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Only MTL by Google Translate, I’m a bit interest in it lately. so I want to Experiment it in this novel. Sorry if it not comfortable to read. 🙂 I’ll Fix it later when I have more free time,

my English is bad so XD I think I can read it smoothly I just need to ignore a few words and jump to the next sentence, and it doesn’t change the storyline.
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Chapter 21

Lu Qianqian officially replaced Zhang Xian Yi and became a street tyrant. When she first shot, the other boss didn’t take her seriously, but she quickly found them to find their teeth. Zhang Xian officially entered a period of weakness, and there has been no tendency to firm up. Even worse, Lu Qianqian actually stayed at his home! Yao’s reason is very good. “It’s not safe to live a girl outside!”

    Is she not safe? ! She will only make others unsafe! Who can make her unsafe? Goras, father?

     Yin Zhe Fei is still better, as long as Lu Qianqian does not desperately wink his eyes, he can still be strong for a day.

     Lu Qianqian quickly won the respect of the boys in the school by her iron fist. But at the same time, she often became the girlfriend of Yin Zhe Fei and became the public enemy of the girls in the school.

    It is puzzling that Yin Zhe Fei never denied that she was his girlfriend. The girls are simply too incomprehensible. Is the beautiful boy a psychological shadow when he was a child, or is it a long time with Zhang Xian to become rough and rough, how can he like such a girl?

    In fact, Yin Zhe Fei did not deny the reason, just because he knew that denial was useless. If it was useful, he would have gotten rid of this monster!

    Speaking of it, Lu Qianqian is his savior and Zhang Xian. Of course, “life-saving” is a bit exaggerated. Yin Zhe Fei and Zhang Xian are still playing with their parents when they are in Xiaomao. I don’t know how to fight with the gangsters, and the result is smashed into two palettes. Lu Qianqian of the female King Kong escaped from the two, and the two will die very badly.

    Although the grace of dripping water is reported by the spring, they are really “flushing”…

    The two habits of Lu Qianqian’s rebellious guys became a group, and the lunch that the three people spent together every day was even more bleak. Zhang Xian Every time I have to watch Lu Qianqian picking his own meat to Yin Zhe Fei, then Yin Zhe Fei will silently pull the meat back.

    Some vicious girls talked a lot. “This woman is so shameless Ah, stalking A Fei.”

    “It’s Ah, it looks like a pig, but it’s a good idea to stick to A Fei!”

    “She shouldn’t force A Fei to be her boyfriend. You can’t beat Zhang Xian.”

     Every time Lu Qianqian heard this, she would look awkward, but she quickly recovered what she didn’t care about. Fortunately, she constantly hinted that she would be a girl of Yin Zhe Fei and would endure other girls. Hey.

    However, her good temper turned into a kind of bullying in the eyes of these vicious girls. Their ridicules became more and more excessive, from the voice of her speech, to her dressing, to her low scores. All have become the targets of their attacks. Every time Zhang Xian hears this, he will go back with more ugly words, and Yin Zhe Fei, although he doesn’t like Lu Qianqian, is also disgusted with the viciousness of these girls.

     Lu Qianqian’s repeated tolerance made the girls who were bored and looked at her dissatisfied with the illusion. One of the girls who came to A by walking the back door had more contacts with the people in the society. I said disdainfully. Fight? I think it’s all deceptive!”

    On this day, Lu Qianqian returned to his seat and saw a note appearing inside. She stunned and silently closed.

    In the evening, Zhang Xian urged impatiently. “Lu Qianqian, what are you waiting for, still not packed?”

     Lu Qianqian looked at him, very seriously. “You go back first! I have something to deal with.”

    “Things?” Zhang Xian looked at her in a scrutiny. “You are not going to fight again!”

    “Of course not, I am going to buy something for girl.” She found that her tone was a bit strange, and she quickly made an exhilarating look. Zhang Xian is suspicious. “Well, then you go back early, mother can wait for us to eat!”

    The sunset at dusk through the clouds, the blood of the Western sky is bloody, Lu Qianqian went to the alley in the note, there have been five or six girls, the girl who saw the first came to her, frowned. “Hey! You I’m late.”

    “If I don’t wait a little longer, Zhang Xian will come together.” Her voice was hoarse, completely different from the usual sharp voice.

    The girl knows the strength of Zhang Xian, no longer speaks, goes straight to the subject. “You will be a little further away from Yin Zhe Fei.”

    “If you can win me, I will promise you. But if you lose, don’t interfere with me.” She was sullen and her fists were tight.

    The girl sneered. “Lu Qianqian, you shouldn’t be really stupid enough to think I will fight with you!” Several girls around her also showed a sardonic smile. Lu Qianqian saw a group of boys, carrying a stick, and the bottle came out from the end of the street.

     Lu Qianqian’s face was cold, but there was no fear. She threw down her bag and pulled a long baseball bat from it and shouted and rushed up.

    She hangs on her body, but she doesn’t care. In her many years of taekwondo practice, the injury is inevitable. Once again, her arm is swollen like a hoe, and she has nothing to do with it. Moreover, as long as she wins this time, she can win the opportunity to stay with Yin Zhe Fei. Therefore, she did not feel soft, every stick went down, and she was both accurate and embarrassed. At the beginning, she was still very arrogant, and finally she gradually changed her face.

    The boys were lying on the ground, but Lu Qianqian didn’t have a good time. She had a stick on her head. It was very dizzy, and her eyes were swollen and she looked very funny. However, she is still step by step, going to the girl.

    “You…what do you want to do…” The girl finally felt scared. This woman was a madman. She really struggled to fight.

    “Remember what you said, I won, you don’t want to interfere with me!” She spit out these words and turned away.

    When Yao Wei saw the slender look, she almost didn’t faint. She quickly pulled her to the sofa.. “What’s wrong with you, make yourself like this! Day Ah, I promised you mother, take care of you. Ah, you kid…”

    “What happened?” Zhang Xian came out of the room and saw Lu Qianqian who had swollen into a pig’s head.

    Yao Wei immediately found the object of venting. “You see, what happened, how did the fiber hurt like this! I said that you should take care of her.”

    However, Zhang Xian was even more surprised than Yao Wei. His voice suddenly became cold. “Who did it?”

    “I don’t need you to control,” she frowned. “I have already done it.” She looked at Zhang Xian firmly, repeating it, “handled.”

     Zhang Xian looked at the girl in front of her, and suddenly there was a strange feeling. Maybe she is no longer talking in such a strange voice, maybe it is the strongness revealed in her eyes. Zhang Xianyi, who has always been five big and three thick, actually has a feeling of moving. He knows that she must have done this for Yin Zhe Fei. Wolverine, but in order to maintain her dignity, he finally did not say anything.

    “Mom, since the fiber is fine, let’s go, let’s go eat.”

    “What’s okay, you see her hurt…”

    “Mom!” Zhang Xian’s tone revealed a full insistence, “Let’s go eat.”

    Yao Yi stunned, this only understood the meaning of his son, sighed, did not speak more. Lu Qianqian Although her head hurts like a crack, my heart is beautiful. After all, she took another step forward, isn’t she? However, Zhang Xian looked at her secretly happy look, but her heart was very heavy.

    The next day, two people went to school together and went to the school gate. They saw Hu Fei look nervously and came out. When they saw Lu Qianqian, he seemed to be relieved.. ” Ah! Sister-in-law, you come. “He strode forward.” “Sister-in-law, have you had breakfast? I will buy it for you.”

     Lu Qianqian lowered his head, afraid that he would see the wound on his face. “No, I have eaten.”

    “Hey, Sister-in-law.” Hu Fei still stood in front of her. “Would you like to eat more?”

     Zhang Xian I am already impatient.. “Beard, what are you doing, we will be late if we don’t go in class.”

     Hu Fei hardened the scalp.. “Boss, wait a second, wait a minute…” How should he explain Ah, and now the entire classroom and corridor are covered with various big-character newspapers insulting Lu Qianqian, Yin Zhe Fei is almost mad Crazy, he has never seen the face of the man so angry, now he and Qin Yuan are clearing the colorful paper, he was sent to intercept Lu Qianqian.

    However, unknown so Lu Qianqian or heels and walked to where ︰ “You guys, if I’m late, be sure to beat you.” She was barely clinging to their own lively pitched voice, mind blowing ominous feeling. Hu Fei was anxious to scratch her head, but she did not know how to stop her. She could only hope that Yin Zhe Fei and Qin Yuan would be able to pull off the broken paper.

    But left and stopped, Lu Qianqian still saw it. She looked at the overwhelming dirty words and only felt her eyes hurt.

     Yin Zhe Fei noticed her arrival, suddenly stunned, holding a bunch of paper in her hand, not knowing what to say. The next second, Lu Qianqian has gone crazy to the next class, she knows who did it, she wants to kill the woman who is not trustworthy.

    The girl was laughing proudly in the classroom with her friends. Lu Qianqian had rushed in like the wind. She flipped over her desk and shouted. “Why! I have won!”

    If it wasn’t for Zhang Xian to catch her in time, she had to rush to pick up the girl.

    “Why! Why do you still have to do this kind of thing, I have won!” She wants to go to the girl!

    “I just can’t understand that you always stick Yin Zhe Fei. Do you think A Fei will look at you like this… This kind of thing?” The arrogant girl was sure that she didn’t dare to mess around at school. .

     Lu Qianqian’s brain seemed to burst open, and she still had something to lick, but she felt that the scorpion seemed to be blocked, and she couldn’t make a sound. Her eyes were blurred and blurred until she fell. . Everyone was quiet at once, they never thought that Lu Qianqian would cry too.

    “You are not enough!” Yin Zhe Fei walked in with a calm face and stood in front of Lu Qianqian, blocking the eyes of a group of spectators. “I never beat a woman, but you should not force me any more.”

    The girl was shocked.. “A Fei, why do you want to talk to her, don’t you hate her, she is so ugly, why do you want to defend her!”

    “You shut up!” Yin Zhe Fei’s chest was angered and hurt. “I don’t like her, but she is my friend. If you insult my friend, I won’t forgive you!”

    “She, she is simply a disgusting pig…” The girl trembled and tried to wake up Yin Zhe Fei’s dislike of Lu Qianqian.

    “You fucking shut up!” Zhang Xian grabbed the white road. “You don’t even have a pig. You paint like a ghost. I don’t want you to vote for you. You thought I was vegetarian.”

    However, Lu Qianqian couldn’t listen anymore. She only felt that her voice was getting more and more serious. She broke Zhang Xian and turned and ran out.

    She always thought that she just had to take the woman around Yin Zhe Fei, as long as she was strong enough, she could stay with her. But she knew that it was just her own inferiority. Yin Zhe Fei didn’t like her, but she was deceiving herself and wanted to catch him.

    However, until today, she only knows how big the gap between them is, how ridiculous she is.

    She ran wildly, tears continued to burst out, she was not strong, she was not strong, her heart was inferior, she had a good hand, there is no place to attract boys, she is really stupid Ah! She felt that her heart hurt as if she had been smashed by a knife, and it hurts more than the physical damage of everything she experienced!

    Although Yin Zhe Fei stood up and defended her, she felt that she was always 癞蛤蟆 Ah when she saw his perfect back, just Yin Zh
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