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Only MTL by Google Translate, I’m a bit interest in it lately. so I want to Experiment it in this novel. Sorry if it not comfortable to read. 🙂 I’ll Fix it later when I have more free time,

my English is bad so XD I think I can read it smoothly I just need to ignore a few words and jump to the next sentence, and it doesn’t change the storyline.
if you want better MTL, tell me, when you find “Some word” that possible it is “Name/ Idiom”, I’ll fix it ASAP


Chapter 19 Wear

  “Come here! Yin Zhe Fei’s nude version is the latest version! The last time I didn’t buy it, I have to cheer up! The home uniform school uniform sportswear has everything, and the beautiful man falls asleep &… Oh, older sister, you are hurting me!” Yin Xiaomei stood in the middle of a group of crazy high school girls, yelling at the schoolbag, “Give money and take photos again! Naked 30 yuan, Ah! older sister Don’t scratch me!”

    Wow, high school girl has a lot of pocket money, it is best to lie, she is divided into photos, and the small hand to grasp the money is even more unwelcome.

    At this time, there is a girl blushing.. ” Xiao Mei Ah, the underwear you said last time…”

    “I’m having trouble with Ah on Ah ” girl. “I’m saying that I’ve brought one, but I haven’t been here yet! It’s been a long time.”

     Xiao Mei immediately forehead sweating, she quickly smiled ︰ “is not good Xiao Mei, next time, next time there will be, and I’ll take the latest nude Yin Zhe Fei to.” Well, it must be recent Yin Zhe Fei What was noticed, his wardrobe was locked, and the underwear was only the dirty underwear that was replaced by the bathroom. If she stole it, it would be too obvious. She is also very scratched in the face of such a “financial crisis.”

    “ Xiao Mei?” A strange male voice came, scaring everyone to jump, and the girls who were guilty of guilty thoughts were instantly made to be birds and beasts, leaving only Xiao Mei alone.

    “ Ah! Big Brother Zhang!” Xiao Mei was scared by his face and began to sift unconsciously. She secretly swears that her psychological quality is not hard enough Ah! At that moment she thought it was Yin Zhe Fei!

    “What are you doing here?” Zhang Xian went to her suspiciously. “What are the girls doing? I heard you say the name of A Fei.” He saw a group of girls screaming there, thinking that it was Which superstar is coming.

    “I, I just came to see. I think the big brother is going to take the exam, come over and see.” She was incoherent.

    “Are you on holiday?”

    “Yeah, it’s Ah, it’s a holiday…” Xiao Mei, though lacking in strength, looked at Zhang Xian’s eyes but was very clear. She stared at her big eyes. “Go to a big brother and go to school Ah.”

     Zhang Xian was disgusted by her numbness. “I don’t come to school, can I teach? A Fei is still early in school, you should go back first.”

    “Okay! No problem!” Xiao Mei was completely unconcerned, as if he had obtained an amnesty order, “rustling” suddenly disappeared.

     Zhang Xian frowned at her distant figure and was about to go back and found a photo paper on the ground. He walked over and picked it up, only to see it on the photo paper. The big collection of beautiful male orangutans – the price of 20 yuan.

    Turning over the photos, it was a scene of their basketball team gathering together.

     Zhang Xian stared at the photo incredulously for a long time. “Rely! Actually, I am so ugly!”


     Yin Xiaomei has been awaiting for a few days, and after discovering that Yin Zhe Fei has nothing wrong with her, she is alive again. Not only did he not converge, but he continued to move his panties.

    However, the girls did not understand her difficulties at all. After buying the photos, everyone has already complained deeply.” “ Xiao Mei Ah, you always say next time, next time, Ah!”

    “That is, no other things to steal from his underwear can come out Ah!”

    “Like his scarf!”

    “It’s so romantic to Ah! Scarf, I remember he has a brown plaid scarf.”

    “Right, he is around the scarf, and he is so gentle!”

    “Is it?” The nice male voice with an infinite chill came in and suddenly came in. Everyone was quiet and slowly turned back – I saw Yin Zhe Fei with a sly smile on his face, looking at them “gently”.

    “ Ah ——!” The sharp scream spread throughout A, and the girls ran like a ghost. Yin Xiaomei, the initiator of the incident, also worked hard to become a small beggar, trying to sneak along the corner.

    “Stand up.” Yin Zhe Fei whispered.

     Xiao Mei suddenly stiff in there, she turned and saw Yin Zhe Fei’s face is never gentle smile, almost scared to limp in the corner ︰ “big brother big brother big brother ……” she was shaking For a long time, I can’t speak.

    “You are giggling, is it going to lay eggs?” Yin Zhe Fei approached her and was joking. He is very concerned about her, and his hand is a nude. “Is this your photo?”

     Xiao Mei almost shakes his head.. “Not me!”

    “Oh? Is it Aunt Chun?” He is still so gentle.

    “No…no, not Aunt Chun…” Xiao Mei looked at him pitifully, trying to soften the man in front of him. “I don’t know anything. This photo is for someone else to ask me to sell.”

    “It turned out that someone else wants you to sell Ah!” He still smiled.

    “Yes…this is it!”

    “Yin Xiaomei!” The sudden screaming scared Xiao Mei almost did not cry. “Do you dare to give me a gibberish here?! Zhang Bo said, what happened to your underwear? Is it someone who gave it to you? You don’t want to say that I am sleeping to give my underwear. Yours!”

     Yin Zhe Fei has never said so many words, and the expression of anger is even more so that Yin Xiaomei is scared. She also tries to pretend to be pitiful. “The big big brother… This is a misunderstanding…”

    “Misunderstanding?” He smirked and laughed. He grabbed Yin Xiaomei’s schoolbag and picked her up and strode home.

    “Big big brother, you have to go to class!” She reminded her with tears.

    “Let’s class?” He picked her up. “There is such a younger sister selling my nude photos behind you. Do you ask me to go to class?”

    Yin Xiaomei, who was shaking into a ball, finally knew that this time it was finished.

    “Hey, save Ah! Abduct children! Help Ah!” She was dying and crying.

    “You dare to call!” Yin Zhe Fei’s fierce eyes slammed her down, little brat immediately slammed.

    In the small French-style building of the Yin family, the little girl screamed in amazement, so that everyone who heard it was worried about whether it was playing a terrible tragedy. In fact, it is almost the same as the tragedy – Yin Zhe Fei’s big palm greeted Yin Xiaomei’s little butt, and took a look at it.

     Achun was frightened and watched. I didn’t understand what was happening. I just stumbled and persuaded. “Less… young master, have something to say, don’t hit the child Ah!”

    However, Yin Zhe Fei listened to this, but played even more.

    “Yin Zhe Fei! Your death! You son of a bitch!” Xiao Mei was hit was screaming again and again, he did not forget to curse at her ruthless big brother.

    After finishing her little ass, Yin Zhe Fei pushed her to the ground, and turned to pick up her little bag and took all the photos and money.

    “Ah Ah Ah! Damn! I’m back!” Xiao Mei attend to pain in the ass, quickly pounced to, Yin Zhe Fei will improve, but only bags, you easily avoid her “surprise.”

    “How, still don’t give up?” He looked at her little face with tears in her eyes. Suddenly, she regretted it. I just played too much. I really only used half of my strength, but this nasty guy is a little after all. girl.

    “You hit and hit, at least give me the money!” Xiao Mei immediately gave in, and made a pitiful look by the way, the round eyes of the water are the same as the little milk dog, Ah.

    “Well, since I am selling my photos, the money should be returned to me.” He naturally smiled and put the money in his pocket. Achun, who was on the side, saw the photos in his hand and couldn’t help but probe and think clearly.

    “Aunt Chun!” He greeted with a cold face. Achun immediately touched his nose if nothing happened. “That, I am going to cook, you talk slowly.”

     Xiao Mei is angry and sad.. “You are not reasonable!”

    “Yes, I am not reasonable!” Yin Zhe Fei looked at the fierce light, “So now, you go to the corner for half an hour, reflect!”

    “I don’t want! You abuse the child!” She screamed immediately. It’s too unfair to try to beat her ass, but it’s too unfair, not to mention her ass is really hurt Ah!

    “You don’t have the right to say no! Mom and Dad are not at home, I will teach you for them – you are a spoiled guy!” He took her to the corner. “Still stand for 30 minutes, or hit another 30 times. You Choose your own!”

     Xiao Mei has a shell, she has never seen Yin Zhe Fei so angry, she has to bite her lip and slowly turn to the wall.

    For the first time in her life, she tasted the taste of eating!

    In the middle Achun came out several times and saw Xiao Mei standing in the corner with pity, could not help but beg for her, and Yin Zhe Fei said very indifferently. “She only stood for twenty minutes.”

    The tall young man sitting on the sofa, the grievances that have been stagnation in his heart have been evacuated, and his lips are lifted. However, when I saw the small figure in the corner, I finally couldn’t help but say at 25 points. “Okay, come back.”

     Xiao Mei turned and glared at him, and the gnashing teeth looked like a kitten that had been irritated, and he would pounce on him at any time!

    “Come and eat.” Yin Zhe Fei sat down at the dinner table and moved the chopsticks gracefully. Today there is Aunt Chun’s best boiled fish, which is to calm the soul of this little thing. He couldn’t help but think that this guy is annoying, but his popularity is not bad Ah!

    Although Yin Xiaomei, who has always been very self-confident, disdains to have a table with him, the aroma of boiled fish makes her unable to refuse.

    I have eaten Yin Zhe Fei and went back to the room to prepare for tomorrow’s exam. Yin Xiaomei still has tears on her face, and her ass is still burning. Damn, she still thought he was quite good. After all, he helped her make so much money, but today’s thing is really mad at her! She has never been so embarrassed. Yin Xiaomei’s little fist was tight, and it was like Achun’s expression that the strong man’s broken wrist was so scared.

    Day Ah! When will Mrs. Yin and Mrs. Chang Mei come back Ah, the smell of gunpowder between the two children is getting stronger!


     Zhang Xian learned that Yin Zhe Fei’s nude photos were sold all over the sky, almost no smile. “She is really daring Ah, actually dare to get your head, this is really famous. I can’t believe, some people are willing to buy Your underwear? Hahaha…”

    “Shut up!” Yin Zhe Fei frowned. “Since you are so happy, I might as well tell you a good news. Lu Qianqian has to transfer to school next semester.”

     Zhang Xian’s face suddenly froze. “What are you talking about?! She is coming?! Why? Day Ah, the mother orangutan… what to do, let’s call the police!”

    “You are crazy!” Yin Zhe Fei bit his teeth, I didn’t expect that so many years have passed, my friends’ fear of her is still increasing. “We pretend not to know her, isn’t it? Back, she feels boring, herself. Go back!”

    “What if she thinks it is interesting?” Zhang Xian didn’t realize how much Yin Zhe Fei’s proposal was.

    “That…” Yin Zhe Fei’s gaze suddenly looked at Zhang Xian with great sincerity. He put his hand on his shoulder. “To one, we are good brothers!”

    “You are coming!” Zhang Xian patted his hand like an electric shock. “You spare me! This time you should go into battle yourself!”

    Yin Zhe Fei, who was rejected, sighed. He always felt that his life, although not perfect, was definitely not tragic, but God probably thought that his life was too good, and sent two live treasures to torture him. .

    These two women, especially Yin Xiaomei, the dead child, when will it no longer appear in his life Ah!
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