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Only MTL by Google Translate, I’m a bit interest in it lately. so I want to Experiment it in this novel. Sorry if it not comfortable to read. 🙂 I’ll Fix it later when I have more free time,

my English is bad so XD I think I can read it smoothly I just need to ignore a few words and jump to the next sentence, and it doesn’t change the storyline.


Chapter 13 Conversion

     Yin Xiaomei never thought that Lin Diyi, who always likes to make small reports, will come over and help her! I really don’t know if it’s a girl’s sense of justice or a careless head!

     Lin Diyi rushed over and immediately shouted with his hands on his hips. “Which school are you! I want to tell you that Teacher is going!”

     Yin Xiaomei and Song Yuan Yuan are both full of black lines at the same time. Boss, you are not doing this!

    The boy seemed to feel quite funny. He suddenly pushed the little Lin Diyi down to the ground. “When I went to school, I hated you as a dead child! I told Teacher that Teacher is here… In my hand, you are unlucky, take the money out!”

     Lin Diyi obviously didn’t think that the teacher had a bad day, and immediately screamed. “If you don’t give it, don’t give it, I will have 50 Kuai money!”

     Yin Xiaomei and Song Yuan Yuan once again helped the class. Master, you don’t want to be such an idiot. I really don’t want to admit that you are a class…

    A few junior high school men and women over there couldn’t help but laugh and urged. “You can hurry up, you will see it later, and you will be meaty.”

    The teenager who grabbed the money was a little red, loud.. “You are a dead Ah, come and help Ah! How can I make three children!” The person behind him saw it and had to come and help. The three little girls immediately screamed and screamed, holding a bag and dying. However, after all, they are small, and they are not able to compete with the strength of junior boys. When they look at the schoolbags and saysaybye with them, a basketball suddenly flies over and is on the head of the teenager.

     Yin Zhe Fei had just finished training in the afternoon. Together with teammates, I wanted to go to the street to eat some good energy. I saw that my family’s dead devil was being robbed there. The boy turned back and was about to scream, and he saw a group of 180+ senior high school students. Only the arms of the muscles were so high that he had a big thigh, and immediately he was soft and began to tremble.

    “Can I understand that you are bullying me younger sister?” His voice said without a wave, his eyes were not good, and Yin Xiaomei was crying with tears in his face. He was angry at the ground. This dead devil has him covered, and there are still people who are not afraid of death to rob?

    “Hey, I said to you! My eldest brother is the boss of B! You better not want to die!” A junior high school student next to him, who was unable to get his mouth, flew, and he was very incomprehensible. B is a famous mixed school here. It is notorious. The students there are brave and the people around them are afraid of them.

     Zhang Xian smiled. “Who is your boss? Ah! The so-called boss in B. I really have a few, I can’t play too much!”

    All of them were speechless, and they looked at each other and immediately ran away. Qin Yuan quickly went up and picked up Yin Xiaomei.. “Little girl, don’t cry, big brother takes you to eat, is it good?” Such a Xiao Mei person is really rare to see, she must take care of her small relationship, even if she If you can’t get in touch with your feelings, just eat the tender tofu of the little girl. I didn’t expect Yin Zhe Fei to reach out and hold Xiao Mei back.. “Qin Yuan, don’t think I don’t know what you are playing.” He can’t allow others to marry his younger sister.

     Zhang Xian, look at the two little girls who are crying their tears, trying to smile and be kind.. “Little younger sister, are you going home or are you going to eat with us?”

     Song Yuan Yuan and Lin Diyi looked at him with amazement, only that he was more terrible than the robbers. Hu Fei laughed. “Call you shave, you don’t listen, scare the little girl! Look at this bandit now.”

    In the pizza shop, the boys sat around a big table and ate. The three little girls here are eating Sven. Of course, the so-called Sven is compared with another table. Song Yuan Yuan is full of mouth, envy. “You big brother, handsome! Really handsome.”

     Yin Xiaomei Look at the whispering black boy over there, and he “cuts” without hesitation.

    She was about to ask Lin Diyi’s opinion, and she saw that the squad leader was already full of ignorance.

     Xiao Mei asked silently.. “Do you think my big brother is very handsome?!”

     Lin Diyi bites a big pizza and swallows. “All are handsome!”

     Hey Hey Hey ? Xiao Mei is a bit wrong. It turns out that Lin Diyi is really powerful when everyone is obsessed with the amount. She looked at the boys who lived like gorillas, and did not understand the aesthetics of the girls. Although she felt that Yin Zhe Fei was not ugly, she did not exaggerate to that extent! Having said that, she took out the camera and secretly took a picture for them. Wow, this is a big collection of beautiful male orangutans, which will definitely be earned.

    She carefully closed the camera and looked at the two humans who were eating happily. “I have an idea! I am very dissatisfied with this teacher assessment. I want the school to re-evaluate.” This tells Lin Diyi Undoubtedly very adventurous, after all, she is so supportive of owls.

    Sure enough, Lin Diyi shouted. “You don’t want to be whimsical, re-evaluate? How to comment?”

    “Of course, let our students come to comment, can’t you think that the owl is really so good?”

    “Good Ah, you are Teacher Mao, I want to tell her!”

    “Hey, do you want to be so unconscionable Ah, it’s my big brother, save you! What’s more, you just called her owl!”

    “I don’t have it, you don’t want to mess around, I want to tell Teacher that you want to make it bad!”

    “You are bad, playing a small report, harming YuanYuan did not eat! You can’t marry for a lifetime, because men hate women who make small reports!”

    “You can’t marry if you study so badly!”

    “You can’t get married! You are a shrew and informant!”

    “You can’t get married! You are a repeater of this year!”


    Song Yuan Yuan, who is silent, takes the pizzas of two people silently and slowly chews them away…


    Although the negotiations with Lin Diyi failed, Xiao Mei was not discouraged and even more motivated. In the evening, Yin Zhe Fei is writing homework, Xiao Mei rushed in with a large roll of paper.. “big brother !”

     Yin Zhe Fei was shocked and hurriedly put the mp4 in his hand under the table. He shouted loudly. “What are you doing! Don’t you knock on the door first?!”

    Eh? Xiao Mei looked at him inexplicably.. “What is the big brother looking at?”

    “Nothing… Listen to English.” Yin Zhe Fei has a strange reddish face on his face.

    “When you listen to English, you will also hear blush Ah?” Xiao Mei glared at the watery big eyes and couldn’t hide the gossip.

    “I want you to manage!” Yin Zhe Fei didn’t have a good air. “What, fast.”

    “Oh…” Xiao Mei’s eyes still stared at his drawer, and swallowed. “The big brother helped me write a big poster!” She simply said the situation at the school, then explained, “I I originally wanted to write myself, but my words are too ugly! Mother said that if you have good calligraphy, help me!”

     Yin Zhe Fei didn’t even think about it.. “Do not write.”

    “Then I told mother that you peek at the yellow film!” Xiao Mei screamed.

    “What are you talking about?!” Yin Zhe Fei looked incredulously at the moment, “You…”

    “Do you dare say you didn’t watch it?! I heard it to a big brother and you said tonight! He gave it to you! You must have been watching the yellow film, I have to tell mother, you are a bad boy!” Xiao Mei looked at him wickedly.

     Yin Zhe Fei only felt that her blood was overwhelming and she suppressed her anger. “I am listening to English…”

    “Hah? That big brother brought it out to me and listened to it?” She smiled very purely.

     Yin Zhe Fei gnashed his teeth, and whispered with a half-sounding hate. “The thing is on hold, you go! I will give you tomorrow morning!”

     Xiao Mei smiled happily. “Haha, this is right, then, big brother, you look slowly, but things must be given to me tomorrow!” She said, while she was very considerate for Yin Zhe Fei. Good door.

     Yin Zhe Fei was relieved, but then took out the mp4 and didn’t feel like looking at it. He smashed the headphone cord roll to the side.


    The next day, the school was boiling, and a bright red poster was posted on the most prominent place in the bulletin board. The vigorous font above is written on the head with two big characters.. Protest!

    Some students read it out loudly. “The evaluation of the outstanding teachers of the school has made us deeply confused. The teacher, the professor is also confused, and the assessment is based on the students. I hope the school will think, be careful, Mingzhi, Na Don’t close your ears and listen to it. The road to democracy and progress is also the second class of the fourth grade.”

    A group of primary school students opened their mouths and said, “This, what is meant by Ah!”

     Yin Xiaomei almost didn’t faint. When she took it in the morning, she didn’t look at it. How did Yin Zhe Fei write her class up?

     When Mao Ruiying came over, there was almost no anger. The headmaster usually came very early in the morning and must have seen this big-character poster. The teacher on the sidelines is very puzzled.. “Teacher Mao, this class is singing this out Ah! Are you not already a good teacher? How to let students do this.”

     Mao Ruiying blushes to the neck root, swearing.. “This… I don’t know, it must be their own.”

    She screamed fiercely at the students. “When you look at it, give me back to the classroom!”

    The first lesson was English, Yin Xiaomei carefully observed the teacher’s reaction, but Laura Teacher was still so calm, not only organized interesting games and conversations, but also gave them an English cartoon.

    After a class, Xiao Mei was happy and somewhat lost.. “The teacher is very calm Ah, how can we not be excited about our behavior?”

     Song Yuan Yuan sighed. “Your big-character report is really weird. Teacher is learning English, can’t read it!”

    “Really?!” Xiao Mei moved uneasily. “I would have liked Laura Teacher to be happy!”

    “You still care about yourself. The next lesson is the class Ah. The owl will definitely say this.” Song Yuan Yuan Like a mouse as a thief, stuffing a potato chip into his mouth.

     Xiao Mei looks at his friend with a sullen look. “You still worry about yourself better.”

    The class bell had not ringed yet, and Mao Ruiying had come in with anger. She took the book to the stage and yelled. “All give me back to the seat!”

    The children were so scared that they all rushed to the seat.

    “Say! What’s going on with the big-character poster!” She was like an angry lion, her hair was in a mess, and it seemed that she had to sit on the stage in class.

    The classroom was silent, and the children didn’t even dare to come out. Xiao Mei lowered her head and decided to pretend to death.

    “Don’t say?!” She patted the table. “If you don’t say it, you don’t have to go to class. I don’t want to talk to you. I look at you and say nothing!” She sneered and pulled the chair to sit down, looking down at the whole class.

    Time passed by, and everyone saw sweat on their heads. At this time, Lin Diyi’s hand was lifted like a cannon.

     Yin Xiaomei was suddenly stunned, miserable, and was sold!

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