Bad Girl Xiaomei

Bad Girl Xiaomei ch 10 part 2

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Chapter 10 Xiaomei Part 2
Author: 鬼斗 (Gui Dou)/ (Fight Ghost)
Name: 壞女人殷小美 (Bad Girl Yin Xiaomei)
Translator: Cubbyfox
Editor: lancey
Proofreader : Waiting


“For what reason is she not cleaning? Isn’t that what a teacher is supposed to do?”

“It’s not so easy for teacher to get hired. After all, the salary is there! I think Teacher Laura’s gonna have to do a little bit more than teaching. She may be a famous college student, but people at the workplace don’t look at that. In comparison, Mr. Li has some academic qualifications and a seniority rank. Everyone else works like her.”

“His wife must be very happy ah!”

“Huh, he doesn’t have a wife yet! Speaking of this, Mr. Li is already 30. Maybe he plans to contribute to education for the rest of his life.”

Song Yuanyuan said absently. “But who knows. Maybe his eyes are Charley horse*! Aren’t you Charley horse* in your mouth, too?!”
(TL: * it write choujin= cramps/ charley horse, but I have no idea what is meant by this sentence)

Zhang Bo came to pick up Xiao Mei. When he saw her looking down, he knew she didn’t get a good result in the test.

Ah, it’s too heartless to make this little girl go to school. Seeing his cute little princess look tortured, he hurriedly greeted her and made some changes to his face. “Xiaomei, look, Grandpa became a monster now!”

Xiaomei looked at him, speechless, and sighed deeply. “Grandpa is so childish…”

Zhang Bo burst into tears. He got called childish! By a child. He’s so naive to act childish for this first-grader! He took the report card from Xiaomei’s hands and was relieved.

“Everything is above 80 points, very good! It seems that Zhefei tutoring you is very effective.”

“But there are only two students in the class who are under 90 points! One of them is me! There is another one who is a real idiot.” Xiaomei was sullen.

“Ugh……. Okay……. But much better than the original, right! Don’t compare others with yourself!”

Zhang Bo saw her mood was bad, and hurriedly told the little girl to get in the car. A lot of interesting stories were told along the way.

When they arrived at home, Xiaomei got off the car, now in a better mood. She rushed into the house like a bull, screaming, “Mom! Mom!”

“Bang.” She hit a wall and almost fell to the ground.

“Eh? Why is there a pink wall in front of the house?”

She looked up, looked up, and looked up again. She found out who was standing in front of her. It wasn’t a wall, but a tall and strong girl!

Xiaomei can only see the silhouette of her back because of the backlight.

But there is no doubt that a person who could withstand the crushing power of ‘Xiaomei the bull’ was absolutely not a simple person ah!

“Gulp.” she swallowed unconsciously.

Okay now, should I apologize first? Or should I run away?

Umm… alright! She’ll choose the one with the highest chances of survival.

She thought about it and slowly retreated. However, the giant girl already reached out her hand and said with a voice that was like Sailor Moon’s Chinese dubbing, “Hello! You are Yin Xiaomei, right?!”
(TL: Sailormoon is Anime, search in google if you want to know it hehe)

Xiaomei felt her whole body get goosebumps; the atmosphere becoming magnificent and majestic. There’s a layer of alertness on Xiaomei’s mind.

The girl in front has a cute and lovely voice. “My name is Lu Qianqian, I am Yin Zhefei’s fiancee. You can call me sister-in-law!”

The pride that comes out along with that speech makes people who hear it think she’s like a little rabbit inside a big dark armor (TL: Something like the voice and the body is not matched)

On top of Yin Xiaomei’s head, lightning struck.

Fiancée?! She didn’t know Yin Zhefei’s taste would be so heavy! The little girl cared about her safety so she obeyed completely without rebellion. “Sister-in-law!”

At this time, Zhang Bo finished parking the car and came over, saw her, and happily said, “Ah! Qianqian, you are here! Why are you standing outside?”

Lu Qianqian smiled sweetly. “I am waiting for Zhefei to come back.”

Not long after that, in school, Yin Zhafei’s face became pale. He was sitting in his chair in the front row, looking like he will faint any time.
In his hand was a pink love letter carefully sent to his school by Zhang Bo.

The letterhead color is the same as the cover which is also pink, with the typewriter (Newspaper word that get cut) sheared on, there were a few words: “I’ve been watching you for a long time.” Following this was a kiss mark using red lips…

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In my workplace

Cubby: Elder sis, I’m done with A Task and B Task
Supervisor: Lil sis, you forget input C task, and Also D task why is not done, it’s already 10 days
Cubby: Elder sis, what with C task? I already done it 2 days ago
Supervisor: are you not see it, I already put in the desk behind you
Cubby: (hah? Since when it there ? :O) Ok, I’ll finish it, and about D Task, you say I should do A,B, C, E because of it urgent
Supervisor: Okay, then Finish the C, then D task, I need it done by Monday morning
(In middle doing the task)
Supervisor: Little sis, Do this task is urgent
Cubby simply said: Yes, Elder sis
Cubby Mumbling in her heart : (Elder sis, Y.Y hiks, if you keep adding task when I can finish the oldest task, and why the deadline is so close, it’s only ten minutes before work hours ended, also it’s impossible to work overtime in the weekend)

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