Bad Girl Xiaomei

Bad Girl Xiaomei Ch 5 part 1

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Chapter 5 part 1

Author: 鬼斗 (Gui Dou)/ (Fight Ghost)
Name: 壞女人殷小美 (Bad Girl Yin Xiaomei)
Translator: Cubbyfox
Editor: lancey
Proofreader: Arutia

Mao Ruiying rushed over and pulled Yin Xiaomei away. She was facing the panicked face of Song Yuanyuan. “Okay! You actually dare eat in class! ” She glared at her sullen eyes. Song Yuanyuan squatted and looked at Yin Xiaomei pitifully.

 “Teacher, today is the first day of class. She doesn’t know the rules!” Yin Xiaomei immediately helped.

Mao Ruiying remembered that today was indeed the first day of school, so she had to restrain herself. “Okay! This time, I will not punish you. But I have to confiscate all of these snacks!” She rudely took all of Song Yuanyuan’s snacks and was going to walk out of the classroom when she remembered the little girl who informed her.
She immediately smiled and said: “Child, you’re a good girl. What’s your name?”

The girl seemed to have been waiting for this. “My name is Lin Di!” She proudly shouted. (TL : ‘Di’ also has the meaning ‘First rank’)

The First rank….? Yin Xiaomei felt a chill. How is this name so in contrast with her? It can be called a battle of the bandits!

However, Mao Ruiying nodded with approval and left with the food that was in a big bag. Song Yuan pouted, her face frustrated. Her rough little fingers pulled the table and her grievance made her speechless.

“It’s all right!” Xiaomei comforted her, “Be careful next time ah!”. She looked at Lin Di who was not far away and could not help but feel helpless. Lin Di is the type of person who loves to make small things very troublesome.

 She found an excuse to go to the teacher’s office. She saw the Owl (Teacher Ruo) rummaging through the food while her mouth was already full of them. Sure enough, she did not expect that the teacher would eat these snacks by herself and she even lectured Song Yuan righteously. She grinned, feeling dissatisfied. Xiaomei should give this Owl a lesson.

Next is math class. The math teacher is a very handsome and elegant man. The lessons looked very imposing but some small jokes were made in the middle of the class to attract everyone’s attention. Yin Xiaomei learned very happily. She was stunned by Song Yuanyuan when she said, “This teacher is great!”

“Yes!” Looking at the man on the podium, Song Yuan said nothing for a moment. “Mr. Li is a national outstanding teacher. Many schools have requested to hire him but the headmaster was smarter, and he was saved by a fortune. He is really good. Maybe he will go to the Education Bureau in a few years!”

“Why do you know that ah?” XiaoMei was surprised Song Yuan knew this very well.

“Xiaomei, please answer this question.” The gentle male voice sounded, and Yin Xiaomei was shocked. God, is she stepping on shit today? Why is he pointing at her?

She couldn’t help but lament the amazing memory of these teachers. How could he remember her name when he only called her once? Or is it because she was wearing a very flashy pink outfit today?

She stood up at the speed of a turtle, and her expression was even more frustrated than Song Yuanyuan’s.

Teacher Li looked at her gently, “Count from one to a hundred. I just explained this little trick.”

Xiaomei stared at the teacher and was embarrassed. She had a problem counting to ten, not to mention counting to one hundred. She made Enn Uh uh Ah Ah sounds for a long while when she had to give up: “I…I don’t know…..”

“Next time listen carefully.” The teacher motioned for her to sit down. Yin Xiaomei was feeling bitter and pouted. Unfortunately, she must learn from the teachers this semester.

Lin Di turned to look at her provocatively, and then raised her hand high like a cannon. Teacher Li is obviously a little surprised because he didn’t really want to test Yin Xiaomei. He just wanted her to listen to the lecture. However, he still said: “Then, Lin will be answering!”

Lin Di stood up to answer and did not even take another breath. Xiaomei looked at her very worriedly. Won’t she suffocate?

“Lin Di is…very good.” Teacher Li couldn’t help but feel that the little girl’s passion was a little ridiculous. But Lin, who was praised, was feeling very excited. She looked back at Yin Xiaomei and sneered.

Ei ei ei ei this is? XiaoMei had been in a bad mood when she suddenly realized that Lin Di was always looking at her. Is she showing off to her? Although she doesn’t understand how she suddenly became her imaginary enemy, Xiaomei suddenly felt excited about her opponent. She had never met someone who dared to take the initiative to provoke her!

Normal children would be afraid of her. She smiled coolly. If you have some ability, just bring it on ah! I’m not afraid!

 Song Yuanyuan felt upset and asked, “Xiaomei… is your mouth cramped?”

“Nope!” Xiaomei still kept her twitching smile, and her gaze was locked on to Lin Di.

Teacher Li only felt that there was an infinite black line on these two little girl’s heads. The two girls seem to have electricity coming out from their eyebrows?

By 3 p.m, a group of students came out to the schoolyard like locusts. Xiaomei saw Zhang Bo waving with excitement and immediately jumped up. “Zhang Bo!” The little girl flew past like a monkey and slammed onto him.

“I miss you.” It was only one day but it felt like she hadn’t seen Zhang Bo for a long time.

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