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Only MTL by Google Translate, I’m a bit interest in it lately. so I want to Experiment it in this novel. Sorry if it not comfortable to read. 🙂 I’ll Fix it later when I have more free time,

my English is bad so XD I think I can read it smoothly I just need to ignore a few words and jump to the next sentence, and it doesn’t change the storyline.
if you want better MTL, tell me, when you find “Some word” that possible it is “Name/ Idiom”, I’ll fix it ASAP


Chapter 25 Misunderstanding

     Zhang Xian’s study is full of dull atmosphere.

    “Why are you doing this…” The delicate girl stared at the boy in front of her eyes.

    “I have done it all, what’s the reason? Isn’t it what you told me to do?” Zhang Xian was impatiently screaming, and the gamekeeper of the Black Wind Village was as cynical.

    “But this is not right…” The girl lowered her head and seemed to be thinking about how to tell him.

    “Mom, how is this woman you have so much!” He finally got upset. “I said that I won’t do it. You still have to do it. Now let me know! You are playing me!”

    Zhang Bo, who was eavesdropping outside the door, only felt that the blood vessels in the brain suddenly jumped. Now, girl is really not Ah, it sounds so gentle and clever, actually… his poor grandson is the one that was overwhelmed by the overlord!

    The girl slowly said. “Forget it… I teach you…”

     Ei? what? This… this is too bold! How can this kind of thing be called girl, the grandson will have a shadow in his life! Zhang Bo hurriedly opened the door and shouted. “Stop! Let go of my grandson!”

    The two people in the room turned back.

    Eh? what happened? Zhang Bo’s action is fixed at the door, looking at the two well-dressed people in the room. He smiled. “Ha! To one, this is…”

    The girl recovered from her surprise and stood up in a hurry. Before the rush, she almost squinted at the same old man as Zhang Xian. “Grandpa, my name is Hu Yue er, I am here to help Zhang Xian. “”

    “Hah, it was Hu Fei’s younger sister Ah, is it so big?” Zhang Bo laughed.

    “Grandpa, what are you doing, who did you just let me go?” Zhang Xian stared fiercely at the old guy with a guilty conscience and a gossip. It was very uncomfortable.

    ” ei… I… I am not afraid that she is right for you…” Zhang Bo said that he couldn’t go on, the little girl in front of her eyes was very good, and she was well-educated, and it’s not like looking at Zhang Xian. Her thin arms and legs, and it is not realistic to want to push down Zhang Xian.

    “Where do you want to go!” Zhang Xian snarled and waved a paper full of questions. “I am not easy to find someone who is willing to teach me. What are you thinking about?!”

     Zhang Bo was confused by his bear cub, turned and fled and almost hit the door. Oh, it was too bad, and the catching was still wrong. Think about it, grandson and a bandit, which girl is willing to talk to him Ah!

     Hu Yue er turned her head and looked at Zhang Xian and smiled. “You Grandpa is really interesting, how can you think that my vision is so bad?”

    “What do you say?!” Zhang Xian knows what she is saying, and feels awkward for her old man! He roared again. “I still can’t see you, no chest, no ass, you have a little more brain!”

     Hu Yue er shrugged, faintly said. “Sure enough, the head bear, the level of appreciation of the opposite sex is still in its original state.”

    “Who do you say is a bear?!” Zhang Xian got angry.

    “Who is talking about who I am talking about.” Hu Yue er Looking at him with a clear voice, his eyes are a pity for his IQ. “You still have to study hard, or you will repeat. How many levels have you left?” His looks are very confused. She remembers that he and the big brother have been playing together, but… “A general man is at your age, Child should be big too!”

     Zhang Xian was almost mad to vomiting blood.. “I was only 18 years old, I have never stayed at the level, and there is nothing wrong with Child!”

    “Cheat!” Hu Yue er looked at him in shock, he was at least thirty years old!

    “Cheat what you do! You stupid woman!” He groaned, arbitrarily pulling the grass paper to do the problem.

    “People who don’t know what to put together are dare to say that I am stupid! I doubt if your brain is as big as a walnut.” She said coldly and coldly, and Zhang Xian was going to run away, she said leisurely. “No rebuttal, otherwise I will leave immediately! You also know that no one is willing to give you a tutor except me.”

    A series of swearing words turned into an angry low-pitched voice in Zhang Xian’s throat. He sat back in his chair with hatred, and the huge body pressed the chair to make a painful snoring.

    “And, you must remember to tell Lu Qianqian that my big brother wants to learn taekwondo with her. You know, he admires her.” She reminded him not to forget the agreement between the two.

    “I know! You don’t have to say it every ten minutes!” He was very angry.

    “I am afraid that your brain is too small to remember Ah!” She smiled and watched him jump again and gracefully added a sentence. “No rebuttal!”

     Zhang Xian squinted as if he had eaten a mouse and swallowed it back.

    Such tutoring, no matter how you look at it, gives people a feeling of worrying about their future.


     Chang Mei found that the photo under the pillow was gone.

    She was terrified, how could she disappear? Where did the photo go? She clearly remembered that the stack of photos were pressed under the pillow Ah! She was so anxious to turn around, was it discovered when Achun was cleaning? However, Achun has been smiling all the time. Before she went to buy food, she still slammed the price of vegetables with her. If she went straight to her character, she must have shouted early. Or is it A Fei? But that Child has been boring in her own room, how can she come to her room? Or Xiao Mei? Xiao Mei is also impossible Ah, she is thick and big, and playing outside all day, it is impossible.

    She was thinking about it, the doorbell rang, and she quickly went downstairs, and when she opened the door, she was a big bunch of roses.

    “Hey, beauty!” Yun Xin smiled softly and handed the rose to her.

    “ei…嗨!” Chang Mei took the flowers, “Mr. Yun Xin, you are…”

    “My name is negative, please, sin, Ah, maybe I should put the flowers on my back,” his gentleman sighed slightly. “I took Miss Chang Mei’s favorite little daughter and made you sad, so this bunch Flowers represent my apologies.”

    “Oh,” Chang Mei is obviously a little helpless. “Come in and sit!”

    “ Xiao Mei is at home? My lovely little angel, she seems to have been hiding from me, I have never seen her.” He shrugged helplessly.

    “That’s because you didn’t come right, she should still be in class at this time!” Chang Mei put the flowers in a huge vase.

    “Then I still don’t bother, I just want to tell you that Xiao Mei’s procedures have been completed, I will take her back.”

     Chang Mei’s body is stiff.. “Have it done? How is it so fast!” She was scared by her fierce reaction and her face was a little shame.

    “Actually, I want to invite you to go to England. You can look at my parents. Maybe you can rest assured. Moreover, your relationship with Xiao Mei is so good. If you go together, she may not be so resistant.” He is sincere. Invite her.

    “No… I won’t go,” although this proposal made her heart, but Chang Mei refused. “I will discuss it with my husband.”

    “Okay, if you want to go, feel free to let me know, I will warmly welcome you.” He smiled and said goodbye.

     Chang Mei stayed in the room, watching the enchanting roses silently, the afternoon sun coming in, bringing a warm scent. Her thoughts fluctuated because of Yun Xin’s proposal, or she always wanted to escape, wanting to get rid of the evil-like curse and want to leave with her daughter.

    She decided to talk to Yin Ruoji first, otherwise she would not be able to do so.

    Why is he not willing to talk to himself? Chang Mei knows that Yin Ruoji is used to handling everything and protecting her well, but she needs to deal with him. After all, they are husband and wife. How can he not face this kind of thing? Tell her?

    In fact, Yin Ruoji, who is sitting in the office, only feels that she can’t wait to smash Wen Xuan. He gritted his teeth and looked at the photos in front of him. There is no doubt that Chang Mei has seen it. He can even imagine Wen Xuan’s threats to her. At this time his eyes, like a leopard who has been angry, he not only does not allow others to fool him like this, but also does not allow her to go to his wife so arrogantly.

    “叮铃铃.” The phone rang and he picked up the phone and placed the photo in the bottom drawer. He sighed.. “Hey…good…” He wrote the next line address on his book. “Okay, dawn, thank you, this time you have to trouble you again.”

    He hung up the phone, Wen Xuan walked in with a blank expression, and her face still had traces left by Yin Ruoji’s slapping. The enchanting woman sat down coldly.. “What do you have?”

    “How is it so angry?” Yin Ruoji smiled very softly. “Drinking water?”

    “Yin, you can say anything if you have something. I can roughly guess your thoughts. Either you marry me or give me a mental loss of 3 million. I think you will not be able to even pay for this.” I can’t afford it either.” She looked at the cup he had handed over and didn’t pick it up.

     Yin Ruoji laughed. “So Ah, then, let’s get married!”

    “What are you talking about?” Wen Xuan thought he had got it wrong. At this time, Chang Mei, who was outside the door, thought that he had got it wrong.

    “I said, let’s get married, anyway, after so many years, I hate it. After all, you still have my Child.” His hand touched Wen Xuan’s stomach. “I have just started to get angry with your little smart, but I appreciate women with wrists.”

    “You… what tricks do you play?” Wen Xuan stared at him incredulously. The man was terrible. She couldn’t believe he would be so easy to compromise.

    “This is not a trick.” He stood up straight. “I just thought that since this is an opportunity, I might as well use it. Or do you really want to get those three million?”

    “Of course I want to marry you!” Wen Xuan eagerly said, but she frowned and recovered the cold look. “Yin, I have been with you for so long, I know you, you will be so easy.” compromise?”

     Yin Ruoji understood her thoughts from her momentary resounding. He raised his eyebrows. “I said this now, you naturally wouldn’t believe it, maybe, when I show you the divorce agreement, you will I will believe it.”

     Wen Xuan had a glimmer of joy on his face.

    “So, you should know that I am a proud person. The previous thing is that we are even. But if you are willing to wait patiently, you will find that I have not lied to you, I will divorce her. to be with you.”

     Chang Mei only felt that her body was soft. She held the wall and almost sat down on the ground. She trembled step by step and she would rather believe that what she had just heard was fake.

    The company that was deserted, because of the time after work, only those who had to work overtime for a few nights were burying their heads and didn’t see her at all.

     Chang Mei never doubted Yin Ruoji’s sincerity to her.

    She was pale and constantly comforted herself. He was only trying to stabilize Wen Xuan. In order not to let her reveal the photo, it was Ah. The photo must be taken away. When he returns home, he will explain it to himself. He will explain it to himself… She thought about it, but the tears still couldn’t stop flowing. Why is she still so sad when she thinks like this?

      Yun Xin’s words seem to echo back in my ear.. “…I want to invite you to England, you can look at my parents…”

    In her mind, this sentence is only constantly floating, as if it is a straw, it can’t be squandered.
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