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Bad Girl Xiaomei Chapter 3 part 1

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Chapter 3 part 1

Author: 鬼斗 (Gui Dou)/ (Fight Ghost)
Name: 壞女人殷小美 (Bad Girl Yin Xiaomei)
Translator: Cubbyfox
Editor: lancey
Proofreader: Arutia

In the afternoon, Zhang Chenxi (Zhang Father) came with a mini version of him who was hiding behind him. That little guy’s name was Zhang Xiangyi. He was the same age as Yin Zhefei.

Zhang Chenxi (Zhang Father) gave something to Zhang Xiangyi and said, “Go and play with Grandpa and Zhefei. I have something to say to Uncle Yin.”

The little boy nodded and greeted his uncle and aunt, and suddenly saw a pink little girl in the living room which was strange.. “Eh? Who is she?”

Chang Mei laughed. “This is Zhefei’s sister. She is Yin Xiaomei.”

“Weird… Zhefei said he was going to get a little brother?” He scratched his head and went to the yard.

Chang Mei called Achun to take Xiaomei to the yard to play, and then sat next to her husband.

Zhang Chenxi (Zhang Father) sat down on the sofa and handed over a few documents,
“He was a first level soldier. The guy was afraid to say everything. He had a history of abusing little girls. Later, before he got discovered he would cover it up. After that, he turned his eyes to those orphans because his image was good, his income stable, and almost no one would doubt him. I have collected a lot of evidence including his photos, videos, and recordings.”

He took out a voice recorder, and in it there was a man’s horrified voice,
“What are you doing! I just touched her a little and took some pictures. Is this also illegal?… Ah, who are you? I really just touched her. I just touched her a little, but that little girl is so wild like a monkey… Ahh!” (TL : idk)

Chang Mei’s face was white. She felt angry and sad at the same time, “Xiaomei is just a child, but she has already suffered…”

Yin Ruo immediately frowned. He now completely regarded Xiaomei as his own daughter. After knowing what happened he really wanted to beat that man. He ironed his face and said to Zhang Chenxi, “Thank you Chenxi*, leave the rest to me!” (TL : in original it ‘Dawn’ = ‘Li Min’)

Outside, there was the sound of children laughing. Young Master Zhang shouted, “Hey! The Star Monster is coming!”

“Zhi Yi (Xiangyi), catch the monster!” Yin Zhefei’s voice sounded, and the two little boys imitated the sound of the gun, “dududu” and fired.

The adults in the house were a little more relaxed, and Zhang Chenxi (Zhang Father) said helplessly, “Does the old man still insist on driving?”

Yin Ruo said. “Yes, Uncle Zhang doesn’t like living a leisurely life, so he’s been driving us around every day and he is happy with it.” This is the bitterness of the younger generation. After all, the old man was originally one of the founders of Sky Group and the salary was good.

“Let’s meet him…” As a son, Zhang Chenxi really felt that he couldn’t help his friends. In the middle of talking, there was suddenly a voice of a girl crying loudly from outside.

Several people quickly went outside and saw Yin Xiaomei sitting on the ground, crying and making “Huaa Huaa” sounds.

Zhang Bo wanted to help Xiaomei. Xiaomei said, “Zhi Yi! You are a bad kid. Xiaomei just wants to play with you. It’s okay if you don’t want to play with me! But why did you push me?!” Achun rushed to Xiaomei. “Xiaomei is the cutest girl in the world, so don’t cry, okay?”

The little boy got caught by the schemes of this little girl and he retorted: “I already refused. I don’t want to play with her but she insists on joining us!”

Zhang Chenxi (Zhang Father) frowned. “Zhi Yi! You are a boy. How can you bully Zhefei’s sister? How does Dad usually teach you?!”

“But she is not Zhefei’s sister! She is an unwanted girl! No one wants her!” he shouted out disobediently.

Xiaomei heard this and cried louder. “I am not a child no one wants, I am not a child no one wants, Mother…” She cried with so much tears and looked at Chang Mei, “Mom! Mom, don’t you want me?”

Zhang Chenxi turned and he was shocked that Chang Mei was standing behind him. Chang Mei said, “What are you talking about! Who told you this?!”

Zhi Yi saw the little girl with messy hair crying loudly, then he pointed to Yin Zhefei standing on the other side with a calm face. “It was Zhefei! it was Zhefei who said it! I’m not the one who said it!”

Chang Mei hugged her daughter who was still crying, and looked at Zhefei, her face angry. Yin Ruo was also angry . “Zhefei, come in with me.”

Yin Zhefei’s face was very calm, but he couldn’t help but tremble when he saw his father walking away. When he passed by his mother, he finally couldn’t help but ask for help. “Mom…”

However, Chang Mei poked his head a bit and said harshly, “Not so fast!”

Zhang Bo (the driver) turned and took his grandson back to his father. Yin Zhefei ate “many bamboo shoots fried meat” and was lectured by his father for a long time.

Zheifei was being very difficult. He is so stubborn. Even Yin Ruo got a headache. His child was as hard as he was, and now he can understand his own father’s distress.

“In short,” Yin Ruo said angrily, “I won’t say this again in the future, do you understand? Stinky boy!”

Yin Zhefei quickly cursed Zhang Xiangyi’s betrayal in his heart.

During this war that guy is a traitor. But it is still Yin Xiaomei’s fault! She is the real devil.


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