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Chapter 23 Yun Xin

    “Hey?” Chang Mei stared at the man in front of her eyes with amazement. “You… please come in and talk…”

      Yun Xin sat on the sofa in the living room and explained. “You may not believe it when you say it, but Vixen is really a child of my younger sister. I have 90% confidence in this. I am from England, this is my younger. Sister’s photo.” He handed a picture of a beautiful England girl, the girl above is an England person, but the facial features with some oriental feelings, it seems that there are many similarities with Chang Mei.

    “This is my younger sister, she is a beautiful person, right? We have a good relationship since childhood, but the younger sister is a very rebellious person. She has been reluctant to follow the parents’ arrangements, my parents have a headache. But it is me. A few days before China, younger sister also expressed an unwillingness to come over with me. She said that she also wanted to come to China to study. At that time, my parents and I were very happy and let her come together. But then I realized that she was because I met a Chinese boy and went to China to see him. She just said that she would go out for a walk. I didn’t mind it, just told her to be careful, but then she only left me a letter saying she wants to stay. In China, then disappeared. The later things were very complicated. We almost found her several times. She ran away. Then one day I easily found the boy. He said that my younger sister because He took a sigh of relief and left home when he was angry. He didn’t know her whereabouts.”

    “She died in a car accident.” Chang Mei thought of the materials given by the orphanage.

      Yun Xin looks awkward.. “Yes, I think she is very likely to commit suicide. She has always been a girl who is a bit extreme. Later she went back to find the boy. Because of the disagreement and quarrel, I have no specific details. The law went to speculation. But I didn’t know that she still had a child, and the boy might not know more. Both of them are people with thin sense of responsibility.” He sighed. “It is still younger sister renting a house.” The Lord told me that she had a big stomach for a while, and I wondered if she still had a child, but did not let anyone know.”

    “Then how do you know that the child is Xiao Mei?”

    “I was also skeptical when I saw her that day, but my business in China was over and I couldn’t find her. So this time I made a special trip to China to see her. Please give me a chance to let me see her.” one side.”

    “Sir,” Chang Mei felt that she couldn’t digest this fact. She had already regarded Xiao Mei as her daughter. She never thought she had other relatives. Did God take her husband away and have to take her child again? “Sorry, you said that I can’t believe you. I can’t let you see her because of the safety of the child.” She decided to be selfish, Xiao Mei is her child, another is her, how can she lose herself? Another part of it.

    “Ms. Chang Mei, I can understand your feelings, but I still beg you to give me a chance. I also hope that you can understand the feelings of my parents. They know that they have a granddaughter and they are so excited that they are really crying. They are true. I really want to see Fiona.”

    Yun Xin, Chang Mei was sent away. She was suddenly filled with a kind of fear, a fear of losing everything. Her brain was very chaotic, and she didn’t know where to remember. Achun didn’t dare to say more, and quietly went back to the kitchen to cook.

    “Oh! Yin Zhe Fei, let go!” Xiao Mei’s scream came, and Chang Mei looked up in horror, only to see the tall young girl walking in the hands of a little wild cat.

    “How did I warn you last time, your skin is itchy? Is it an hour! Today, Yin Zhe Fei is angry and angry. I didn’t expect this little thing to be so persistent. I still sell his personal belongings everywhere. It is simply hateful!

    “You bastard! Lao Niang free to help you publicize, you do not thank me! Also bully me!” Xiao Mei is more angry than him.

    “Oh…” The sigh of sighs rang, and the two cock-like guys immediately returned to God.

    “Mom!” Yin Zhe Fei let go of the accident, Xiao Mei immediately fell to the ground, “How come you come back.”

     Xiao Mei is panicking, but she has always been a child in the eyes of her mother. It is not worth it if it breaks down today.

    “I want to come back soon today, and have a reunion dinner with you.” Chang Mei wants to laugh, but just helplessly pulls his lips. Xiao Mei has lived at home for so long, and her relationship with Zhe Fei is so good, she What should I do. And Yin Ruoji, did he really betray her?

    “Mother’s face is not good.” Xiao Mei ran over and took the mother’s face mammoth. How was her mother’s eyes red and red, like crying?

    “ Xiao Mei ……” Chang Mei said, the voice choked. “Mother really didn’t want to leave you…” She hugged the little child, full of disappointment and concern, this is her Child, she believes this is her child.

    “Mother, don’t you Xiao Mei?” Yin Xiaomei had a white face and his voice was full of horror.

    “Mom! What happened!” Yin Zhe Fei quickly came forward to support her mother.

     Chang Mei finally couldn’t help but cry and cry.. “There is a foreigner coming today, saying that it is Xiao Mei’s jealousy, I want to take her back. In fact, when I look at his eyes, I know that there is a blood relationship between them, but…”

    ” Xiao Mei doesn’t leave, Xiao Mei is with mother!” Yin Xiaomei was frightened and said with a dumb voice. “It must be a liar, a liar. Xiao Mei is an orphan. There is no relative at all. Otherwise, how can he come now?” What? He must be a trafficker, look at Xiao Mei, look good, and get back to be a child.”

    “Stupid child, mother can’t bear you, but if he passes the legal channel to verify, I can’t leave you with me.” Chang Mei looked at Xiao Mei and her own little face, more and more sad, she still There are a lot of things that I didn’t do with Xiao Mei. She should take her children to see her parents and give them a surprise. They should take her to the playground during the holiday. They should teach her to dance and make her a good dancer… More importantly, I should spend more time with her, instead of now, as if I had a second or a second.

    “Mom,” Yin Zhe Fei comforted the mother of the six gods. “You don’t worry, wait for Dad to come back. Let’s discuss this with Uncle Zhang.”

    When I heard my son mention Yin Ruoji, Chang Mei couldn’t help but chill. She did not understand the truth of the incident, and she still had doubts about Yin Ruoji. Chang Mei didn’t talk, just nodded. This matter, or wait until everything is clear, then, after all, the son is so adoring his father.

    At night, Yin Ruoji came back and only thought that the family could be described as bleak.

    “How do you frown? Wife.” He went to kiss Chang Mei, but the latter suddenly stood up and said coldly. “I am going to give you a bowl of soup.”

     Yin Ruoji stunned.

    “Dad, Xiao Mei is leaving…” Yin Zhe Fei stood up and talked about the beginning and the end of the matter. “Mom said that the foreigner is not like a deceit, and his appearance is very similar to Xiao Mei. The color of the eyelids.”

     Yin Ruoji pondered a bit. From the normal legal process, they want to keep Xiao Mei without a chance. He looked at the little brat that pitifully blinked at him, how could he not feel soft and not in love?

    A dinner was extremely heavy, and everyone was worried about it and frowned. After dinner, Chang Mei returned to the room early, Yin Ruoji followed, leaving only Yin Zhe Fei and Yin Xiaomei, as if they should quarrel, but they could not argue.

    “I will let you go this time.” Yin Zhe Fei spit out such a sentence.

    “Cut, who is rare!” Yin Xiaomei rolled her eyes.

    “The mouth is hard, the last time I didn’t cry and kill the pig.” He laughed at her.

    “That is to highlight your crimes and give you a sense of accomplishment.” She is not to be outdone.

     Yin Zhe Fei is hard to repay, and both people feel that such a quarrel is too nutritious. Yin Zhe Fei looked at the little girl in front of her eyes. When she first came, she was as thin as a kitten. Although she was very lively, she often showed fear and fear in her eyes. However, it is now completely fearless. The little things that are not afraid of the land are too high. He can always see some young boys out of school wanting to act as flower ambassadors. If she is older, she will become a man’s poison. Just don’t know if he can still see it as a big brother!

     Little brat Look at the handsome young man in front of you, don’t twist. “If Xiao Mei is gone, he will come back to see you.”

    “You want to come back and take photos to make money!” Yin Zhe Fei couldn’t help but poke her.

    “You are a vicious sand pig!” Yin Xiaomei screamed and almost wanted to insert chopsticks into his nostrils.


     Chang Mei went back to the room and looked a bit stunned. She heard Yin Ruoji’s voice coming into the room, and she couldn’t help but feel nervous. She didn’t think about how to face him.

    “What’s wrong?” He hugged her from behind. “It’s weird when I eat today.”

    “I’m fine,” she broke him, not wanting to see him.

    “What’s wrong, let me talk.” Yin Ruoji pulled her over to herself. “There are other things you are staring at me, not just because of Xiao Mei!”

     Chang Mei finally looked at his eyes. “If I want to stay with you all my life, but if one day you betray me, I will leave.” Her voice was flat, but she was shocked. .

     Yin Ruoji looks at it. “Why do you say that, what happened.”

    “Today Wen Xuan has been here, she said she is pregnant with your child.” She seems to be telling something that is irrelevant to herself.

     Yin Ruoji is a stiff body.

     Chang Mei sighed. “You explain, I listen.”

    “I… I don’t know…” He was a little nervous and a little annoyed, and he never said it as he said today. “Chang Mei, you have to believe me, I never thought about doing things that I am sorry for in the past.”

    “Have her child really been yours?” Chang Mei only felt black in front of her eyes and almost fainted.

    “Chang Mei,” Yin Ruoji immediately held her and let her sit on the bed. “Sorry, I never thought about sorry for you. I talked about business that night, drinking with the company’s people. I don’t believe that I am drunk. You can do that kind of thing, you have to believe me.” He had never been so scared in the face of the most serious business crisis, but at the moment his voice was trembling with uncontrollable temper.

    “I believe in you…” Chang Mei closed her eyes and couldn’t keep her tears. She knew Yin Ruoji’s personality, but even if she knew it, she was sad and sad.

    “Sorry, she must have embarrassed you.” He frowned, thinking of the woman with deep heart, and the urge to kill himself.

    “Yes, she came to show off… and she has material for paternity testing, maybe you should talk to her.”

    ” Chang Mei…I…” He wants to hug her.

    “If you want me to be quiet, I want to sleep with Xiao Mei tonight. After all, I have not been with the child for a long time.” She pushed him away and got up and left.

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