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Chapter 16 Gao Yu

     How much influence does a Teacher have on a person’s life?

    This deep problem will naturally not be the result of Yin Xiaomei, who has only “golden underwear” in his eyes. But there is no doubt that as a student, the influence of Teacher is subtle and huge.

     Yin Xiaomei is naturally hopeful that the teacher is a little better, but what about it?

    Just don’t be like an owl!

    She was emotional and looked at the results of the teacher’s assessment. At the top, it was still the teacher Li who was not beaten, and Laura Teacher was voted for the fourth. As for Mao Ruiying, it turned out to be the last!

     Xiao Mei Faced with this result, although she had expected it, she still worried about Lin Diyi. But if so, next year’s class teacher is Laura Teacher. She smiled and turned to go back to the classroom, but didn’t want to stand alone behind her.

    “Oh!” She ran into the man and quickly said, “Sorry.” Looking up, I found Gao Yu who was in a class with her.

     Gao Yu is a very thin and pale boy, but he is very tall and very eye-catching among a group of primary school students. He didn’t look at Yin Xiaomei, just whispered.. “Nothing.”

     Xiao Mei watched him stare at the notice and couldn’t help it. “Are you happy? This is Mao Ruiying is not a class teacher.”

     Gao Yu turned to her, and she had a little smile on her face. “It’s your big poster! Thank you.” His eyes are light amber, but it is very commensurate with his skin color.

    “Oh… it doesn’t matter.” Xiao Mei rolled her horns on her head. “You still want to thank the squad leader, although she always calls you a repeater.” She felt that Lin Diyi was also indispensable.

     Gao Yu hung her head and did not speak. Xiao Mei looked at him like this and had to turn and leave.

    In the class of the second class in the third year, the “wann grade student” is a commonly used word for everyone, but the first person to use the word is Gao Yu.

    He and Xiao Mei are the two extremes of the class, one of the oldest and the youngest (the common point is that the results are very sorry). However, it is also extreme and the treatment can be quite different. Yin Xiaomei has a good family and looks beautiful. Although the boys in the class always deliberately lick her nephew to provoke her, it is actually a kind of disguise in disguise, eager to be noticed by her. Girl is more like her lively personality, always looking for her to play games, Gao Yu’s situation is not so optimistic. When he was transferred to this class, Mao Ruiying directly found the principal to not want him, because his poor performance would drag the whole class.

    Of course, the most important thing is that it will affect her bonus.

     Although Mao Ruiying does not like children to like, but the competition is strict, the class has always been good, she has always been very concerned about this. At that time, the principal was very troublesome. Although Li Jiajun never picked students, his class size was not enough. He had no choice but to put Gao Yu’s score into the final transcript. Mao Ruiying was not willing to give up. However, the principal of the company only made a blank check. When the final assessment was made, Mao Ruiying almost died.

     Gao Yu has always tried to make himself look like a transparent person, but his abrupt height and tragic results can’t be ignored. Especially after Mao Ruiying was put together by the headmaster, he became more and more obsessed with him. When he was in a bad mood, he sneered at him.

    “Gao Yu, you are so stupid enough to die!” she often said.

    However, Xiao Mei is very grateful to Gao Yu. Without him, she must have been counted down many times, so she never called him a repeater.

     Gao Yu’s performance is not good, but he has never been mixed with the hooligans in the society. However, other students may not be so tolerant, they will make a malicious joke, saying that Gao Yu has a “stupid virus”, and whoever sees him will be infected.

    The boys especially enjoyed this game and sent the “virus”. Sometimes it’s more serious, it will tear up his book, or throw his bag downstairs. Xiao Mei often goes home when he finishes his day, and Gao Yu will see his bag and stationery silently behind the building.

     Xiao Mei Although he feels very pitiful, she is still a little child with a lot of nerves, not to mention that she still does not play with boys. The only one in the class who is willing to be Gao Yu is probably Lin Diyi. Sometimes boys want to throw out his bag, Lin Diyi will rush and yell. “I don’t want you! I want to tell the teacher! Don’t bully classmates!”

     Xiao Mei feels that although Lin Diyi loves to play a small report, it still has a sense of justice.

    The boys will probably mutter two swear words, or let go of Gao Yu. However, Gao Yu never thanked Lin Diyi. After all, the term ten thousand-year-old repeater was given to him by the squad leader.

     Xiao Mei has to sigh again, Lin Diyi is sometimes a little bit thankful!

    Speaking of it, Xiao Mei is the only one who has some intersection with Gao Yu. At the end of the last semester, she saw Gao Yu licking his homework and stationery scattered around him, and finally couldn’t help but go downstairs to help him. Xiao Mei also has her own selfishness. After all, if she plays with Gao Yu, she will be isolated. Now no one is there, she will be willing to come down.

     Gao Yu took the pen, there was no word of gratitude, and he turned and left.

    He is always so cold, no one likes it! Xiao Mei is screaming at the gang and is angry.

    At this time, Gao Yu suddenly turned and slowly said. ” Xiao Mei, you… would like to go to my house.”

     Xiao Mei stunned. For a moment, she thought she had got it wrong, but she finally nodded. Gao Yu looked really pitiful!

     Gao Yu lives in a very ordinary residential area, and the building looks quite old. Xiao Mei walked in the gloomy corridor of the haunted house, and she was a little scared. Wow, this Gao Yu, the place where he lives is as uncomfortable as his people.

     Gao Yu took out the key to open the door, and there was a strong Chinese medicine smell inside the house. Someone in the house immediately said: “Is Xiao Yu coming back?”

    A woman who looked very embarrassed came out from the inside. Gao Yu was like a person, with a clear smile on his face. “Mom, there are classmates coming to play at home today.”

    “ Ah, classmate?” His mother saw Yin Xiaomei, who was like a live doll. She was a little cramped at once. She complained about her son. “You see you, why don’t you say that, the house is so chaotic…” She wants to pull forward Yin Xiaomei, but when she saw her smudged hands, she immediately retracted. Her hands squatted back and forth on the clothes, panic. “Child, come, sit by yourself… The home is too messy… What is your name Ah?”

     Xiao Mei is still stupid, Gao Yu has already laughed. “Mom, she is Yin Xiaomei, we are a class.”

     Yin Xiaomei immediately politely said. “Auntie, I am Gao Yu’s classmate.”

     Gao Yu’s mother looks very old, although she is 30 years old and has deep wrinkles on her face. Gao Yu said happily.. “Mom, Teacher praised me today. She said that my grades have improved and I am embarrassed.”

    “Oh, is it?” Gao mother smiled, but she looked at Yin Xiaomei.

     Xiao Mei quickly cooperated. “Yes, Gao Yu is very good, we all like him.” She unnaturally touched her nose and worried that it would be long.

     Gao mother, I believe, she swears. “Xiao Mei Ah, I usually have trouble in school to take care of Gao Yu Ah. This kid is always smiling when he comes back, but I know that he must have something wrong. Me.”

    “Mom! What are you talking about Ah, I am still not happy, there is something to stare at you.” Gao Yu deliberately made a very angry look.

     Xiao Mei quickly helped.. “Auntie, Gao Yu is a very good person, really, you have to believe me.”

    “That’s good, that’s good,” Gao mother looked at her son lovingly. “How do I tell you, you give the sweater to Teacher, and she will take care of you.”

    “Sweater?” Xiao Mei asked dumbly.

     Gao Yu is about to stop, Gao mother has already told Xiao Mei. “The last time Teacher Mao came home, I saw the craft of knitting my sweater and asked me to weave a piece for her. Xiao Yu was still unwilling to live, but you Look, it’s very useful? This kid is sometimes too stupid. Xiao Mei Ah , Teacher Mao Have a good look at Xiao Yu!”

     Xiao Mei didn’t guard her topic and turned to herself, and she didn’t know whether to admit it or not. She looked at Gao Yu’s gloomy expression and finally nodded. The owl’s “care” for him is indeed too much.

     Gao Yu also distressed and blamed. “Mom, your eyes are not good, and you still have a sweater! Teacher has always taken care of me, you don’t send sweaters!”

    “You kid, you are still young, don’t understand this, go back to mother and play another one, you send the teacher to the past.” Gao mother walked a little bit, and looked like a duck. But Xiao Mei feels that she has never seen a scene that is more heart-rending than this.

    On that day, Yin Xiaomei knew a lot about Gao Yu. His father was an architect. He died very early. His mother took him in the big hand, but he was hit by a car and broke his leg. Therefore, I have been unable to find a good job. I can only lead the subsistence allowance and make a living by making clothes for others.

    What surprised Yin Xiaomei most was the room in Gao Yu’s house. Even though she couldn’t paint, Gao Yu was very well painted and painted better than Yin Zhe Fei.

    It’s really a man who can’t be seen, Yin Xiaomei is hurt, I can’t think of a big fool. Gao Yu also has her stunts that she can’t match. She’s too weak…

    “ Xiao Mei, there is nothing delicious in my house, Auntie will give you a drink of high music…” Gao mother said, and he walked away. Gao mother just left, Gao Yu’s expression immediately became indifferent.

    His amber eyes looked at Yin Xiaomei and said with a voice that the mother could not hear. “Thank you.”


    “ Xiao Mei! The next semester is Laura Teacher as the class teacher!” YuanYuan’s eyes narrowed into two seams, screaming happily, and let Yin Xiaomei return to the soul instantly.

    “Oh! You call it so loud! Scared me!” Xiao Mei blamed her ears.

    “Hey, I am happy.” YuanYuan said, taking a lot of snacks from his bag and piled it up on the table. Xiao Mei took advantage of her ridiculous behavior, helplessly.. “You are not! Even Laura Teacher is not allowed to eat in class.”

    “If you eat as much as I do, you can also take the first grade.” Song Yuan Yuan Rarely refuted her so strongly.

     Xiao Mei was suddenly stunned and said nothing. He sighed with a sigh of relief and simply ate with YuanYuan. Soon, other students gathered around, YuanYuan distributed food for everyone, and the class seemed to be filled with a happy atmosphere. Xiao Mei turned around and saw Lin Diyi sneak a sneak peek at Gao Yu’s desk.
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