Bad Girl Xiaomei

Bad Girl Xiaomei 11 part 1

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Xiaomei 11 part 1
Chapter 11 Xiaomei Part 1
Author: 鬼斗 (Gui Dou)/ (Fight Ghost)
Name: 壞女人殷小美 (Bad Girl Yin Xiaomei)
Translator: Cubbyfox
Editor: lancey
Proofreader : Waiting


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Two pitiful teenagers just picked up the phone when Zhang Chenxi had already pushed the door in.

He wore a casual outfit but it made him look extraordinarily tall. With his black hair hanging freely in front of his eyes, he seemed like a strong wild beast.

He saw the two boys hanging out with each other “Pippi*”. He exclaimed with pleasure, “Boys! Come on, let’s eat. Qian Qian came back today. Aren’t you happy?” (TL: I have no Idea)

Happy?! Yeah, they were so happy that they can’t wait to get together and die!

The two people were tied up by the tall Zhang Chenxi and were brought downstairs. “Don’t be afraid- Yong Han Jia is not that terrible.” The two boys walked unwillingly with every step.

Zhang Xiangyi’s mother, Yao Fei, was in the car and smiled while playing with the snake in the gourd doll. She took the phone from Yin Zhefei’s hands. “Ha, I know that you were hiding in my house. Your mother just called and told me to bring you back!”

Yin Zhefei cried out in anger, “Aunt Yao, you betrayed us again!”


A hearty lunch had begun. Yin Zhefei and Yin Xiaomei sat together harmoniously for the first time. Even their potato-like faces were consistent. On the opposite side were Lu Qianqian and Zhang Xiangyi, his mouth looking like it was foaming.

The adults were totally unaware of the situation. Unlike the cloudy atmosphere there, spring was blooming here.

“This time, QianQian won in the Youth Taekwondo League Championship! The coach said she was a good seed and that we only have to focus on cultivating her.” Fang Duo looked very proud.

“Speaking of this, Zhefei is also the champion of the speech contest!” Chang Mei also quickly showed off her son.

Yao Fei looked jealous. “Ah, my family only has one son, but he just likes to cause problems! As I said, Zhefei and Qianqian are truly a natural pair!”

Yin Zhefei was sipping his soup when he immediately choked and coughed, his face red. The mothers laughed and said, “Look, he’s shy!”

Yin Ruoyai and Zhang Chenxi exchanged a look. The two men silently ate the food on their plates. Even Zhang Bo, who had always been noisy, also whispered, fearing that the war would burn him.

This time, no one can help you ah! Zhefei, you must be strong. However, the mother’s topic went back to Yin Xiaomei and Fang Duo praised her.

“She is exactly the same as Changmei ah. How can such a coincidence happen in this world? I don’t care, I’ll book this little girl. In the future, she will be the future wife of my eldest son!”

“Good, good! Isn’t that a deal to be her mother-in-law?!” Yao Fei added fuel to the fire.

Xiaomei was eating her soup when her hands trembled, and the spoon fell to the table with a ‘BANG’ sound. Her face turned pale.

“Xiaomei doesn’t want to.” God, the female King Kong’s brother must also be a male King Kong! She was afraid. Her meat is too little, it will not be enough to get eaten!

Fang Duo was laughing. “Hahaha I was just kidding. Little girl, do you know that Lu Wen gege (Elder Brother) is so much older than you!”

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    ” He wore casual clothes. But it made him look extraordinarily tall,with his black hair hanging freely in front of his eyes,He seemed like a strong wild beast.”

    ” Boys” ,Come on let’s eat”.
    ” We just got back today,aren’t you happy?”

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