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Bad Girl Xiaomei Ch 9 part 2

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Chapter 9 Xiaomei Part 2
Author: 鬼斗 (Gui Dou)/ (Fight Ghost)
Name: 壞女人殷小美 (Bad Girl Yin Xiaomei)
Translator: Cubbyfox
Editor: lancey
Proofreader : Waiting


“I am sorry, Xiaomei has troubled you.”
He stared seriously at the woman who looked like an owl to apologize, the pair of narrow eyes contained a voltage of a thousands volts.
Yin Ruo could not help but curse in his heart.
Damn, this so shameful. Next time, he had to make sure he let Zhang Shu do it. (TL: Zhang shu = Uncle Zhang = Zhang bo)

Mao Ruiying’s face had such an affectionate expression, and almost fainted without a nosebleed.
She barely maintained a serious look.
“Xiaomei’s grades are not good. As a parent, you should pay more attention ah! Don’t always be busy with work.”

Xiaomei was looking from the door.
Seeing the tall, dark gray figure, she immediately rushed over. “Dad!”

Yin Ruo bent over and touched the little girl’s head and turned to Mao Ruiying.
“In the future, you will still need to take care of Xiaomei. She is young and stubborn. It is inevitable that she will not be able to keep up with school, so I hope that the teacher does not mind.”

Mao Ruiying said she promised, but Xiaomei was not happy at all.

Although she only had little contact with her father, she knew that he was a very proud man. She knew her father would never ask favors from anyone else.

But, today for her… Xiaomei’s brow fell into a character (八).
She felt really guilty. At this time, it would be better if she apologized and not make so much noise.
How can she have so big a temper that she even pulled her father into it?

Originally, the teacher at the orphanage scolded her, but she was not smart enough to take the point.
She’s already doing things like this now. Her skills of making trouble had gone too far ah!

Out of the office, Xiaomei was very sad and said to Yin Ruo, “Dad, sorry, Xiaomei is not good…”

“Huh?” Yin Ruo was a little surprised and immediately smiled.
“It turns out even a little devil like you can make mistakes sometimes.” He joked, knowing it must be hard for the little girl to apologize,
so he considered it.

“Dad, sorry…” she said. She clung to Yin Ruo’s legs and burst into tears.
“Dad must have felt Xiaomei is naughty! Maybe daddy thinks Xiaomei is useless!”

Yin Ruo thought this was ridiculous; he never thought she was like that.
He gently hugged his daughter, wiped her nose, and the tears on her face.
“Don’t cry! Dad always thinks you are a smart girl. So I believe you can learn well. So Xiaomei, don’t let my father down, okay? ”

“Ok!” The little head pressed hard as Xiaomei held Yin Ruo’s neck. “Dad, Xiaomei will work hard!”’

Although the relationship between father and daughter was so harmonious at that moment, as soon as Yin Ruo looked at the examination paper in front of him, his eyes became gloomy.

“What is this?”
He was stunned when he saw a score of 70 points colored with large oil stains on the crumpled paper.
His breath became tight.

“Xiaomei doesn’t dare show it to mother. Can dad sign it for Xiaomei?”
She looked eagerly at his eyes and pulled out a pile of crumpled papers.
“The teacher said these must be signed!”
Huhu, her mother is so weak, she will faint if she looks at it!

She pulled out a lot of papers.
Teachers from all subjects seemed to have already written a warning, forcing her to hand it in before the final exam.
Otherwise, she will not be allowed to take the test.

All the papers were very dirty. Well, it doesn’t matter, but above each of them, all the test scores were very low, making Yin Ruo vomit blood.

Yin Ruo looked at these horrible papers and finally knew the feeling of collapse in his lifetime.

At dinner, Changmei can be said to have a mixed feeling.
Here, Zhefei just returned from the national youth speech contest.
On the side, Xiaomei also brought a mess of low-scoring examination papers that piled up into a mountain.

She held her head with a sigh. Originally, today was to be Zhe Fei’s celebration and she felt good about it, but, why did her daughter pick this time to make her worry ah!

She had often signed things for fans, but today’s signature was really not a glorious thing.

Yin Zhefei used a pair of fingers to pick up Xiaomei’s paper with a look of disappointment.
Ruthlessly sarcastic, he said, “Is the inside of your head filled with jellied tofu brain!”
(TL: shortly = Did you even have a brain)

“Then your head is a soup dumpling!”
Yin Xiaomei spit out more vicious words without shrinking.

Chang Mei quickly stopped the personal attacks of the two, and said:
“Zhefei has good grades, so help me tutor your sister! ”

“I do not want to!” One big and one small hedgehog were yelling at the same time.

Chang Mei’s face sank.
“Yin Xiaomei, you have no room for refusal! Yin Zhefei, if you disagree, I will tell Lu Jia to send Qianqian to your school to let you cultivate your feelings! What do you think?”
Yin Ruo heard this and raised an eyebrow.
His wife is really determined!
She has the skills to kill the target!

Yin Zhefei’s face became pale, half exploded and half dumbed
“But, I’m your real son!”

Xiaomei was surprised and asked, “Who Is Qianqian?”
Wow, this person is really great.
If she can work together with her to deal with Yin Zhefei, there will certainly be no problems.

Chang Mei ignored her son’s ugly expression and said with a smile. “It’s Zhefei’s fiancee.”

Xiaomei was surprised to see her elder brother frightened, but, it turns out it’s his fiancee?

He was really mad at Xiaomei.
Originally, he wanted to make his mother happy today and improve his image. But now, it’s all ruined because of Yin Xiaomei’s test scores, that damn kid! Her brain is an amoeba, incredibly efficient at producing low grades!

He knew how simple the first-year homework was; there’s no way someone can get such low grades!
However, once again, he thought of Lu Qianqian, and he felt chills.
Well, it’s easier to tutor Xiaomei than meet his fiancee.

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Because Xiaomei’s age is still small now,So basically, She and her man The don’t have romance ,
But soon the battle between them will be upgraded!

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