Bad Girl Xiaomei

Bad Girl Xiaomei Ch 4 part 1

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Chapter 4 part 1

Author: 鬼斗 (Gui Dou)/ (Fight Ghost)
Name: 壞女人殷小美 (Bad Girl Yin Xiaomei)
Translator: Cubbyfox
Editor: lancey
Proofreader: Arutia

Ever since the incident, Xiaomei and Zhefei never talked to each other. Chang Mei sighed. She really hoped that her children would reconcile.

Now she was busy arranging school for Xiaomei. Although the Yin family was very rich, Yin Ruo doesn’t let Zhefei enter any aristocratic school.

He always said that it’s not a good thing for a boy to learn about noble life from an early age. He hopes his son can have an ordinary life in his childhood, so Zhefei has always been studying in a public school not far from this rich area.

But Xiaomei is different! Chang Mei always feels that little girls should be treated specially. She plans to contact a noble school in the suburbs, and many children of the nobles also attend school there.

Yin Ruo immediately expressed opposition. “Wife, if you let her enter that kind of place, she will only become arrogant later. Do you want Xiaomei to become like that?”

Chang Mei muttered. “But I was also from a noble school!” She already thought about it, but wasn’t it better if Xiaomei and Zhefei took care of each other? So she said, “Would you like to have our child attend the same school as Zhefei? So they can take care of each other.”

However, Yin Zhefei felt that the idea was really terrible, and he shouted. “I refuse!”

“Your refusal is rejected.” Yin Ruo was firm.

“Let’s talk about it!” Zhefei sat in the opposite direction as if he was an official. “I already said this so many times. I study in a public school. Do you want to let her suffer with me or let her go to a noble school which is good for her future development?”

Ah Chun couldn’t help but smile. The young master’s speech only gave people a very cute feeling!

Yin Ruo immediately looked at his son and frowned. “In the future, I will not be coming home as often. I think you will become more and more unfamiliar to me.”

Chang Mei couldn’t help but smile.”Zhefei playing an official position is really new.”

However, Yin Zhefei did not feel funny at all. His tone was obviously a little uneasy. “I just don’t want to be in same school as her. What’s more, how old is she? Four years old? Or five years old?”

“Five-and-a-half-years-old.” Yin Ruo said, “Although it is a little early, I think she is very smart and should be able to keep up with the primary school curriculum. And you have already advanced to middle school, so your little sister will not be too troublesome for you. However, if someone bullies her, you must give them some pay back”

“Husband!” Chang Mei blames him for teaching bad things to their children, “You should still tell your teacher, Zhefei. Use your brain. Don’t always use your fists.”

Yin Ruo laughed. “Sometimes the fist is better than the brain.”

Yin Zhefei’s face was sullen. He also wants to talk some more but Xiaomei already jumped down with a pink little bag, a pair of Chanel’s camellia shoes on her feet, looking very happy.

“Dad! Mom! Look at Xiaomei!” She smugly turned around. “Am I pretty?”

Everyone immediately surrounded this petite girl and praised her. Yin Ruo immediately nodded and expressed appreciation. This mini little Chang Mei is really a gift from God to them. He suddenly felt that a little bit of fate was working.

For Yin Zhefei, there was nothing more annoying than this in the world!

Yin Xiaomei is the witch who stole his father and mother! He really hates her!


At the beginning of the new semester, Yin Xiaomei was led by her mother to the school. She forced herself to calm down and saw the little girl surrounded by kids her age, and she sighed. Chang Mei comforted her. “Xiaomei, get along well with the other students, ok?”

“Mom,” Xiaomei was led by her mother to the classroom and found that the adults had been looking over at them. “Why do they all look at you?”

Chang Mei laughed. When she was young, she played in a movie. It was popular all over the country but when she got married, she retired and disappeared. These parents who were of similar age to her must have some recollection of this, so she doesn’t want Xiaomei to be shocked.

Then she looked at Xiaomei and said: “They are watching my little beauty, Xiaomei, who is the cutest. When you get to your class, you must study hard. Although Xiaomei is still young, mommy believes that you will be fine. So can you go in by yourself?”

“Okay!” The little girl nodded with confidence. “Xiaomei can do it! Xiaomei will definitely study hard!”

She waved goodbye to her mother and walked into the classroom. Most of the young children didn’t have any idea about what she was wearing, but the appearance of such a beautiful little girl attracted the attention of the whole class. Immediately, the new girl looked very friendly and they hoped she would sit next to them.

Xiaomei sat next to a chubby girl. The girl was obviously somewhat flattered, and her round eyes were very big. “Oh, hello, my name is Song Yuan.” She seems to be very round.

“My name is Yin Xiaomei!” She chatted with Song Yuan with a smile. This little girl is chubby, cute and also likes to eat!

The noisy students in the classroom became silent when an obese, middle-aged woman walked in and shouted harshly. “Quiet!”

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