Bad Girl Xiaomei

Bad Girl Xiaomei Ch 11 Part 2

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Xiaomei 11 part 2
Chapter 11 Xiaomei Part 2
Author: 鬼斗 (Gui Dou)/ (Fight Ghost)
Name: 壞女人殷小美 (Bad Girl Yin Xiaomei)
Translator: Cubbyfox
Editor: lancey
Proofreader : Waiting


At this time, Lu Qianqian thought it was really too quiet, so she started to make some conversation.
“Zhang Xiangyi, are you already full?”

Hey hey, people say that to please a man, you have to first please his buddy. She will start with Zhang Xiangyi.

Zhang Xiangyi almost cried. He remembered the first time Yin Zhefei ran to tell him that he was being chased by a girl. He laughed at his friend so unfairly.

But later when Yin Zhefei visited him at the hospital bringing Qianqian along, he could only cry in silence.

After growing up, Lu Qianqian began to take a lovely route. Even her voice became like Sailor Moon’s.

When they hear her talking, they thought she was going to ‘Transform’.

Now he can’t say that he is afraid of her terrible power.

Her childish voice whining like she wanted to die is more frightening.

Compared to Yin Zhefei, Lu Qianqian was even more annoying to him, continuing to be around him in the name of politeness.

Zhang Xiangyi almost yelled out: do you even have a bit of pride ah! He knew almost everything about Yin Zhefei. Even when his friend was a child, he was always wetting his bed from nightmares of her. What exactly does she want ah! (TL: I hope I said it right, child pee on the bed when having a bad dream)

But at this time he could only say, “I’m full……” Wu wu wu, why is this woman so strong ah, he really has no advantage….

“You know you have to study hard, right? Your grades are not good.”

“Ugh……. all right, I’ll be strongly determined to succeed…….” but it was the same as crawling in coating wall ah. (TL: Impossible)

“We’ll have time to learn more about it later, you can play now.”

“No, no, I’ll take my chances.……” He doesn’t want to die young. This Giant Female, Female Tarzan, Female Ultraman …No, she could be Ultraman’s Mother. Or he and Yin Zhefei will be so ashamed to have so many Ultraman in the room! (TL: If you don’t know Ultraman is a series movie like ‘power ranger’ but just one person, and Ultraman is bigger than a skyscraper, well just search in Google)

The two boys left after lunch with the excuse that there was a class in the afternoon, leaving Xiaomei alone to escape.

And Xiaomei, although she never expected Yin Zhefei to be loyal to her, inside her heart she couldn’t help but constantly curse.

She had to make up a reason to sneak back to her room.

Finally she went back to her room. “Tok Tok” The sound of knocking on the door came from outside her room. Xiaomei was so surprised that she bounced off the bed and then ran over to the door.

“Ah … sister-in-law … ” She stammered and cried. Why does she always see her when she turns her back from the light*. “Sister-in-law” is more like a black giant. (TL: I don’t know the English its Qianqian standing blocking the light, and xiaomei saw a bit light from qianqian side, while qianqian its look like a big black shadow in the middle)

However, she is a bit happy. In the future, Yin Zhefei will suffer for sure!

“Mom told me to send you cake. Let’s play together!” Lu Qianqian handed her a small porcelain plate which had a beautiful and alluring cake.

Xiaomi accepted it like she was accepting poison. Lu Qianqian looked at her room a while, then sat near Xiaomei.

Then she asked, “Why don’t you eat it?!”

“Ugh…I..I’m still full…” She trembled and refused.

Lu Qianqian’s smile suddenly turned into a sneer. “You better eat it.”

Xiao Mei immediately put the whole plate of cake in her mouth!

“Yeah, very good,” Qianqian was so glad. Then she touched her little head with her hand, ignoring the fact that her face was covered in cream from the cake. “If you eat my things, you have to work for me, you know?”

Xiao Mei was like a chick pecking rice*. (TL: nodding repeatedly).

“From now on, you are my man. You have to monitor Yin Zhefei’s every move for me. No girls are allowed to be near him, okay?”

Xiaomei was like a chick pecking rice again.

“If someone comes, you must tell me first. I will immediately come back to finish those girls!” She swung her fist.

Xiaomei continues like a chick pecking rice.

“Very good, also…” She took out a digital camera and handed it to Xiaomei. “You have to take some pictures of him because I’m skeptical and I can’t stop thinking about him.”

Eh… why did she say it as if Yin Zhefei’s being punished? Xiaomei took the camera. Wow, it seems to be quite expensive.

“As for how to use it, you should study it slowly. But be sure he doesn’t know about it.
Take as many photos as you can. If you can’t finish the task, even if you are my future sister-in-law, I’ll punish you too!”

After she said that, she squeezed her own finger making a “Crek” sound. (TL: o_o)

On one hand, Xiaomei was so frightened that she could pee in her pants.

On the other hand, she smiled, her short hand held Qianqian’s hand, and she said yes.

Well, as for the camera, she can use it to shoot something else.

After all, she doesn’t think that Yin Zhefei had something worth to shoot.

So they made a deal. She really couldn’t afford not to. She’s afraid that if her sister-in-law thought she was doing a bad job, she’ll come back and beat her up!


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oh, and For Xiaomei The bad girl
I’ll cut it to 3 part
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