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Chapter 24 Gifts

     Yin Ruoji grabbed Wen Xuan the next day at the office, and said, “You went to find me madam?”

     Wen Xuan was shocked by his appearance, he was afraid for a while, and his speech was a little weak. “Yes… but I…”

     Yin Ruoji didn’t have much nonsense, and a slap in the face hit it. Wen Xuan was overwhelmed by his great strength, his cheeks swollen immediately, and she looked at him with horror, unbelievable.

    “Don’t you like me?” He smiled like a demon. “Now? Do you like it?”

    Do you want to break up my family? I tell you, if you stay with me, you never want to get Chang Mei’s treatment! I will torture you until you can’t stand it yourself, leave! He ruthlessly said the most cruel words, so that the woman in front of her face was pale and shivering.

    “Yin Ruoji…you…how can you beat a woman…” She always thought that Yin Ruoji was a little cold, but never thought he would be like this.

    “Wen Xuan, I punish people, regardless of gender.” He stared at her coldly, took out his handcuffs from his pocket and wiped his hand before he slapped her hand. “I don’t know what method you used to win the people below.” You recommend it, but you shouldn’t count on me, let alone provoke my wife.”

    “Why, I… I am pregnant with your Child!” She choked. “It’s really yours, that night…”

    “You shut up!” Yin Ruoji smirked, “Wen Xuan, you are going to receive your salary for three months, then roll!”

    “Yin, I am sorry, I shouldn’t be delusional, I am wrong, but this Child is really yours, please believe me, Child is innocent… I don’t ask for any name, you let me stay with you. ……” Her tears continued to flow out, and the mascara eye shadow on the eyelids was glued together and it looked very horrible. Yin Ruoji looked at her disgustedly. “I didn’t have any impression of that night. You just want to say that this is my Child with such a few sheets of paper? It’s ridiculous!”

    He leaned closer to her and said slowly. “What do you remember in Zhou Qi? Your college boyfriend, now your feelings are okay!”

     Wen Xuan’s eyes widened and he said, “Yin, I don’t have… This Child is really yours, please believe me…”

    “I think you misunderstood me,” Yin Ruoji whispered. “This Child can’t be mine.”

    She is dumbfounded.

    “So, either you have to deal with it yourself, or I am looking for someone to help you.” He dropped the sentence and slammed the door.


      When Yun Xin visited the second time, he also brought a lawyer. He insisted on bringing Xiao Mei back to England. Although Yin Ruoji has the heart to retain Xiao Mei, but the other party’s materials are readily available, and even he first brought the lawyer with him. Xiao Mei’s departure is already a matter of course.

      Yun Xin saw the melancholy look of Chang Mei. I can’t help but have a soft snack.. “I come to China every year to talk about business. When I will bring Xiao Mei back to see you, I know your feelings about Child, but my parents also I really want to see Child.”

    The eager concern in his eyes made Yin Ruoji alert, and he immediately caught Chang Mei, breaking the absolute obsession. Chang Mei, because of his thoughts, did not reject his familiar and warm embrace.

    “Mr. Yun Xin, when are you going back to China?” She just wanted to know how long she could stay with her daughter.

      Yun Xin looked at her pale face and suddenly felt that what she was about to say was so cruel. “At the latest, next month, Xiao Mei’s materials for all transfer, the procedures for going abroad will be handled by me.” He refused I added, “You can rest assured that my parents are very kind. If I am married, I will ask the other person to treat Xiao Mei.”

    Everything was a foregone conclusion, Chang Mei slowly stood up and said gently. “So you talk to my husband, I want to go back and take a break…”

      Yun Xin’s eyes of concern have been sticking to Chang Mei until she touched Yin Ruoji’s warning eyes, and she smiled calmly. “Your wife is so charming, I can’t imagine anyone who can reject her charm. “”

    “Mr. Black, I think we will continue the topic before.” Yin Ruoji did not alleviate the sense of hostility because he praised his wife.

     Xiao Mei knows that she is very sad after returning to Vincent, but she is reluctant to leave her father mother on the one hand, and she is eager to recognize her blood relatives. Besides, even if she is desperate to stay, the court will not agree. Her little head was filled with the sadness of being separated, and her work was not working. She could only pack things in the house. Yin Zhe Fei, in the face of this reality, suddenly stopped arguing with her as before.

     Yin Zhe Fei remembers that he had so eagerly hoped that both Lu Qianqian and Yin Xiaomei would disappear into his life. Now, he has done so.

    But he is not happy at all. Yin Xiaomei is very abominable, but… He feels that when he is with her, he is more like a real self, and he is really happy. When she thought she was mad at her, Yin Zhe Fei had a smile on her lips.

    He is not a person who laughs. This is with his father, but when he is with Yin Xiaomei, his mood swings are always ups and downs.

    However, compared with the sentiment of Yin Zhe Fei, Yin Xiaomei resumed her full enthusiasm almost two days later. After all, she used to be a ball, but she still had to face life positively. What’s more, she still has some things left unfinished!

     Chang Mei’s spirit is not very good. She didn’t ask Yin Ruoji about how the matter was handled. Instead, she took an ostrich attitude and she was afraid to know what she didn’t want to know.

    However, she still has a glimmer of hope for Yin Ruoji in her heart. This hope is also accumulated through years of trust. Even in the face of the storm, it will not be killed. If he is unaware of it, he is unaware of it. Chang Mei has always persuaded herself.

    On a sunny afternoon, Chang Mei trimmed the short trees with Xiaomin in the garden, and trimmed his thoughts by the way. “Be careful!” Xiaomin saw that she was going to cut her own finger and quickly grabbed her hand. “Madam, you look at Ah!” He was shocked.

     Chang Mei, I just came back. “Oh, thank you…” She blushed, and she was so careless.

    “Madam is still going back. You are so unsettled. If you are injured, Mr. Yin will blame me when he comes back.” Xiaomin quickly asked her to leave.

     Chang Mei is about to talk, and the bell outside the hospital rings.. “Hello, Miss Chang Mei? Here is your courier!”

     Chang Mei quickly put down the scissors and ran to get the courier. It’s strange, is it the native product that my parents sent to her? She took the fluttering box back to the house and took the scissors to take it apart. Open a layer of newspaper, inside is a photo.

     Chang Mei suffocated, her hand trembled, the photos fell to the ground, each one was dimly lit, and Yin Ruoji was entangled with a enchanting woman. She fell to the ground and wanted to pick up the scattered photos, but her hand shook very badly, and her eyes seemed to be spent. Finally, she fell to the ground and burst into tears. Xiaomin was about to pick up the water from the faucet and saw Chang Mei fall to the ground. He was shocked and thought that something had happened to her, and quickly rushed in.. “Chang Mei madam, you are fine! What happened to you?”

     Xiaomin’s shouting made Chang Mei’s sense of chaos sober, and she barely supported her body, weak. “ Xiaomin, I’m fine.”

    However, Xiaomin has seen the photos on the ground, he is stunned.. “Head Ah, this…this is Mr. Yin?!”

     Chang Mei hurriedly took the photo.. ” Xiaomin, if you are busy, go back. You have to go to class tomorrow.”

    “Madam, what’s going on?! Mr. Yin He… how is he like this.” Xiaomin’s eyes widened.

    “ Xiaomin !” Chang Mei’s face looked very bad, her tone was tougher. “I’m fine, go back!”

     Xiaomin thought that this was the housework of madam, and had to let the trail.. “That madam, I will help you up.” He took Chang Mei to the sofa and sat, not leaving with confidence.

    For a long time, Chang Mei took the photo away. She had a splitting headache and just wanted to sleep in bed and get rid of this nightmare.

    “Bell bells” At this time, the phone next to the sofa rang, Chang Mei barely got up to pick up the phone. “Hey, hello.”

    “It’s Chang Mei,” a sly female voice came. “How, I give you a gift, do you still like it?”

    “Is it you…?” She should have guessed it was sent by Wen Xuan.

    “Yes, of course it is me. I think Yin Ruoji must tell you that he and I have never happened. Please, you will believe this man? I will give you these photos, but let you recognize Clear reality. Don’t blame me, I don’t want my child to have no father in my life. I can only be an illegitimate child in my life. If you are willing to leave, then I will let this photo see tomorrow. ……”

    “Are you crazy?!” Chang Mei cried in shock.

    “Yes! I am crazy, to be honest, I just can’t see you by his side, so as long as you are willing to leave, I will destroy all the photos, how, fair trade! Or, you want What about your son and daughter?”

    “Wen Xuan, you don’t want to harass me any more.” She closed her eyes and her voice was full of fatigue. “What’s the matter, you go and tell him, I don’t care.” She hung up the phone and stopped by phone. Unplug the lines together. She needs a break, she really wants to take a break.

    She hid the photo under the pillow. The Sky Group was the hard work of her fathers. She couldn’t let it be affected by the scandal, but… What is Yin Ruoji doing, why didn’t he stop this woman? Why didn’t he dare to explain it to himself? She even dared not imagine what the crazy woman would have if she showed the photos to A Fei and Xiao Mei! Her heart was full of shocking waves, but the surface was more and more sinking. She was lying in bed in a groggy way, and even as she entered her dreams, she still frowned.


     Yin Xiaomei once again took care of a melon-like haircut and made Zhang Bo feel bad for a long time. He shouted. “Xiao Mei really has a special liking for this hairstyle Ah!”

    “Hey, because it’s more convenient.” Although she said this in her mouth, she was really depressed. If it wasn’t for revenge on Yin Zhe Fei, she wouldn’t sacrifice so much!

    ” Xiao Mei is leaving, Grandpa really can’t bear you.” Zhang Bo is very sad with a little brat – no one needs him to play the game of playing monsters anymore. It’s so lonely Ah.

    “Grandpa don’t worry,” Xiao Mei said comfortably. “If you want to engage in a big brother, you should soon add Grandpa to Grandpa.”

    “What? You Child, what did you say, who taught you!” Zhang Bo squinted and scared her.

    “But, I really brought a girl back to a big brother. Ah, Xiao Mei saw it. He said that Xiao Mei doesn’t understand the relationship between men and women, so Xiao Mei doesn’t care.” She blinked innocently.

     Zhang Bo was so angry that he was black.. “When is this happening, why don’t I know?!” No wonder this stinky boy is not good at learning, it is a messy relationship between men and women Ah! The results are all at the end of the crane and dare to love!

     Yin Xiaomei spit out her tongue in the bottom of her heart. It is true that Zhang Xian’s girl is back home, but the latter sentence is the one she added to her, but it should be no more than ten! “Xiao Mei has seen it several times, and every time it is a different girl.” She solemnly nodded and said that her words were very credible.

Xiao Mei looked at Zhang Bo’s beard and blinked, and quietly put a V gesture in his heart!

      Zhang Xian, you are a sue, and I am more tender than I am.

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