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Only MTL by Google Translate, I’m a bit interest in it lately. so I want to Experiment it in this novel. Sorry if it not comfortable to read. 🙂 I’ll Fix it later when I have more free time,

my English is bad so XD I think I can read it smoothly I just need to ignore a few words and jump to the next sentence, and it doesn’t change the storyline.
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Chapter 22

     Lu Qianqian sat in the Teacher’s office abruptly and still sobbed. Because it was class time, there was only Laura Teacher in the office. She stared at Lu Qianqian with interest, while the latter just didn’t open her face and didn’t look at her.

    “Just, Xiao Mei said, you are her… Sister-in-law?” She thought it was a little funny, how big is this girl, go to high school. The children are really precocious now!

    However, Lu Qianqian was not sure about this for a long time. She lowered her head and was unwilling to speak.

    Laura’s eyes flashed a little, and she walked over to Lu Qianqian, whispering. “I’m willing to talk to me, maybe I can help you.”

     Lu Qianqian’s gaze crossed her slender wrists, and she couldn’t help but laugh at her. So weak people can help her, but she is really eager to have someone patiently listen to her and share her feelings. The gentle voice and warm aroma of the woman in front of her eyes softened her heart, hesitated for a while, and she finally talked about her own things. Slimming originally thought that those words would be rotten in my heart forever, and no one would be willing to understand. However, once the words started, it would be easier to go down.

    Her father is a master of taekwondo, and her mother is a standard woman. Because her business is busy, she always keeps her husband looking at her daughter. She plays with her father in the Taekwondo Hall and sees a gentle move. I heard the magnificent drink, in her heart, only strong, in order to get what I want. Therefore, she kept working hard to make her father think that she likes martial arts, and she intentionally cultivated her daughter, and let her learn judo and capture. As for Feng Dao, she feels that she has no opinion as long as her daughter likes it.

    Laura sighed, and she took a slender wrist and squeezed it. “People are visual animals. You have to understand that you look at your wrists and the bones are very slender, so at least you have to let yourself slim down first.” And, importantly, be confident and constantly improve yourself.”

     Lu Qianqian listened dumbly, and the woman who seemed to her in the face of weakness was explaining a new field for her, a normal, belonging to a girl.

    When Xiao Mei came to school to find her, Lu Qianqian was no longer in the office. After returning to Zhangjia, Lu Qianqian handled almost all the procedures at the speed of light. Even then, goodbye and Yin Zhe Fei said, they returned to Taipei.

     Yin Xiaomei secretly sighed, this is good, she can continue to sell photos.

    However, Yin Zhe Fei’s mood is very depressed, and there is a feeling of guilt about him that makes him irritated. Yin Xiaomei is very ignorant of not harassing him, seeing his distressed look at the big brother, Xiao Mei can’t help feeling. Losing love is really a terrible thing Ah!

     Zhang Xian’s method is even more extreme. I don’t know what to move, let the school expel the girl. However, even then, he was still angry and felt that Lu Qianqian was treated unfairly.

     Yin Xiaomei couldn’t help but think, Big Brother, you still care about yourself. You thought you sent me to Yin Zhe Fei. I will let you go so easily. You better come back with Zhang Bo. !

    It seems as if everything is going to be settled.

    On this day, Chang Mei returned home early, Yin Ruoji came back to dinner in the evening. She wanted to prepare dinner in advance, and the family could gather together. Achun took a big squid to the scales on the side of the pool, and the two men chatted with each other.

    “叮铃——!” The doorbell suddenly sounded.

    “I am going to open the door.” Achun quickly wiped his hand on the apron and ran out. Chang Mei is very puzzled. Is it that Xiao Mei came back from school earlier?

    At this time, I heard Achun curious. “Miss, who are you looking for Ah?”

     Chang Mei came out, I saw the door stood a very voluptuous woman, his face painted with delicate makeup ︰ “I find Chang Mei madam, Ah, good, you’re at home Ah!” She crossed Achun shoulder to see their The person who was looking for, though smiling like a friendly smile, was alienated, as if with a mask on his face.

     Chang Mei is a bit strange. The woman in front of her eyes is familiar, but she can’t remember where she has seen it.. “Hello, are you?”

    “I am the secretary of Mr. Yin Ruoji, my name is Wen Xuan.” She smiled and reached out to shake hands with Chang Mei.

    Oh, Wen Xuan, Chang Mei, I remembered the secretary next to Yin Ruoji, but as long as she passed, Wen Xuan seemed to be head down. She wondered. “Miss Wen, are you coming?”

     Wen Xuan, like the owner, sat down on the sofa without being invited. She smiled embarrassedly. “It’s rude, but the doctor said, it’s better for pregnant women not to stand too long.”

    “Oh, are you married? Congratulations.” Chang Mei said that she was more surprised by her words.

    “No, I am not married, but this is exactly what I am looking for, because the child in my stomach is Mr. Yin.” She smiled and observed Chang Mei’s reaction.

     Chang Mei’s face was white, and it felt like a bang in his head. She maintained her own calmness and sat down opposite Wen Xuan, faintly asking. “When are you pregnant?”

     Wen Xuan laughed at her fake calm in her heart, and said leisurely. “It was just when Mr. Yin went to Singapore to talk about business. It has been almost two months now.”

    “Then you should go to him instead of coming to me.” Chang Mei looked like a water and stared at her.

    “I will go to him naturally,” Wen Xuan was leisurely and annoyed. “But I want to say hello to you first, and I won’t get it when Mr. Yin and your divorce, you cry again.”

    “The vulgar person often feels that others are as vulgar as he is. This sentence is for you, Miss Wen. Yin Ruoji wants to get divorced, he will come and tell me personally, as for you, when you are not clear who the child is in your stomach. Don’t just look for your child like this.” Chang Mei is not as weak as she looks.

    “You-!” Wen Xuan suddenly angered, she sneered. “I thought madam would say that, hey, this is the paternity test I went to the hospital. If you don’t believe it, take a look.” ”

    “No, I said, go to Yin Ruoji.” Chang Mei pushed away the pages of smudged white paper and looked as usual.

    “You dare not look at it, afraid to read it, you are not so calm now.” Wen Xuan did not expect Chang Mei to be such an attitude, and enjoy the words to anger her, if she can do it, she can just Play a weak side at Yin Ruoji.

    “This lady, you are so shameless, you can’t be so shameless Ah!” Achun, standing aside, couldn’t help but open up. She didn’t have much culture. It was very straightforward to speak.

    “Who are you, a broken Housekeeper, dare to say this to me!” Wen Xuan stood up.

    “Yes, I am a broken Housekeeper, but I can’t do anything like you. You are a lard and dare to come here! Madam has a good temper and doesn’t care about you. I don’t have that good sex. You immediately got out of me!” Achun said, he had picked up the shoes at the door and shouted. “You get out!”

     Wen Xuan took a jump and knew that it would be unhelpful. He grabbed the paper he had thrown on the table and left in a hurry.

    “Hey!” Achun took a sip at her back. Turning around, I saw Chang Mei staying on the sofa and tears left behind. Achun closed the door and sighed and persuaded. “Madam don’t believe in the little goblin, Mr. Yin is definitely not such a person.”

     Chang Mei nodded, but the tears did not stop. She choked. “You go busy, I sit alone for a while.”

    “Oh, okay.” Achun, while looking at Chang Mei, madam seems to be really sad Ah. She carefully handed the paper towel box and turned to the kitchen. But before she grabbed the fish, she rang again and the doorbell rang again.

     Achun was so angry that he picked up the kitchen knife on the chopping board and ran out. “You are a shameless woman, but dare to come back!”

     Chang Mei saw her like this, was shocked, and quickly got up to pull her.

    “You dare to come back! Look at me and kill you!” Achun slammed the door open and scared the man outside the door back two steps.

    “Hey, Lady, calmdown, I am not a bad person.” Yun Xin took a few steps back and stared at Achun’s kitchen knife in horror.

    “Who are you?” Achun suspicion of collecting the kitchen knife, his eyes sternly looked at him, how is a foreigner.

    “My name is Yun Xin, I am looking for Ms. Chang Mei. Is she there?” Yun Xin tried to make a gentle smile and tried to soften the murderers in front of him.

    “I am…” Chang Mei whispered and walked out, her eyes were red and swollen because of tears, and she looked at the man in front of her, and the kindness. “Is there anything you can do with me?”

      Yun Xin looked at the beautiful woman in front of her eyes, but she couldn’t speak for a moment. The woman in front of her eyes, with the classical temperament of the East, and the elegant manners of the West, the clear eyes of the hibiscus, clear and moving, more importantly The familiar facial features made him feel scared. There were tears on her face. What made the beautiful woman sad? He just wanted to go forward and wipe her tears to comfort her.

    “Hey! What the hell are you doing Ah!” Achun’s big face came up in a timely manner. Although this man looks good, but when he looks so obsessed, he knows that it is not a good thing.

      Yun Xin, I just came back, my face suddenly red, and quickly said. “Hello, I am looking for a little girl named Vixen.”

    “Vixen?” Chang Mei said politely. “Sorry, you may have gone wrong.”

    “No, no, I didn’t make a mistake, it’s here. Wait a minute,” he took out a piece of paper from his briefcase. “Her Chinese name is Xiao Mei, I went to Sunshine Orpanage, the dean there. Said, it was adopted by you.”

    “ Xiao Mei ?” Chang Mei snorted. “What are you looking for?”

      Yun Xin knows that there is no wrong place and a smile on his face. “If there is nothing wrong, I am her jealousy.”
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