Bad Girl Xiaomei

Bad Girl Xiaomei Ch 9 Part 1

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Chapter 9 Xiaomei Part 1
Author: 鬼斗 (Gui Dou)/ (Fight Ghost)
Name: 壞女人殷小美 (Bad Girl Yin Xiaomei)
Translator: Cubbyfox
Editor: lancey
Proofreader : Waiting


“Yin Xiaomei, come to my office.” Mao Ruiying, the evil teacher, called firmly from the class door.

Xiaomei’s legs became soft and she was scared. Song Yuanyuan’s gaze was like it was saying “Good luck”, making her want to escape even more.

The semester was not yet finished but Song Yuanyuan had already lost a lot of weight. Meanwhile, the owl became fat. Xiaomei saw that she struggled to sit on her desk. It would be nice if she gets stuck, she thought.

“You see! How many mistakes have you made this time? You’re the worst in class!” She threw Xiaomei’s notebook at her, speaking fiercely.

Xiaomei looked at the bloody* paper and sighed sadly. (TL: Full of red marks)

“One wrong and you get hit twice! Give me your hand!” Mao Ruiying took out a thick ruler from under the desk.

“Eh? You’re gonna hit me?” Xiaomei stared in dismay.

“How can I not? You little girl, don’t think this is funny. If I don’t hit you now, what will you grow up into in the future! Give me your hand now! ”

“NO!” Xiaomei refused. She didn’t understand at all. She only wrote the wrong word and didn’t fight with the other children. Why did she have to get hit? She used to make so much trouble in the orphanage, but the dean only told her to face the wall and think about what she had done.

“What did you say?!” Mao Ruiying did not expect her to dare to speak like this. She was angry and her nose looked crooked. “Did you actually say no?!”

“I don’t want to!” Xiaomei bluntly said. “I wrote the wrong word. If I just write it a few more times, I will remember it. Can I remember it after you hit me?”

Mao Ruiying was very angry. “Can you remember? I also have to give you a lesson, you know!” She said this, then grabbed Xiaomei’s hand. The ruler went down. Xiaomei was stunned, immediately went crazy, and screamed.
“You’re a witch, I’ll fight you! Ah ah ah ah!” She ran into fat Mao Ruiying like a bull. She pushed her to the ground. This is her heaven, no one can stop her!

“Ah! Get back here you little bastard!”
Mao Ruiying was on the ground and struggled to get up, Her glasses fell aside and her hair also fell apart.

The office was in a mess, and the other teachers immediately came around.

Teacher Li grabbed Xiaomei’s hands, who was baring her fangs and brandishing them like claws*, and said to Mao Ruiying.
“Mao teacher, keep calm, it’s normal if kids still don’t understand.” (TL: Idiom make threatening gestures)

The English teacher pretended not to see all this mess and with headphones in her ear, continued to look at the student’s homework.

Mao Ruiying stood up with the help of the teachers.
Her face reddened, and she angrily shouted, “I cannot teach students like you! Get out of here and don’t come to class in the afternoon!
Don’t ever come to my class! If you dare to come, I will definitely kick you out! ”

“Why don’t you let me go to class?! The law provides for nine-year compulsory education! Do you have common sense, or is it because you are an owl that you can’t understand human language?!” Xiao Mei said arrogantly.
Each of her books were printed with nine years of compulsory education. Although she didn’t know the law, but when she spoke, it was imposing!

Her words were too rude. Even Teacher Li fiercely said, “Xiaomei, Teacher Mao is your teacher. You can’t talk to her like this.”

Mao Ruiying almost fainted and shouted, “Call your parents now! I can’t take care of you! I can’t manage you!”

The English teacher sat on the sidelines, listening to music, a smile floating on her lips.
When Teacher Li looked over, against her playful eyes, her face can’t help but redden.

Yin Ruo had a bit of a headache. Yesterday, he felt very warm because Xiaomei was treating him as a father.
But today, her teacher called for a complaint meeting. He doubted that this was Yin Xiaomei’s plan.
He hurriedly walked out in the middle of the meeting. It was a bit shameful to give an explanation to his subordinates about it, so he said,
“My child called me. I have to go.”

Yin Ruo, wearing a silver-gray suit, stepped into the teacher’s office.
He immediately got the attention of everyone.
Even the English teacher, who had always been a bit cold, looked at the man with amazement.
The very formal suit, when he wore it, had a hint of laziness. He looked as graceful as a nobleman.
Not to mention, he had a handsome appearance and a tall and straight body.
All the teachers were stunned.
This father, it can’t be the child that’s paying for childcare, right!
(TL : IDK i’m not sure)

But Yin Xiaomei is a very good looking little girl. It seems that they really are father and daughter!

“Who is the class teacher of Xiaomei?” His voice was like a magnet, attracting immediate attention.
Mao Ruiying’s heart almost jumped out of the narrow slit of the table, looked at her own hair and tried to make herself look good. “I…It’s me…”

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