Bad Girl Xiaomei

Bad Girl Yin Xiaomei Ch 1 Part 1

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Chapter 1 Part 1

Author: 鬼斗 (Gui Dou)/ (Fight Gosht)
Name: 壞女人殷小美 (Bad Woman Yin Xiaomei)
Translator: Cubbyfox
Editor: Arutia

At Sunshine Orphanage, a group of children wearing bright clothes were happily playing. At that moment, the Dean welcomed a visiting young couple, “Mr. Yin, Mrs. Yin, this is our orphanage facility. The children here are very kind and well-educated. You can also talk with the children before choosing one.”

Yin Ruoyai and his wife Chang Mei looked around, and some children discovered that the couple came for adoption, and they no longer wildly play around, but tried to make a good impression, squatting like a puppy. With their big eyes, the increased their cuteness by 100%.

Chang Mei contained her excitement in her chest. “Oh my God! They are so cute, I like to watch all of them!”

Yin Ruoyai naturally knew that his wife’s heart was very soft when it came to children, “If you pity the children, I can donate to the orphanage on behalf of the company. But today we came to choose a younger brother for A Fei, or to choose someone who wants to play with him. That’s good enough.”

Changmei nodded sorrily, “I know…”

She was talking, when suddenly a child rushed like a cow, if not for her husband, the little girl would hit her head.

“Xiaomei!” The Dean got a headache when he saw who it was. He grabbed the little girl, like she is a living rabbit and scolded, “How many times have I told you? Look around when you run!”

The little girl stopped rebelling, because it was too wild playing in the sand, her body was covered in sand, and her braids were also messy. That dirty little face had a pair of big eyes full of love, and she looked at the pair of beautiful couple.

She muttered. “What’s the use of being good, when I’m a bad girl, no one will come to get me!” Even though she looked very cute, she is too wild like a monkey. Repeatedly in the orphanage, she is numbered as the naughtiest orphan here.

Chang Mei listened to this, and could not help but look at the girl carefully, but was pleasantly surprised to find that this little girl had a face similar to when she was little.  She bent down to be the same level as the little girl and asked, “Kid, you are called Xiaomei (Little beauty)? ” Incidentally, when she was a child, her mother also called her Xiaomei.

When the little girl knew that there was a game, she changed her face and changed her appearance. “Yes! Mother said that I was a beautiful girl, so she gave me the name Xiaomei … but … later on … Mother left me. ……” She started crying, her hands covering her eyes to show the sadness she felt. The Dean can’t help but lament about the fact that – this girl was born to be an actor!

Chang Mei’s eyes were wet, and she pulled her, with a warm embrace, “Husband, our long missing baby is also a girl. Surely God gave us a compensation, only to give us this girl who is very good, you see that she is exactly the same as me when I was young!”

Yin Ruo looked at the little girl who was screaming and crying. He said. “But Zhefei wants a younger brother.”

The crying stopped abruptly.

Xiaomei looked with her watery eyes and judged the situation. She immediately turned and did ‘the pitiful’ act to Changmei,
“But the little girl is so cute! Our little boy is also very naughty! Everyone says that the daughter is the mother’s little cotton jacket. In fact, I saw it. It feels like seeing my own daughter. Xiaomei will be a very good child!”

The Dean’s eyes twitched a few times.. what a very embarrassing act, people said her(Xiaomei’s) face is very thick and it is indeed true!

Chang Mei’s heart immediately became soft like cotton candy. She hugged Xiaomei, and she was not afraid that her dirty paws would stain her Chanel snow-white suit, she cried to the point of feeling choked, “Poor child, I will be your mother, mother will not let you suffer again!”

Yin Ruo did not miss the expression of the victory on the little girl’s face, but he did not object to his wife’s opinion. The Dean went through the adoption procedures, and Changmei was delighted to wipe the face of Xiaomei,

“Xiaomei, later your name will be Yin Xiaomei!”

Yin Zhefei, who was playing video games at home, had chills for no reason.

Yin Xiaomei sat in the back seat of the luxurious car. Everything is new to her. She touched everywhere and her face was full of smiles.

“Do you like it Xiaomei?” Changmei asked with a smile.

“Well! Xiaomei has never seen such a luxurious car! Auntie, I must be dreaming! Hurry and wake me up already!” Xiaomei said while offering her very thin arm.

Chang Mei distressedly took her matchstick-like arm and pulled her into her arms with affection,
“Silly girl, you are not dreaming. Remember to call me Mother later on, I am your mother, that is father, and lastly driver Zhang Bo. When you get home, you will find that you still have a brother! He is a very good child, you will love each other!”

“Is he?” she smiled. “I will try my best to let my brother like me!”

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