Bad Girl Xiaomei

Bad Girl Yin Xiaomei Ch 1 Part 2

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Chapter 1 PART 2

Author : 鬼斗 (Gui Dou)/ (Fight Ghost)

Name : 壞女人殷小美 (Bad Woman Yin Xiaomei)
Translator : Cubbyfox
Editor : lancey
Proofreader: Arutia

“Well Xiaomei, Mom will now go with you to take a bath and then buy a new dress for you! Afterwards, we will go see your brother.”

Yin Xiaomei’s eyes changed, and she was a little sad. “I don’t want to take a bath. Why should I take a bath…” She thought of her adoptive father who used to look at her with such strange eyes and asked her to take off her clothes and take a bath. Now she hates taking a bath!

“But look at you, you played all over the soil. How can you not bathe?” Changmei patiently persuaded her, “Does mom need to take a bath with you?”

Yin Xiaomei began to tremble. She grabbed Changmei’s arm and cried. “I don’t want to take a bath, I don’t want to take a bath… Mom don’t let me take a bath! It’s scary, Xiaomei can’t take a bath!”

Zhang Bo smiled. “Children are like this! When my grandson hears that he’s going to take a bath, he becomes like a monkey and it’s so hard to catch him!”

Yin Ruo’s eyes were dark, and when he looked thoughtfully at the trembling beauty, he suddenly said, “Why are you afraid of taking a bath?”

Yin Xiaomei hung her head, no longer speaking, and tears fell like rain from her eyes. Chang Mei laughed. “Silly girl, mother is here so there’s no need to be afraid. Mother will go with you to have a fun bubble bath. Don’t you want to play with bubbles?”

The car was parked outside a luxury children’s store called “Children’s Time”. There are not only toys and costumes of various colors, but also a membership-based children’s bathing playground on the second floor. Mothers can accompany their children, so many rich children like to come here.

Changmei got out of the car and pointed at the cute pink little corridor. “Xiaomei, is it beautiful?”

Xiaomei was stunned, muttering. “So beautiful. Are we coming here to take a bath?”

“Yeah. After taking a bath, I will buy good clothes for Xiaomei and then we will go home.” Changmei is very happy that Xiaomei was no longer crying.

Xiaomei hesitated for a moment and her fearful eyes turned to Yin Ruo. “That… does it mean father will follow us?”

“Of course dad won’t follow us!” Chang Mei laughed. “Dad and Zhang Bo are going to wait for us downstairs! Silly girl. We are going to the women’s area.”

Xiaomei seems to be relieved. She looks at the cold man and thought that although he looks very unreasonable, it gives people an unspeakable sense of trust and security. It seems that she can trust him. At that moment, everything felt fine. Xiaomei relaxed very easily. She took Changmei’s hand and felt the warmth of her mother. Both Xiaomei and mother Chang Mei then went to take a bath.

The two walked into the “Children’s Time” store, which was already full of children. The store also carefully separated the baby area and the children’s area to serve children of different ages. As soon as the two entered, there was a very gentle looking service staff coming up. and greeted them,

“Hello, I am very happy to serve you.”

Xiaomei’s face turned white when she saw the man.

Chang Mei was unaware of her reaction, “Hello, I want one…” She hadn’t finished yet when Xiaomei suddenly broke free from her hand and ran out.

“Xiaomei!” Chang Mei only took two steps and Yin Ruo already rushed out. Yin Xiaomei’s short arms and legs did not help her run very fast, and she was quickly caught up into Yin Ruo’s arms. This little girl is so thin, it seems that she is all bones.

“Ah-!” Xiaomei screamed, “Let me go! Xiaomei doesn’t want take a bath! Don’t want to wash! Let me go!”

“Shut up!” Yin Ruo immediately shouted. The little girl was so scared that she kept her mouth shut, but was still twitching, looking at him in horror.

“Tell me, why don’t you like taking a bath?” His words were short. However, Yin Ruo was surprised because Xiaomei was being very good before, and she was very interested in the “Children’s Time” store. Why did she suddenly run like a mouse as if running away from a cat?

The little girl looked at Chang Mei who had come over and felt that she had to go back to her mother to seek refuge. But Yin Ruo did not let her go, “Say it!”

Chang Mei stroked Xiaomei’s head and said, “Why does Xiaomei not want take a bath? Tell Mom what is it you’re afraid of.”

Xiaomei immediately cried, “If I say it, he would kill me… He said he would kill me…”

Yin Ruo grabbed her little hand. “Xiaomei, Mom and Dad are here and we will protect you. Now, don’t cry and tell me what is going on.”

She shuddered and said: “That man… was the adoptive father of Xiaomei…” She buried her head in fear. Chang Mei wanted to ask more but Yin Ruo shook his head to give Xiaomei time to talk on her own. After a while, Xiaomei gently said: “He will call Xiaomei to take a bath, then…” She had a cold voice. “Then he does terrible things to Xiaomei!”

Chang Mei and Yin were shocked. They actually unveiled such a dark past of this little girl and they suddenly felt like sinking down into a hole. Yin Ruo looked at the little girl in his arms and asked, “Xiaomei, are you sure that your adoptive father is the service person just now?”

Xiaomei cheeks bunched up like glutinous rice, “Yes! It is him. The inside of his head is very disgusting so I ran away.”

“Okay, let’s go home.” Yin Ruo said immediately. Chang Mei quickly took the poor little thing and hugged her tightly, giving her warmth. Zhang Bo stood at the door of the store and saw the gesture of Yin Ruo immediately. He quickly started the car.

Sitting in the car, Xiaomei gradually stopped shaking. She was in the arms of Changmei, feeling the warmth from her body, and soon forgot her previous unhappiness. And sitting in front was Yin Ruo, his face gloomy.

Although he just met this little girl, he felt nostalgic about her. Maybe Changmei was right. Maybe she was indeed a gift from God. Otherwise, how could she and his beloved wife be so similar? Now she is his own daughter and he will take up the obligation to protect her.

After getting out of the car, he let Changmei take the girl to the house. He then dialed someone.

“Hey, Li Min, check a clerk at ‘Children Time’, No. 1003. Yes, I have to deal with this myself.”


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  1. What a way to begin a new life. She came face to face with her abuser.Perhaps it was just his mood or expression that creeped her out. Papa Yin is no joke. He is handling his bizz ness. If this clerk is the one He is in for a rough time of it.

    Thank you for this novel translation

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