Bad Girl Xiaomei

Bad Girl Yin Xiaomei Ch 2 part 1

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Chapter 2 part 1

Author: 鬼斗 (Gui Dou)/ (Fight Gosht)
Name: 壞女人殷小美 (Bad Woman Yin Xiaomei)
Translator: Cubbyfox
Editor: lancey
Proofreader: Arutia

In the small villa of Yinjia, Zhefei put out his favorite electric toys and prepared football uniforms. His brows are wrinkled, his lips are slightly sloppy, and he looks like a cute little adult. Nanny Ahchun couldn’t help but smile, “The young master really wants a little brother!”

Yin Zhefei nodded solemnly and placed his beloved rifle in a conspicuous position. “If the younger brother comes, I will teach him to play video games, play rugby, and shoot a gun.” The little boy looked at his own good things, feeling very happy. He was like a  very serious little man, and looking very charming. When he grows up, he will undoubtedly be a beautiful man.

Nanny Achun couldn’t help but sigh, the young master is all good. However, he inherited the bad trait of Mr. Yin who always looked like he was mad.

Outside the door came the sound of a car passing by. Yin Zhefei immediately straightened up and with his serious eyebrows asked Achun. “Nanny Ahchun, check my clothes is it still decent?” Such a formal statement from his mouth made her felt strange.

But despite that, Ahchun couldn’t hide her smile and answered him, “The young master is very handsome.” But the little boy didn’t like her answer. Usually little boys are wild, but no one will be as rigid as him.

Ah Chun was about to open the door when Changmei had already pushed the door in. The strong light from outside came in. A small person behind her looked at the house with fear.

Zhefei officially reached out and planned to shake hands with his future brother…

Wait! Why does the “brother” have his hair tied with a ponytail ? !

His hand stiffened into a ridiculous angle and hung there. Chang Mei said with a smile. “Zhefei, you see, this is your sister. She is Yin Xiaomei. You have to take care of your sister. We are all going to be a family in the future! Xiaomei, this is your brother, he is very gentle! Don’t be afraid.”

However, the “very gentle” brother screamed. “What is this? The child in front of me is so dirty but she is still a girl! It is a sister! I said that i want a younger brother!” His young mind was greatly traumatized. “Is mom coming back from the trash?”

“Zhefei!” Chang Mei squinted. “She’s your younger sister. You are not allowed to say this to her! Don’t be a bad child, mother doesn’t like it!”

Yin Zhefei stood there and looked at the little girl who turned her eyes at him and turned away. He only felt aggrieved and sad. His eyes were immediately covered by tears, “Why, why, Zhefei wanted a younger brother, brother. ……”

“A younger sister is just as good! You can protect her and become more like a man!” Chang Mei quickly comforted her son.

At this moment, Yin Ruo walked in and saw the appearance of Zhefei. He frowned. “What happened?”

When the little boy saw his father, he immediately tried to make a light and bleak look. He asked in an adult tone, “You promised to bring home a boy, but now it is a girl. Isn’t it an adult’s promise? Do you have no integrity?”

Yin Ruo’s face showed a smile. His son’s appearance was exactly the same as himself.
Yin Xiaomei immediately found that the situation was very unfavorable to her, and turned pitiful to say, “Dad, Mother, brother does not like Xiaomei, you can send Xiaomei back! Xiaomei is a child with a hard bone.”

She said the bones. Such strong words come from a little girl, yet that doesn’t make people feel relieved. Instead, they feel that the child is too young to be strong, it’s so pitiful. Chang Mei immediately hugged the little girl and turned to his son. “Zhefei its impossible, adopting a child is not like buying a kitten or a puppy. It is fortunate that we have this little girl. I know you are a very well-behaved boy. Don’t bully her!”

“Mom you are so stinky, is it safe to take a trash around you?” The little boy with a poisonous tongue sullenly grabs the white road.

Yin Ruo gave his son a burst of tenderness at the right time, “How dare you say your mother is stinky!”

Chang Mei laughed, “Little Yin Zhefei, okay, I will take your sister for a bath, but i don’t want this attitude later on!” After she said this, she held Xiaomei’s hand to go to the bathroom. Zhefei was depressed, and he saw that the little girl suddenly stopped, to look over, and the demonstration seemed to pull him a little.

In the first round, Xiaomei won!

Immediately Zhanfei’s face became angry. Damn, that girl definitely can’t stay at home! Absolutely not!

In the bathroom, Xiaomei felt uneasy to take off her clothes. Changmei discovered that the little girl was so skinny and was only bones without meat. She was distressed, “It must be that the orphanage is not good. Look at you, you’re so thin.”

Xiaomei looked at the bubbles in the bathtub and replied. “No, it’s Xiaomei who likes to feed others. When it’s time to eat, I eat very slowly so others can have a little more rice.”

Changmei took her into the bathtub. She took a soft bristle brush and brushed her small arms very gently, “I would like to feed Xiaomei later. But you must promise me to get fat as soon as possible!”


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