Bad Girl Xiaomei

Bad Girl Xiaomei Ch 4 part 2

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Chapter 4 part 2

Author: 鬼斗 (Gui Dou)/ (Fight Ghost)
Name: 壞女人殷小美 (Bad Girl Yin Xiaomei)
Translator: Cubbyfox
Editor: lancey
Proofreader: Arutia

Xiaomei saw the teacher’s eagle hook nose and could not help but shout at Song Yuanyuan. “This teacher looks like a witch.” Song Yuanyuan also realized that this teacher was like a Smurf, and snickered with Xiaomei, while standing up.

“I tell you! You may be a little princess or a little young master at home, but when it comes to me, it doesn’t count! Anyone who dares to make a scene,” she said with cold eyes, “will personally be taken care of by me!”

When the children heard this, they immediately sat in fear and did not dare to mess around. Only Yin Xiaomei just turned around. What are you scaring people for? You are a teacher, not a real witch.

“Students, let me introduce myself.” The teacher glared. “My name is Mao Ruiying. I’ll teach you literature this semester.”

Yin Xiaomei smirked and said to Song Yuan. “Or the owl is more appropriate!” Her voice was too loud, and even the students around her heard it. All the children shook their shoulders and laughed.

Mao Ruiying immediately took a ‘Whip’ and brought it to the podium. “Quiet!” All the students immediately sat down, lowing their heads.

“When the teacher is talking, don’t whisper! Your parents have never taught you this, but I will teach you slowly. Under my guidance, there are no children who don’t know the rules!” She glanced sternly at the class, and saw Yin Xiaomei secretly pouting, her eyes squinting, a sneer slipping through her lips.

Xiaomei looked up and saw that the teacher was staring at her, so she immediately smiled charmingly, causing the teacher to have goose bumps.

Then she started the class with a new book. The first class is English class and the teacher who teaches English looked very young and beautiful, but Xiaomei only listened for a while and her thoughts began wander.

Opposite side of the elementary school and across the huge playground, is the middle school area. She stared at the bright windows there, thinking, Yin Zhefei will obviously bring his smelly face to school! Her smirk slowly died. But how can I get a chance to punish you if I am not in the same school as you?

“Yin Xiaomei, come answer this question.” The English teacher saw her eyes straighten to the front, and the cold voice immediately woke her up like cold water.

Yin Xiaomei stood up and saw a line of English sentences on the blackboard.

“What does this mean?” Her thin little pointer pointed to the sentence, “Good morning.”

“Drumsticks (Gudao Maoni)?” Xiaomei blinked.

The young teacher laughed. “Yes, you said, did you want Drumsticks (Gudao Maoni)?”

Xiaomei looked at the red faces of her classmates who smiled mockingly and suddenly felt the sweat on her forehead. This is not good. She has not yet given her revenge to Yin Zhefei, and now she has been killed first. She had to harden her head. “Because the cat is not naughty.” (TL : Idk)

The students couldn’t help it anymore, and they laughed loudly. Most of them started learning English early in kindergarten, which was nothing but pediatrics for them. Yin Xiaomei blushed, she never knew that such a cheeky guy would have a head shy to smoke.

“Sit down, listen to the lecture.” The English teacher who didn’t like to laugh also revealed a small white tooth, and then began to explain the meaning of the sentence.

Yin Xiaomei began to listen carefully. After class, she couldn’t help but blame Song Yuanyuan who was at the same table. “You should have told me…”

Song Yuanyuan looked up from the table with a look of innocence, her mouth full of biscuit crumbs. “I don’t know, I have been eating!”

Xiaomei discovered that her table was full of snacks. From peaches to potato chips, from jelly seeds to dried fruit slices, everything is available. “Wow! You have so much to eat.” Xiaomei whispered. “But didn’t the Owl say that children should not go to school to eat snacks?”

“No,” Song Yuanyuan chewed the snacks. “She’s just worried that I would dirty the ground. It would be nice if I left it clean.”

Yin Xiaomei was worried about the students who were looking over and looked at her eyes, reminding her. “You are not afraid of other students telling the teacher?”

“Tell the teacher? Why?” Song Yuanyuan looked at her with big eyes and did not understand. She eats her own things. If they want to eat, she can give them some.

“I don’t know,” Xiaomei thought that when she was in the orphanage, there was always a child complaining about her. Although she didn’t provoke them, they had mobilized and talked to the teacher.

It seems that some people are born to play a small part. She can only understand this.

Two people were talking, and they saw Mao Ruiying walking in from the door of the classroom with a little girl. She quickly said: “Yuanyuan, hide them!”

However, Mao Ruiying had already screamed. “What are you doing? Who allowed you to eat in class?!

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PS :
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2) I’m sorry if i get mistranslated in some part, I’m not native both English and Chinese. I Already try my best.

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