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Bad Girl Xiaomei Ch 6 part 1

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 Chapter 6 part 1

Author: 鬼斗 (Gui Dou)/ (Fight Ghost)
Name: 壞女人殷小美 (Bad Girl Yin Xiaomei)
Translator: Cubbyfox
Editor: lancey


In the evening, Chang Mei took a shower and her white skin became pink. Steam could be seen in the air.

Aih, the water seems to be too hot today, and my head feels dizzy.

She was unable to stand up straight and her husband hugged her in that moment and whispered, “Dizzy?”

She looked up with misty eyes. “It’s not warm enough outside…”

The weather had turned cold. They had already turned on the heater inside the house, but Changmei really hated cold weather, and couldn’t stand it at all. (TL: idk)

Yin Ruo immediately held her. “You will be more dizzy in a while.” His smile was lustful, and Changmei’s face immediately became red like a shrimp.

“But I can’t do it!” She sat on the bed and pushed him. “Xiaomei’s sleeping with me tonight!”

He frowned. “She has been sleeping with you for a month. What should I do?” Suddenly, he understood his son’s disappointment.

Since Xiaomei came, his “welfare” has also been greatly threatened.

Chang Mei wanted to push him away, but he had already sealed her lips with his own. His big hand boldly pushed into her bathrobe. Chang Mei snorted and couldn’t help but embrace her husband’s neck and responded enthusiastically to him.

“Mom.” Not far from the room, Xiaomei’s voice could be heard. She already took a shower and wanted to sleep with her mother.

“Buk” sounded. Changmei mercilessly kicked Yin Ruo to the ground. She was flustered and ran to meet her daughter.

Xiaomei rushed over happily, “Yay! Sleeping with mom is the best thing in the world.”

Eh? What happened? Just now, my feet were still walking on the ground but I’m suddenly flying?

The next second, she had been thrown out of the door. Xiaomei fell on a soft bathrobe. She found that her dad was also inside the room and she looked at her father, puzzled.

“I’m going to sleep here tonight.” Yin Ruo immediately commanded.

“Eh why?” XiaoMei wailed.

“Because mom and dad are mating.” He frowned and explained.

Changmei immediately blushed. “Husband, don’t say such strange nasty things! Our sons are learning from you!”

“Mating?” Xiaomei foolishly repeats.

“Yes, mating.” As a parent this man did not blush. These two words were said with a serious expression.

“Oh…” Xiaomei’s face was still very confused, but looking at her father’s expression, it seemed to be a very important thing.

She shouted out, “Then your ‘mating’ thing, can’t I be there?”

Chang Mei quickly stopped her husband from saying any more ridiculous words, and said, “Xiaomei, mother will sleep with Xiaomei tomorrow, ok?”

“Not tomorrow either. That’s too good for this little devil. This week won’t do!”

“Ah!” Xiaomei was so sad that she sniffed her nose, and pitifully said, “En, Xiaomei will sleep alone. After mother finishes ‘mating’, mom must sleep with Xiaomei, ok?”

Chang Mei raised her hand to ensure that. “Okay, mother promises. But Xiaomei has to promise me that you will be brave when you sleep alone. Don’t be afraid.”

“En” Yin Xiaomei, who had been abandoned, struggled to stand up from the bathrobe and walked back to her own room.

After pleasuring themselves, Yin tightly hugged his beloved wife and fell asleep.

Chang Mei couldn’t sleep and watched his sleeping face, her heart full of happiness. Her hand touched his stiff nose and dark black eyebrows. He was like a sleeping prince, and his face was cold but attentive.

Chang Mei couldn’t help but think back when they first met. At the time, he rarely spoke but always gave people a trustworthy feeling.

At the age of 18, Changmei, like other girls, was full of spirit and youthful. The only difference was that she had a ceramic doll-like face which was like it was crafted by European craftsmen.

In the blink of an eye, she could get people in the crowd to not divert their eyes from her.

Because of that, she had been chased by an unknown little director to her home where he insisted that she must become the protagonist in his next movie.

At the time, her parents tried to oppose it. Chang’s financial resources often arranged new luxury houses like Babylon Palace. It was only good to be seen, but they did not need it. They also didn’t want to let their daughter be in the spotlight.

The director insisted and persuaded them. He came every day, and left the script to her, saying that she was made for the heroine in the script. If she refused to perform it, he would rather not shoot the film at all.

She read the script carefully, and the story inside moved her heart. She cried for one night. Later, her parents felt helpless because the director kept coming every day to persuade them, so she finally agreed.

Chang Mei never played in any movie, but for the one time in her life that she tried it, she felt that she was going to die.

The stern director always retook the scenes countless times only because one expression wasn’t right.

Sometimes, when they shot a rainy scene, he would complain if the rain did not drop as he wanted, and so she needed to retake the scene a few more times until he was satisfied.

Although all that effort to retake the scene to perfect the smallest details was worth it, after she finished shooting, she lost more than ten kilograms and became a piece of paper (very thin).

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