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Only MTL by Google Translate, I’m a bit interest in it lately. so I want to Experiment it in this novel. Sorry if it not comfortable to read. 🙂 I’ll Fix it later when I have more free time,

my English is bad so XD I think I can read it smoothly I just need to ignore a few words and jump to the next sentence, and it doesn’t change the storyline.
if you want better MTL, tell me, when you find “Some word” that possible it is “Name/ Idiom”, I’ll fix it ASAP


Chapter 18 Transfer

    Monday afternoon was an extracurricular activity class. The school simply took the leave early and took a look at the little brat who had a headache. Zhang Bo deliberately drove to pick up Xiao Mei and go home.

    “Grandpa, I want to go back to Sunshine Orpanage.” Xiao Mei pleaded with a bag.

    “What are you going to do there?” Zhang Bo was very surprised. “You are going to take the exam soon, or don’t go back to the kids to play, if the exam is not good, mother will say you.”

    “I am not going to find a child to play!” Xiao Mei explained, “I have something to give to the Dean! Grandpa, you can do it, Xiao Mei will go for a while, and will go back soon, and will not delay the exam.”

    “Oh… okay.” Zhang Bo couldn’t bear to reject this pitiful little brat, and had to go to the Sunshine Kindergarten. The vehicle traveled through the road with tall French sycamore trees, rolled over the ground and shattered sunlight, and came to the gate of the orphanage.

     Xiao Mei took a ride and flew to the place she was familiar with. The bag was behind her, and she patted her back as she ran. There are many familiar faces in the orphanage, and there are many new faces. Xiao Mei saw a kind old man standing there, and immediately screamed with a scorpion. “President! Dean!”

    The dean came back and surprised. ” Xiao Mei ?!”

     Xiao Mei rushed over and smashed him like a monkey.. “President, I miss you!”

    “Oh, my little ancestor.” The dean was old, and he could eat her such a collision. Fortunately, a teacher helped him in time and told him to stand. “You little monkey, it’s so heavy! I thought, you have forgotten it!”

    “ Xiao Mei didn’t forget, Xiao Mei earned money and wanted to come back to the dean!” She struggled again and took a big bag of change from her bag. “It’s all made by Xiao Mei. The dean took it for everyone. It’s delicious!”

    “Xiao Mei, I can’t ask for your money.” The Dean’s heart was surprised and moved. Xiao Mei is so small, how can she get her money?

    At this time, Zhang Bo also followed, and saw Xiao Mei holding a lot of change money in his hands. It looked like at least a thousand Kuai money. He couldn’t help but be surprised. “Xiao Mei, where did you come from so much?”

     Xiao Mei replied absently. “This is Xiao Mei selling underwear.” She leaned her head and continued to beg the dean. “President, you will accept it, Xiao Mei will earn more money in the future. I remember the third floor. The faucet in the bathroom is broken and the money can be used to repair the faucet.”

    The dean also wants to quit. Zhang Bo has already helped. “Receive it, the child’s heart.” But he kept swearing in his heart. This is why his underwear is so good to sell. Why didn’t he find this business opportunity? ?

    In the end, the dean faced Xiao Mei’s cute little face and took the money down. This child, the skin is a little bit skinned, but it is really hearty Ah! Xiao Mei played with a good friend who had been familiar with it for a while, and then I was reluctant to get on the bus under the urging of Zhang Bo.

    Her little body came out of the window and shouted with a wave. ” Xiao Mei is gone! Xiao Mei will definitely come back to see everyone!”

    The car was far away, and Xiao Mei kept waving at her former relatives. When she sat back in the chair, Zhang Bo discovered that this little brat almost cried into tears.

    “Oh, my little princess, how sad it is!” Zhang Bo quickly stuffed the tissue box on his car into her arms. “Quickly wipe, don’t go back and let your big brother laugh at you.”

     Xiao Mei wiped her face and started to stay.

    ” Xiao Mei, you said that you sell panties and sell what underwear is so profitable Ah!” Zhang Bo tried to ask questions, and he still remembered the business opportunity.

    “I won’t tell you.” Xiao Mei is sullen, “Grandpa is good or bad, Ah, and I have to grab business with Xiao Mei.”

    “Of course not!” Zhang Bo quickly made the righteous words, hey, this little brat, really not easy to lie!


     When Xiao Mei came home, she found Yin Zhe Fei’s face very ugly.

    “What’s the matter? Your expression seems to have been eaten.” Xiao Mei asked with a small head and asked with great concern.

    “Yes, I have eaten you!” Yin Zhe Fei replied with a sigh of relief, throwing a pink piece of paper into the trash. Xiao Mei saw it and quickly rushed to see it from the trash. Sure enough, it is a letter from Sister-in-law Ah!

    On the crumpled paper, it is a big word like a spider crawling.. “I want to transfer to your school!”

    Wow, Sister-in-law Is it finally going to take the initiative to attack? Xiao Mei thought of the black shadow of the group, could not help but fight a cold war. She looked at Yin Zhe Fei’s look for “sorrow for love”. I have some pity in my heart. Are people in love like this?

    But how can Sister-in-law suddenly become so active to transfer? The courses in the mainland and Taipei seem to be very different. Is she not afraid to keep up? Xiao Mei thought of sending her a nude photo of Yin Zhe Fei a few days ago, and couldn’t help but wonder. Sister-in-law It wouldn’t be because I saw those photos, I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to come over and Yin Zhe Fei round room. Now! Xiao Mei imagined the slow-motion romantic scenes of the two of you chasing me and chilling.

     Yin Zhe Fei picked up the bag still on the sofa and went upstairs, muttering in her mouth. “If she came over, I might as well die…”

     Xiao Mei is also a bit tangled, and if Sister-in-law finds that she has sold Yin Zhe Fei’s photos everywhere, she will definitely kill her.

    “Oh…” Yin Xiaomei suddenly felt that she was better off and died together…

    In the evening, mother called the phone as usual. Xiao Mei grabbed the phone and chatted for a long time before handing the phone to Yin Zhe Fei. Yin Zhe Fei is very calm compared to the younger sister. Yin Zhe Fei is very calm.. “Well, she didn’t watch TV… Ok, I know, I won’t be in love… The exam should be fine… She I can only guarantee that she doesn’t take the penultimate number. After all, she knows her IQ.”

     Xiao Mei looked at him with anger, this bastard, why always insult her mind, although her grades are not good, but no one has ever said that she is a stupid child! She turned to think of Yin Zhe Fei, I am afraid I still don’t know that my nude photos are flying all over the sky, and I have a sullen smile.

     Yin Zhe Fei hung up the phone and saw her smile like an old sorceress, frowning. “Are your brain broken?”

     Xiao Mei immediately picked up the sofa cushion and yelled at him!

    She thought with enthusiasm, no wonder this guy has no girlfriend! If any girl knows how to get along with him, and this kind of guy who has no morality, except for her Yin Xiaomei, I am afraid no one can restrain him!

     Xiao Mei couldn’t help but feel worried about Yin Zhe Fei’s future wife.

    However, she began to snicker again, if it is Sister-in-law, or Yin Zhe Fei is more disadvantaged!


    At the end of the final exam, Xiao Mei took a sigh of relief. When she came out of the examination room, she took YuanYuan to go shopping. Yin Zhe Fei’s photo earned her own money. She could buy some keychains she liked.

    She was excited because she finally got rid of the exam. After running, Song Yuan Yuan kept groaning. “I am sure that my question is wrong. I don’t know if the final result is about to be divided! It should be written. All right…”

    “YuanYuan!” Yin Xiaomei loudly, “I have already finished the exam, you will spare me!” She was talking, and she had no brains and bumped into a person.

    “Be careful,” the mellow male voice came, with a strange tone in his voice. Xiao Mei looked up and saw a tall, unusual brown-haired man in front of him, from the green eyes of the emerald to the deep facial features, all showing the alien identity of the coming.

    “Hey?” The tall man and Yin Xiaomei have big eyes and small eyes.

    “Xiao Mei, is a foreigner!” Song Yuan Yuan quickly seized the opportunity to exercise English.. “Hey, howareyou?” Wow, the man in front of me is so handsome, she has never seen such a handsome foreigner, it is just the sun. God Apollo has reincarnate.

    “Nottoobad.” The man’s eyes stared at Yin Xiaomei and replied softly.

     Song Yuan Yuan is suddenly cold and finished, this is the most sure question for her English exam! Why didn’t he say “Fine, thankyou”? She hurriedly flipped through the English book in her hand and eagerly tried to prove that this foreigner didn’t learn English well.

    “What is your name?” His Chinese is fluent, though with an accent. In his green eyes, this girl like a doll is reflected.

     Xiao Mei has no reason to panic, tough. “Who are you Ah, why should I tell you!” Damn, this foreigner looks too good, her tone is a bit fierce!

    He laughed. “Sorry, younglady, I should introduce myself first. My name is VincentBlack. My name is Yunxin. Can you tell me your name now?” His English has a strong British taste, but This Xiao Mei can’t be heard. Whether he is behaving or talking, he is too elegant. At first glance, he is educated from a young age and has a good temperament.

    “ ei…I…” Xiao Mei paused and tried to think back to the English name that the English teacher gave me. “My name is Fiona!”

    “Fiona? Beautiful and awkward woman.” The man smiled and raised his eyebrows. “This name is very suitable for you.” The girl in front, the familiar facial features, the familiar look, everything is like the rebellious person of the year. .

     Yin Xiaomei was a little uneasy. She muttered a few words and grabbed Song Yuan Yuan, who was buried in the book, and ran away. Until she went far, she looked back and the tall man stared at her in the same place.

     Ei… It’s a weird feeling Ah! Xiao Mei is a little scared of him, but feels that he is very kind and familiar.

    Of course, the main reason is that he is really handsome Ah!

    This is the real handsome guy, Yin Zhe Fei can only go to sweep the street with him, she did not sullenly licking the irritating poison tongue man, completely did not pay attention to the man’s gaze deep behind.

    When the profiter Yin Xiaomei realized that the business opportunity had come back and planned to take pictures of him by camera, he had already left.

    Hey, Xiao Mei feels sorry for the camera, this may be better than the price of Yin Zhe Fei!

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