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Only MTL by Google Translate, I’m a bit interest in it lately. so I want to Experiment it in this novel. Sorry if it not comfortable to read. 🙂 I’ll Fix it later when I have more free time,

my English is bad so XD I think I can read it smoothly I just need to ignore a few words and jump to the next sentence, and it doesn’t change the storyline.
if you want better MTL, tell me, when you find “Some word” that possible it is “Name/ Idiom”, I’ll fix it ASAP


Chapter 20 Returning

     Yin Zhe Fei’s high school class is extremely heavy, and even if he is a genius, he has to spend a lot of time to learn. Yin Xiaomei is different. They have basically no homework in primary school. Moreover, Lu Qianqian’s camera was confiscated by Yin Zhe Fei, so she is infinitely troubled and bored.

    To be honest, she likes the feeling of taking pictures. Now she even knows how to pay attention to light, angle and character posture. Even the selection can be done with ease. Yin Zhe Fei’s very good looks can make her take the 12 The feeling of points, coupled with her meticulous selection, each one is a classic in the classic.

    Although she feels that this man is not likable, she just can’t take photos that are distorted by angle problems and show them to others. After all, she also has professional ethics. Why didn’t the sand pig understand?

    However, Xiao Mei began to work hard to make a plaque at home, not mentioning the camera. Lu Qianqian shouted grievances in the back, so she soon received a more upscale camera!

    The new camera is much better than the previous one in terms of performance and lightness, but Xiao Mei still feels very uncomfortable. This day, she was playing with a new camera in the room, and she heard the phone downstairs ringing. Xiao Mei immediately flew down the stairs and rushed to grab the phone.. “mother!”

    “Bonsoir, babe.” Chang Mei’s gentle voice came, letting the little brat of this head immediately shed tears.

    ” mother , mother , when are you coming back Ah , Xiao Mei , I miss you Ah … mother is not bullying Xiao Mei Ah in the big brother … oh … ” She was wronged at Yin Zhe Fei on the one hand I haven’t seen my mother for a long time, and I cry so badly.

    “Oh, Xiao Mei, don’t cry, how does the big brother bully you? With mother, mother goes back and says him!” Chang Mei listened to her daughter’s crying and her heart was soft.

     Xiao Mei is still screaming, oh, it seems that every thing is said that she is more disadvantaged Ah, she has to avoid it and lightly.. “Anyway, come back soon… Xiao Mei wants mother to come back with Xiao Mei to play.”

    “Okay, mother, the game is over! It’s a gold medal. Go back to Xiao Mei to see the big trophy. It’s beautiful!”

     Yin Xiaomei promised, but my heart is full of envy, mother is really good Ah, and she will dance and play movies. In contrast, she is really a bit too good! Xiao Mei suddenly felt that she should also learn something, and to show off her children in the future! Ah!

    “Mother gave Xiao Mei a present, now it’s time to go outside, Xiao Mei is not going to see it?”

    gift? Xiao Mei, once holding a telephone, dragged a long telephone line behind her to open the door.

    “ Xiao Mei !” The woman outside the door was wearing a honey-colored trench coat, her hair was holding an elegant hair bun, and she held a delicate trophy in her hand, giving her a loving smile. Even the Madonna in the church is just like this!

    “Mother!” Xiao Mei stunned, suddenly dropped the phone, hugged her mother’s slender legs and burst into tears. “How did mother, mother come back Ah…”

     Chang Mei smiled and slammed her.. “Hey baby, mother, isn’t this coming back?”

    At this time Yin Zhe Fei also heard the movement, immediately ran downstairs, saw Xiao Mei only holding Chang Mei crying, silently walked over to help the mother to carry the big bag of luggage back into the house.

    “Mom, I won’t say anything when I come back. I should pick you up.” He frowned. “The road is going well!”

    “Everything goes well! Champion!” Chang Mei, holding her crying daughter, smiled very happy. “I am anxious to come back to Ah, Achun said that you and Xiao Mei are fighting at home every day. I will not come back. You will definitely “Take the roof off.” She teased the little girl in her arms. “Xiao Mei, let me say, did you do anything that made the big brother angry?”

    “ Xiao Mei didn’t!” She hurriedly denied it, and at the same time stunned Yin Zhe Fei.

     Yin Zhe Fei was dumbfounded by her poor appearance, calmly said. ” Xiao Mei is very awkward.”

    “Yes? Well, I will say Xiao Mei is a very awkward child.” She put Xiao Mei on the sofa and dragged her suitcase. “Mother, I brought a lot of gifts back to you.”

     Xiao Mei looks at her mother. Like a fairy in a fairy tale, she turns out all kinds of toys and handkerchiefs and surprises her. The gift of Yin Zhe Fei is a pair of Dior shoes. Xiao Mei saw that her gift was worth more than Yin Zhe Fei, and her heart immediately balanced.

    “Thank you mom,” he took the shoes and put them on for his mother. In fact, he is not very cold with things in Europe and America, and it is a bit weird to wear such shoes at school. It is not convenient to play basketball.

    “That’s great!” Chang Mei is very happy, “Zhe Fei wears this very nice.”

     Xiao Mei snorted. “Mother, Xiao Mei also changed clothes for you!”

     Yin Zhe Fei squinted at her, this guy, will never forget to compete with him, the monopoly is too strong.

    At night when my mother came back, the atmosphere was undoubtedly very peaceful. Achun did stay up all night, and the two children stayed with her mother for a good night.

    However, it didn’t last long. Xiao Mei just slept with her mother for two nights. Yin Ruoji, who knew the wife’s return home, immediately flew back. Yin Xiaomei was once again thrown out because of the problem of “mating”.

    The gift that Dad gave her is a thick “Philosophy and Self-cultivation”. Xiao Mei only thinks that such a big brick is used to count Yin Zhe Fei.

    However, Yin Zhe Fei couldn’t wait to get into the room after reading the book.

    At this time, Chang Mei was in Yin Ruoji’s arms, and happiness said: “It’s good, my husband will actually come back to accompany me.” She kissed Yin Ruoji’s chest and smiled sweetly. However, Yin Ruoji is determined to be ecstatic, as if something is deeply distressed.

    “Husband?” Without his response, Chang Mei got up. “What happened?”

     Yin Ruoji reacted, he gently held his wife. “Nothing, thinking about business.”

    “You, you are too busy, you have to rest now, what’s the matter tomorrow?” She massaged his temples with distressed eyes, long hair squatting on his chest.

    “Ami…” He took her hand and looked at her seriously. “Don’t leave me forever, let me take care of you forever.”

    “Okay,” Chang Mei smiled and poked his head. “How come suddenly so strange, I must rely on you forever, you are leaving me, I will be stalking you!”


    Holidays are always short-lived, not to mention an oversized “surprise” waiting. Yin Zhe Fei feels like she just slept, and the new semester has arrived. Xiao Mei is playing dizzy every day. Naturally, I feel that time flies too fast. Although I started a lot late than Yin Zhe Fei, I only want to be a holiday every day.

    At the beginning of the new semester, a “heavyweight” student was ushered in the entire A.

    She is really heavyweight. Every step is like a tremor in the earth. Everyone thinks that Godzilla, who is covered in pink fabric, ran from the United States. Lu Qianqian’s eyes were squeezed into two seams by the flesh of his face, and he looked coldly at the frightened classmates.

     Zhang Xian has begun to tremble, he grabbed his teammates. “No… don’t let her see me…”

    Day Ah, they are not afraid of the captain who will not be so weak when Ah! The people of the basketball team face each other, and they are awe-inspiring to this woman, who is a woman.

    “Zhang ~ Xiang ~ a ~!” Can be compared to the opening of a slap in the same breath, the resounding voice echoed on the basketball court, so that everyone who heard it has a feeling of instant petrification. Lu Qianqian shouted with a smile. “I saw you! Tibetan cats are games for kids~”

    The teammates quietly spread out, revealing Zhang Xian, who had nowhere to hide. He cursed his friend’s betrayal and stood up with a wink. No one would believe it. This is the “bandit” that made all the bad teenagers around. “.

    The teammate couldn’t help but say. “Boss, this woman, who is Ah!”

    Zhang Xian, who was shaking, didn’t have time to say anything. Lu Qianqian had already announced his identity aloud—“I am Yin Zhe Fei, female! Peng! Friends!”

    Hey -! Everyone has grown up! No wonder Yin Zhe Fei has been reluctant to find a girlfriend. It turns out that his taste is so unique Ah! Such a woman, really is not the average person can control it!

    At the same time, Xiao Mei’s class also ushered in a new class teacher, everyone is morally high. However, the unfortunate thing is that Mao Ruiying is still their language teacher, and Lin Diyi’s language scores can only barely maintain around 95 points.

    She doesn’t care.. “It doesn’t matter Ah, I know that I can answer well, isn’t this unexpected?”

     Yin Xiaomei feels that this is really unfair to Lin Diyi. It should be told that the owl should be a big-character poster. After all, her performance is not good, and the difference is not worse. Gao Yu.

    However, when it comes to Gao Yu, Laura Teacher announced a major event at the beginning of the semester. Gao Yu’s “鹌鹑” won the gold medal in the National Painting and Calligraphy Competition. The main judge of the organizing committee also specially called the school. Come, said that his small age paintings are accompanied by the forbearance of adults and the criticism of the secular, which is quite a good seedling.

    The headmaster quickly opened the grade meeting, focusing on Gao Yu.

    This is the first time Gao Yu has stood on the stage of honor, speaking as an example. However, his gaze is like brushing water for everyone, without any waves. “I don’t feel excited about the painting winning,” he paused. “Because this is what I deserve.”

    When the arrogant words came out, everyone immediately whispered.

    “But I want to thank a person,” his eyes crossed Yin Xiaomei, but they fell in the front row. “It’s my class teacher, Shen Huijun Teacher. She gave me this opportunity and let my ability be Everyone saw it.”

    “Laura Teacher, Laura Teacher!” Everyone looked forward to the beautiful figure in front, excited.

     Yin Xiaomei has recovered from her surprise. At that moment, she thought he would mention himself! Scared her!

     Gao Yu has become a man of the school for a time, and his handsome and pale appearance has begun to attract growing girls. Xiao Mei felt that she had finally done a good job. After all, Gao Yu no longer had to endure the endless bullying, and the boys began to be willing to contact him.

    “God takes away your talent on the one hand and will certainly compensate on the other hand, so never complain, but discover.”

    This is a sentence that Dad gave her a title page. Xiao Mei feels that it is more appropriate to use it here.

    In fact, she only looked at the title page.

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