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Bad Girl Xiaomei Ch 10 part 1

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Chapter 10 Xiaomei Part 1
Author: 鬼斗 (Gui Dou)/ (Fight Ghost)
Name: 壞女人殷小美 (Bad Girl Yin Xiaomei)
Translator: Cubbyfox
Editor: lancey
Proofreader : Waiting


Chang Mei teaches a class at the dance academy. She sat in the practice room and took off her dance shoes. Her casual posture look very graceful and elegant, making a group of young girls feel in awe.

A beautiful girl whispered, “At this age, teacher Changmei still looks really beautiful. I hope I can be like her someday.”

“Yeah ah, hey hey, when my mother heard that teacher Chang Mei was teaching a class, she insisted that no matter what or where it is, I have to join it. At the beginning, my dad…”

“Oh wait, is your father still chasing stars?”

“My father likes her too. But the thing is that my mother is still very happy. She said this shows that my dad has good eyes and good taste.”

“It’s a pity she got married. If she was willing to continue acting, she would have been an international superstar by now.”

“But our teacher is not suffering. Her husband is handsome and rich, and he’s so loyal. Ugh……. I want a prince charming, too.” Just like that, the girls who loved to fantasize changed the topic to their future standards for men.

There’s a smile on Changmei’s lips. In the beginning, she also hoped for the prince with the white horse to “rescue her”!

But, time moves fast like in a film; in just a few moments, she was already the mother of two children.

“Changmei!” A crisp voice sounded at the door of the practice room. Chang Mei looked up and saw a slim woman wearing a tailored suit who was standing there and excitedly waving her hand.

“Duoduo?” She stood up with surprise, and quickly ran to her. “Why are you here?”’

“Aiya, put on your clothes, be careful to not catch a cold.” Fang Duo knew she was afraid of the cold.

She was busy putting her suede coat on when Fang Duo said, “I am here to talk about business ah, and on the way I came over to see you! Let me see! Are you really a dragon girl reincarnation? How can you never get older since years ago?”

At this time, the students who already changed their clothes came out and said goodbye to Changmei.

After that, Fang duo continued talking. “I used to say that Yin Ruo was a vampire. He’s the same like you who never gets any older, but it doesn’t work anymore. I just met him this morning and he’s like an uncle! Eh, if you guys walk together, don’t you think you’re like a father and daughter?”

Chang Mei laughed. “What nonsense, how can it be so exaggerated? By the way, is Jia ming coming with you?”

“Actually, he wanted to come along but I think he’s too clingy. But …” she smiled mysteriously, “I brought your future daughter-in-law!”

“Is Qianqian here?” Chang Mei laughed. “Did her vacation time come a bit early?”

“Yes, Zhefei should still be in class now! She missed him so badly that she couldn’t help herself and took an early vacation. She has been making some fuss to see Zhefei! Ah right, I know that you have adopted a new child. What is her name ah!”

“Her name is Yin Xiaomei. Today she went to school to get the final exam transcripts. Come to my house and let’s have dinner. You will be able to see her. ”

“Yin Ruo always boasted that she is as lovely as you. I bought her a lot of toys and clothes. She will definitely be good friends with Qianqian!”
Then, she pulled out a pink letter from her briefcase.
“Well, this is a Qianqian’s love letter to Zhe Fei!”

Chang Mei suddenly felt a bit horrified.

Yin Xiaomei sat in class, her back cold. It wasn’t because her grades were so bad or because a dangerous airflow was approaching.
She kept flipping through Yuan Yuan’s transcripts.
Except for Language where she got 99 points, she got 100 points on all other subjects.

“Yuanyuan, you’ve done a good job!” She groaned.
This is the first time she didn’t have to run as punishment.
When she was cleaning the teacher’s office, she heard an English teacher say that Lin Diyi’s English score was only 98 points.

Oh, by the way, now she knows that Lin diyi’s (First) name should be written as Lindi yi.
But she still prefers the former. After all, it’s more suitable with her character.

She looked towards Lin Diyi’s seat.
That so called strong girl was crying so hard.
She was in a dilemma. Should she go comfort her, or just let her be?

And Yuanyuan was so happy her eyes were stunning.
“Mother said that if I get first rank in this exam, she will take me to Disneyland for the holiday.”

“Disneyland?” Xiaomei came back to reality.
At the orphanage, she only knew that Disney made cartoons.
So Disney also has a ‘Land’; such paradise exists?

“Yeah, I can’t wait to go. I’m curious to know how American food tastes, too.”
She sucked her mouth, still more concerned about eating.
“What about you? What are you going to do on vacation?”
(TL: Yuanyuan take me please ^w^ hahaha I want taste it too)

Yin Xiaomei was a bit stunned. Ah, right. But she doesn’t even know if she can go out on vacation. Well, she needs to make a good plan.

After receiving their report cards, it’s general clean-up (All student clean up their classroom).
Xiaomei took a look at the English Teacher that rolled her sleeves.
She looked at teacher Lee and a group of other teachers, felt it was strange, and said, “Why is our class English teacher cleaning ah. Isn’t this supposed to be the homeroom teacher’s task?”

Song Yuanyuan rubbed the window and said, “You doesn’t understand this but teacher Laura (English Teacher) is a newcomer.
Her qualifications are too shallow so of course the Owl will order her!
But I like working with teacher Laura more than the Owl!”

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