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Bad Girl Xiaomei Ch 7 part 2

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Chapter 7 Changmei Part 2
Author: 鬼斗 (Gui Dou)/ (Fight Ghost)
Name: 壞女人殷小美 (Bad Girl Yin Xiaomei)
Translator: Cubbyfox
Editor: lancey
Proofreader : Waiting


She doesn’t know how long she slept. Chang Mei woke up with a headache. She unconsciously raised her hand to rub her eyes.

Eh? Why can’t I move?!

Her heart pounding, she started to panic. She realized that she’s actually tied into a big character (大) on the bed!.

At this time, a familiar voice sounded. “Changmei, are you awake? Are you thirsty? I will give you water to drink.”

She turned her head and saw the boy who wanted to give her a gift. Chang Mei was frightened and screamed. “What are you doing! What do you want! Why did you tie me up! Let go of me!”

“Shh–” the boy said with a smile. “Don’t scream. I will give you something to eat.”

“You let me go! You are a pervert! Where are we?! Let me go!.” She had never experienced such a thing in her life, and it was impossible to keep calm.

“Shut up!” The boy frantically pulled a knife from the bed and said, “If you keep screaming, I’ll cut you up!”

Changmei’s tears fell and her voice trembled. “Ok, Ok, I won’t say anything. Just let me go. How much do you want? My parents will give you…”

The boy’s face showed a perverted smile. “No, I don’t need money. I only want you, Changmei. We’re going to be living here from now on, just the two of us. Do you agree?”

Although Changmei doesn’t agree, she was not stupid. She immediately told herself to calm down and said, “But my parents will worry about me…it’s better to go back and see Mom and Dad. I’ll introduce you to them. We can be openly together.”

“No!” The boy’s knife was held close to her neck, and there was a confused look in his eyes. “I only need the two of us! Just the two of us!”

The sharp blade was across Changmei’s neck and she felt a sharp pain. “Ok…… Well, Ok, let’s put down the knife first. Let’s talk slowly? I will listen to what you say.”

“Good…… you really are a well-behaved girl.” He sat up with satisfaction. “I will not force you, Changmei, because I love you very much. Would you like to have a date with me? I already prepared dinner with wine.”

Chang Mei barely wiped the tears on her face with her shoulders and nodded. “Ok..” As long as he untied her, she can look around and find a way to escape.

However, the boy did not untie her but put the romantic dinner on the bed. “Do you know how long I have waited for this day? I know that you hate that man, so I saved you today. Chang Mei, he is not worthy of you. Only I can be your lover in this life.”

In order to gain his trust, Changmei ate the food tearfully. She prayed that her parents would soon find her missing and call the police to find her.

“Okay, the date is over.” The boy was very satisfied. “Changmei, let’s get married!” In spite of Chang Mei’s shocked expression, he came up with a small black velvet box.

“I bought this with my salary from working so hard. I hope you like it.” He took out a small diamond ring and placed it on her ring finger.

“So, Changmei, do you love me?” His smile twisted, and was close to her beautiful face. His hands began stroking her graceful body.

Chang Mei almost fainted as she closed her eyes. If he was really going to mess things up, it was better to die!

It’s weird. Why is Yin Ruo the person that she thinks of at this time? She really misses him. If he were around, she would like to see him.

At this moment, a knock suddenly came from outside. The boy’s face was cold, and the knife had reached the neck of Changmei. “You mustn’t scream, or you know what will happen…”

Changmei’s voice choked on her throat.

Someone outside the door shouted. “Sir, your order!”

The boy hesitated with a vigilance, and pulled the pillow slip to block Changmei’s mouth.

“Be sure to keep quiet, sweety, or else he will not live.” He smiled, hid the knife behind him, and got up to open the door.

The door had a golden chain door lock and was only slightly opened.

The big boy who was outside the door was wearing an orange delivery service and said joyfully, “Mr. Zhu, your pasta total is 20 Yuan and 5 Cents!” (TL : Idk about the currency)

“I didn’t order anything.” He frowned and intended to close the door.

“Eh? But you see, isn’t it your address written on this order?” The food deliveryman handed him a piece of paper.

He took it but he still didn’t see it clearly. His hands went to reach the big doorknob when suddenly, the delivery man opened the door with a hard kick, and the powerful impact hit the boy to the ground.

The boy knew something bad was going to happen and rushed to turn back to the room, but Yin Ruo immediately slammed and hit him right on the head. He fell to the ground with a ‘bang’.

Zhang Chenxi took off the delivery hat, and was thrilled. “Fortunately, he was a rookie. How can you repay me this time?!”

He just came back from Taiwan, and before he even had time to hug his old friend, he got caught and had to hide in the car to save the beauty.

Unfortunately, the beauty is for his good friend so this hero will get nothing.

“Call the police!” Yin Ruo did not care for the grievances of his friend.

He rushed into the inner room and saw Changmei who was like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow* (idiom). She saw him and immediately cried out loud. (TL : That means someone who frightening so bad)

He quickly removed the pillowslips in her mouth, and Chang Mei immediately cried. “Yin Ruo, you, why did you come so late!”

After she regained the freedom of her hands, she hit the man in front of her eyes multiple times. She doesn’t want to admit his kindness. “You bastard, why didn’t you follow me? Why?…I hate you……”

Yin Ruo hugged her tightly. “Yes, I am a bastard. I let you get scared. I promise there’ll be no such thing in the future. Changmei, I am sorry.”

Chang Mei’s body became limp from being frightened and she hit Yin Ruo using her last strength. Slowly, she fell into his arms.

He took out his handkerchief and gently wiped the blood from her neck and kissed her wound. “Is it painful?”

“It really hurts!” A spoiled voice sounded from his arms. Actually it was not painful, but it hurt after seeing him.

“I’ll take you home. I think I’ll die while listening to the lecture from your mom and dad.” He smiled and said something relaxing to ease her fears. The little woman in her arms shook and cuddled against him.

She was hurt which was unexpected. The man on the ground must die even worse.

If Changmei looked up, she would have found that Yin Ruo’s expression was a bit strange.

In fact, at the time while he was away, he had been hiding behind inside his car.

He had been in the business world for many years with his father. He could very accurately see how people are. The man had problems.

But when Zhang Chen injected with chicken blood* (Idiom) and rushed to save Chang Mei, he stopped him because it was not the best time. (TL : It mean Really enthusiastic/full of energy)

This little woman had a bad temper. He still had to wait until the last moment to rescue her. Otherwise, his good intentions will backfire.

Oh, say that he is shameless, say that he is black bellied*, say that he is too cruel. It doesn’t matter. After all, you need to use your brain a little with love. (TL : mean that someone is secretly quite evil/sly/manipulative)

Only one thing was positively clear. He loved her very much, and loved to use whatever means to have her love him back.

Zhang Chenxi saw the lovey dovey couple in front of him.  He couldn’t understand his best friend. At the time, Yin Ruo was so nervous that his face turned green. He grabbed his wrist and quickly folded it, but he didn’t let him save her.

If his (Zhang Chenxi) own woman met someone else, he would have punched him as soon as he found out that the other man was not right in the head.

However, if you think about it, if he had saved Changmei on the street at the time, it was thought that she would not only take the initiative to send her arms to that man, she would have also fought with Yin Ruo.

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