is like a knife. With the white coat, he can’t say chill and cold.

    “A Fei…you are finally here. I can’t do it…” As soon as I saw my friend, Zhang Xian immediately pityed out.

    “Would you like an ambulance?” He chilled out.

    “You don’t understand! You have no heart guys… I am in love!” His face was suspiciously flushed.

    “You love 365 times a year.” He pointed out coldly.

    “This time is different! It’s totally different! It feels like it’s hit by the current!” He didn’t care about his friend’s spit. His eyes were filled with misty stars. Anyone who looked at him would believe he was deep. The poison of love is in the ground and there is no cure.

     Yin Zhe Fei is about to say something, the conference room door is open, and A Zhong walks with Fiona with a fascinating smile. She came out of her mouth and spoke English, as if the two sides were very harmonious.

    “Oh, Ah! She is out! She is out!” Zhang Xian feels dizzy again.

    As if he was aware of the gaze here, Fiona turned his head unconsciously.

     Yin Zhe Fei bumped into a pair of green jade-like scorpions. At that moment, he suddenly understood why his friend was so amazing. In fact, he also reacted at this moment, not to mention the beautiful woman in front of her. mother……


    He suddenly opened his eyes in disbelief and slowly spit out three words..

    “Yin, small, beautiful?!”

    Like a thunder and lightning flashed through his brain, everything in the past flooded like a flood, reminding him of hatred for many years! And these three words also let Zhang Xian stay in the blink of an eye!

    Fiona just looked at him strangely, the beautiful eyes were not shocked, obviously did not understand what he was saying.. “Excuseme?”

     Yin Zhe Fei stunned, is it difficult for him to admit his mistake? Impossible Zhang Xian may admit mistakes, but he and Yin Xiaomei have been together for so long, how could it be wrong? The long black hair of the green eyelids, as well as the finely crafted facial features, are clearly marked with Yin Xiaomei!

    However, before he asked me in detail, he saw that the glamorous little woman suddenly rushed to the elevator like a rabbit with a shit. Everyone stayed for a while and forgot to catch her.

    As soon as she rushed into the elevator, she struggled to hold a button on the first floor. She was nervous and whitish. The fans below would eat it if she ate her! But she must never fall in the hands of Yin Zhe Fei Ah ! Damn it! This time, I shouldn’t listen to the agent’s arrangement to take over the matter. She said how I felt so familiar when I walked into the building! It turned out that this is the building of the Sky Group Ah! She has been here once Ah!

    When the elevator was closed, she saw Yin Zhe Fei’s angry face, and her heart became more and more scared. Obviously, he had not forgotten the original thing for so many years! From the first time he recognized her, she knew it! This man is the most careful, the most vengeful is the most terrible! She never thought she would find him again! As soon as she reaches the first floor, she must hurry to buy today’s plane ticket and return to England immediately! Not a minute to stay!

    Because she is still young! Still don’t want to die Ah!

    If Zhang Xian is a lion, Yin Zhe Fei is a well-deserved leopard, black and fierce! Unspeakable, unloading the prey and swallowing it into the belly!

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