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Bad Girl Xiaomei Ch 6 part 2

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Chapter 6 Changmei Part 2
Author: 鬼斗 (Gui Dou)/ (Fight Ghost)
Name: 壞女人殷小美 (Bad Girl Yin Xiaomei)
Translator: Cubbyfox
Editor: lancey
Proofreader : Waiting


What she didn’t expect was that the film caused such a sensation. At the time, she became a very popular celebrity and a goddess in the minds of many teenagers.

Her outstanding performances in the film, her beautiful dances, and especially her lovely pair of big eyes that conveyed affection had won her many awards from famous events.

And the unknown director became even more famous. Now he is a domestic gold medal director.

Chang Mei’s life was full of discomfort due to this film. Although the entertainment reporters at the time were not as crazy as they are now, it was also hard to endure!

When her parents took her to a dinner party, she was forced to become like Cinderella* by the enthusiastic fans and excited reporters. She hid behind the curtains, and was frightened she almost cried. (TL : who run away from the party afraid of the clock)

“Aih” she sighed, looking at the starry sky through the white gauze of the curtains. Some people liked fame and attention which is a good thing, but she is not really good at dealing with this kind of situation.

She didn’t know how much time passed and she thought those people should have gone home! Suddenly, a cold voice said, “Who’s there?”

Chang Mei was too scared to move, and did not dare answer. After a while, the man hesitated and walked over.

She panicked, “What can I do to escape?”

When she exposed herself, it was like opening the veil of a bride’s holiness, and the feeling was like opening the last layer of paper of a wrapped gift. Yin Ruo immediately faced a pair of beautiful panicked eyes. He stopped and forgot to speak.

Chang Mei was very anxious and pushed him away. She was like a small beast looking around for an escape route. The man looked very unhappy with it.

She thought anxiously, why did he bother to disturb her? She was only hiding behind the curtain.

Then Yin Ruo suddenly proposed to her. His father was a former comrade-in-arms of Chang Mei’s father. He has been developing in Taiwan and recently returned to the mainland with his son. This dinner was prepared for him.

The parents of both sides were satisfied with this affair, but Changmei loudly opposed it. “No! I’m only 19 years old next month! I don’t want to get engaged so early.”

She is now already having troubles when she goes to school. If the news of her engagement spreads, the media will make a larger fuss.

However, Yin Ruo seemed to be very determined. Almost every afternoon, he picked her up at the gate of her school and he took her away in front of the reporters.

Chang Mei sat in his car, feeling uneasy. “Thank you.” This is the first time she has talked to him since he came to pick her up.

Now her scandal became overwhelming, and it also caused Yin Ruo some troubles. It made her somewhat guilty.

“It’s nothing. My parents wanted to ask you to come to our home to have dinner.” He politely invited her.

“En…” Changmei began to think of what she could say to reject him. Should she say that her stomach hurts? No, she already used that yesterday.

Or say that her period just came? It seems quite forced.

Yin Ruo looked at her pitiful expression, and he couldn’t help but smile. “If you don’t object, I will tell my mother.”

“Oh…Ok…” Changmei nodded helplessly. After all, Yin Auntie is very good to her, and so it’s not polite if she always refuses.

Yin immediately parked the car in the garage at his house and got off the car to open the door for her.

Chang Mei’s absentmindedness came out, and her legs tripped so she was shocked and shouted, “Ah!”.

She almost fell, but Yin Ruo immediately caught her with his strong arms and hugged her tightly. The owner of the arms whispered, “It’s okay now!”

Chang Mei quickly pushed him away, and there was a layer of goose bumps on her body.

She hated this man for touching her. “I can walk by myself. Don’t take the opportunity to eat my tofu*!” She frowned and complained. (TL : it’s same to ‘don’t flirt with me’ / ‘sexual harassment’. but i can’t find the right word)

Yin Ruo shrugged. When there was Tofu* to be eaten, how can he not take advantage of that opportunity?

He never said that he was a kind person. He rarely liked anyone, and he can do anything even if it’s shameless!

Although she hated Yin Ruo, Changmei couldn’t deny that the food cooked by Auntie Yin was really delicious. She eats well every time she comes here. After the meal, Auntie Yin quickly gave Yin Ruo a wink. “After finishing up, quickly take Changmei to walk in the garden and eat some fruit. I already prepared a glass of milk wine.”

On the evening of that summer night, there were twinkling fireflies in the garden. Because there were many mosquito repellent plants, people in the garden didn’t need to worry about mosquito bites.

Changmei drank the milk wine because it was so smooth and delicious. She was unaware that she already drank most of it and her consciousness faded a little, making it a little difficult to focus.

“You drink too much.” When she was going to drink again, Yin immediately held her hand and drank the wine for her.

Chang Mei’s eyes were not the focused, but she knew that Yin Ruo drank her milk wine. “Why …. why did you drink my wine?” she said weakly and was very unwilling.

Yin Ruo immediately approached her, using a near enchanted voice. “So you can take back your wine from my mouth.”

He slowly approached the person that he had been longing for, and carefully touched her hair and cheeks with his fingertips.

Chang Mei felt that she must have been drunk, or how could she not push him away? However, the sweet milky taste that came from Yin Ruo was tempting her, so she did not hesitate to approach him.

Yin Ruo’s long tenacity finally got the best results and he deepened the kiss, forcing their tongues to tangle together until her eyes become misty and she became limp in his arms. He looked at the little woman in his arms and said with stupid voice: “I love you.”

Chang Mei’s chaotic brain cleared a bit because of the sudden refreshing fragrance of the mint in the garden.

“She, she, she, she, what is she doing?”

Yin Ruo smiled and planted a kiss on her lips. “Marry me, okay?” He looked at the little woman in front of him with deep affection.

Chang Mei screamed and stood up straight, half awake. God, her first kiss! Her first kiss! Her first kiss was snatched by this hateful man! This big sand pig! This dead rascal! This erotic monkey!

She took off her heels and mercilessly beat the man in front of her, while loudly shouting out the curses from her heart.

The Yin family and a servant hiding to peek at them almost laughed aloud. They had never seen Yin Ruo get cursed like this. Erotic Monkey? This title is really glorious!

After that incident, Chang Mei was ashamed and regretful. She never dared to see Yin Ruo again.

Although she was almost suffocated by the reporters, it was better than being alone with Yin Ruo in the car. She doesn’t know how to face him ah!

And every time Yin Ruo came to pick her up she always avoided his car. He looked at the little woman surrounded by the group with anger.

Damn, she shouldn’t think that she could get rid of him! He recalled the kiss with milky, fragrant wine, and thoughtfully rubbed his lips with his finger.

“This woman is mine! In this life, I only want to spend the rest of my life with her!”

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