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Only MTL by Google Translate, I’m a bit interest in it lately. so I want to Experiment it in this novel. Sorry if it not comfortable to read. 🙂 I’ll Fix it later when I have more free time,

my English is bad so XD I think I can read it smoothly I just need to ignore a few words and jump to the next sentence, and it doesn’t change the storyline.
if you want better MTL, tell me, when you find “Some word” that possible it is “Name/ Idiom”, I’ll fix it ASAP


Chapter 26 Retaliation

    However, Yin Ruoji did not explain to her. Chang Mei watched him carefully, even if he wanted to ask, he didn’t know where to ask. She was caught in an endless anxiety and anxiety, as if a divorce agreement had floated to her eyes, with a staggering white.

    But even the divorce agreement is not, Yin Ruoji seems to completely forget this thing, and Xiao Mei thinks that the loss of mother is related to her departure, and she sticks Chang Mei every day. “Mother and I will go with me.”

    Only at this time, Yin Ruoji will emphasize that “mother can’t go with you.”

    However, when Chang Mei’s gaze looked at him, he did not seem to feel the same. She gradually became fearful while waiting, and she could even feel that Yin Ruoji was deliberately avoiding her.

     Yin Xiaomei was unaware of the emotional crisis between the two, and she focused her attention on Yin Zhe Fei. Since she knew she was leaving, Yin Zhe Fei became even more vocal. The two men were like a thin ice, making Yin Xiaomei uncomfortable.

    What she didn’t know, however, was the gloom of Yin Zhe Fei, which was related to the scene he saw.

    That day, he went to school early, saw a woman sneaking around the Yin family, then his father appeared. He didn’t know what he thought at the time. He hid aside, as if he saw something that should not be seen. .

    He only heard his father say: “I said that I will divorce her, you appear now, isn’t it for me to fall short?”

     Yin Zhe Fei was stunned, but this sentence really fell into his ears. From childhood to large, he knew that his parents’ feelings were excellent, and sometimes he was so good that he might be embarrassed to see others. He poked his head and looked at the woman, a young, enchanting woman who never knew what his father would like to have such a woman.


    “You have to hurry, I can wait, Child in my stomach can’t wait,” she said.

     Yin Zhe Fei was shocked. He digested the news for a long time and felt that his eyes were black. Father and this woman actually have Child? He thinks that the mother’s lost soul is lost. I thought it was because Xiao Mei left, but I didn’t expect it to have such a thing. It is no wonder that the mother always looked at her father with the sad eyes. He only felt that his father’s image seemed to collapse. The mother said to him that day, she felt that England was really good, she also wanted to distract her heart, and it was so boring that she was crazy. He didn’t understand what it meant at the time, but at that moment he understood.

    He couldn’t imagine how much psychological pressure the mother was enduring.

    When the father left with the woman, he went home and sat on the sofa without saying a word. When the mother came back from class, she was obviously surprised by his early return. The tears on her face were too late to dry. “A Fei, how come back so early?” She didn’t open her face slightly. “Today’s wind is so big, my eyes are fascinated…”

    He stood up.. “Mom, it’s very tired today!”

    “Oh, okay, got used to it.” She smiled and her expression was a little stiff. “You, Child, come back and don’t turn on the lights, I thought…”

    “Mom, if you are tired, go to England with Xiao Mei,” he stood in front of Chang Mei, his tall body covering the glare of the lights. “I am already big, you don’t need to care for me.”

    “What are you talking about? Ah A Fei,” Chang Mei was very alarmed. Did the son see what happened? “Mother only sent Xiao Mei…”

    “Mom!” Yin Zhe Fei said seriously. “I know, I just want to tell you, if you are not happy, just say it, or find a place to distract yourself, you can rest assured, and I am.” He is no longer Said, turned and went back to the room.

     Chang Mei was kneeling in the same place, and the tears could not stop flowing for a long time.


     When Yin Xiaomei went to the high school campus to find Yin Zhe Fei, it was the students who had no extracurricular activities during the afternoon extracurricular classes, or went back to the dormitory, or went home for lunch break. She did not find Yin Zhe Fei for a long time. . Zhang Xianyi was only in the big classroom. Because he was very tired after playing basketball, he slept on the desk and slept sweetly.

    Wow! Xiao Mei stood in front of him and held his breath. The big beard in front of him was like an aunt who was about to enter middle age. The black eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, as if in the dream, he did not forget to kill the opponents on the basketball court.

    The last complaint has had little effect Ah, and I know that he is so “in good condition”. Yin Xiaomei frowned, but now it is an opportunity. She remembers Yin Zhe Fei’s long laughter. Zhang Xian is too dead to sleep. Even if fifty elephants run past him, he probably won’t turn over. She is the ticket for this evening. If I don’t take revenge, I will wait until a few hundred years later!

     Xiao Mei reaches for his beard.. “To a big brother?”

    Sure enough, he really is motionless Ah!

    “To a big brother, Sister-in-law is coming!” Her voice was a little bigger.

     Zhang Xian was still asleep, and even snorted.

    Day Ah, really the legendary thunder does not move! Xiao Mei made a sly laugh, and it looked so good. Since you don’t get up, Xiao Mei has to give you a big present. She turned around in the classroom, and when she came back, she had a marker and a pair of scissors in her hand.

    “Scissors Yin Xiaomei!” She put on a gorgeous shape. Unfortunately, Zhang Xian slept too much and there was no sign of blinking. Xiao Mei whispered, “I am sleeping, hello, stupid,” she leaned forward, carefully cutting off his good-looking eyebrows with scissors, and the finely broken hair fell and fell on the boy’s face. “Hah, I said Yin Zhe Fei, how can I know that I am going to sell his photos? At first glance, you are betraying me. Didn’t you teach you that you can’t sell your friends? You beat me and said that Yin Zhe Fei was confiscated. My money, it’s too damn! This is called, ‘You don’t eat shrimp, the shrimp died because of you,’ are just as sinful.” She muttered and turned to his beard. “You see you. I don’t shave anymore, it’s too ugly!”

     Zhang Xian The right beard and eyebrows were cut like a dog, and the other side was pressed against the arm, so Xiao Mei couldn’t trim it.

    “Hey? Look at it, you still blame it.” She sneered, picked up the marker and painted him a dark circle. Then he was extremely careful to write the word “little man Zhang” on his face.

    Come back with a little turtle on your head! You’re done! She laughed almost at the end of her life. At this moment, the school bell ringed as usual, scaring Xiao Mei to drill under the table.

    However, after waiting for a long time, the bells and bells of the past were over, Zhang Xian had no movement at all!

    She slowly explored the small head.. “To a big brother?” Wow, so I can still sleep, she really admire him!

    “I wish you a good dream, I am very happy to meet you. Xiao Mei is leaving this evening, so even if you want to take revenge, you will not find anyone in the future.” She leaned forward and was on the handsome side of the youth. If there is no write word, let’s kiss it.. “Keep the kiss! So don’t be angry with Xiao Mei!”

    And Zhang Xian, as if she felt her sincerity in her sleep, the muscles on her face unconsciously relaxed, showing a smile.

    “Hah, then Xiao Mei will agree when you agree!” she said with a smile, putting the pen and scissors back in the same place. “So, Xiao Mei is gone, I have to deal with Yin Zhe Fei too! Think of me, make a good dream.” She blinked mischievously and brought him to the door.

    If it is an extracurricular activity class, Yin Zhe Fei is in the swimming pool if you are not in the classroom! Yeah, it has saved her a lot of trouble.

     Yin Xiaomei also turned back to the swimming pool of the junior high school campus. The door is still the uncle who is guarding. She walks in. “Grandpa, my big brother is there?”

    “Hey?” Grandpa looked at the familiar little man and thought for a long time. “You are… A Fei’s little brother, right?”

    “Well!” Xiao Mei smiled and nodded. “Big brother? I want to give him something.”

    “He is still swimming! I see, he has to train for another half an hour, do you want to wait.”

    “No, Xiao Mei wants to go home soon Ah, it is better for Grandpa to give me the spare key of the big brother, I put things in his locker.” She kindly made a suggestion.

    “Okay, but remember to come back.” Grandpa turned and looked at Yin Zhe Fei’s swimming card, and then took the key to Xiao Mei according to the number.

    “Thank you Grandpa, I will return it to you later.” Xiao Mei took the key and ran into the men’s locker room.

    There is a faint smell of disinfectant water throughout the men’s locker room, and you can even hear the sound of the water from the pool through the glass door. Xiao Mei was so excited that she found Yin Zhe Fei’s locker and opened it –

    “Oh… so stinky…” Xiao Mei stepped back two steps, avoiding the strange smell of freedom in the cupboard. She stared at the basketball shoes in the locker’s culprit. “Hey Ah, isn’t that guy not washing his feet?” She remembers that at home, Yin Zhe Fei has never had any strange smell Ah! Only a touch of clothing has a clean aroma. But she has no time to worry about the cause of this taste. The clothes in the closet are indeed Yin Zhe Fei. When she left in the morning, she stared at him and confirmed it many times.

    She opened her little schoolbag and stuffed Yin Zhe Fei’s pants into it. After thinking about it, she decided to give him a pair of underwear. Huh? Xiao Mei was attracted by a pink thing in his locker and reached out, but it was a little rabbit’s doll bag. so cute! Xiao Mei stares at this doll bag and loves it. It must be the girl that Yin Zhe Fei bought for! She hesitated and stuffed into the bag. The bag was so cute, she wanted to keep it.

    This is not a steal! What can you call stealing from your own big brother?

    “Hey!” The glass door opened, Xiao Mei was surprised and quickly hid behind another row of lockers. The bathing room next to the locker room heard the sound of the sound of the fire, and the people who came out went to take a bath there. Xiao Mei is relieved, so dangerous, it is not good to be caught. She walked up and down, but when she was less than two meters away from the door, the sound of the water suddenly stopped. Then, a tall young man walked out naked.

    “Ha-!” Yin Xiaomei took a sip of cold air and stared at the man with red fruit in front of her eyes.

    Yin Zhe Fei just wants to hurry and go home to send her to the airport, how can she think she will appear here! He immediately took off his towel and covered his lower body. The shy expression was like a good niece who was seen by the light! “Yin Xiaomei!” He snarled. “What are you doing in the men’s locker room!” Damn, how could the grandfather come in with this dead devil? He never thought about poisoning the country’s seedlings!

     Yin Xiaomei saw something that shouldn’t be seen, and immediately screamed, his face flushed and screamed and ran away.

     Yin Zhe Fei’s heart suddenly had a bad feeling. He ran to his locker in three steps and looked at his own body. He was suddenly stiffened by the body, and then the roar of roaring sounded through the entire swimming pool.

    “Yin Xiaomei – I am going to kill you -!”


     When Zhang Xian woke up, his cell phone screamed and went crazy. He looked at the strange number above and didn’t want to get rid of it.

    The phone continues to scream.

    “Hey?” he spoke impatiently.

    “Zhang Xian one! Are you sleeping dead?? Why don’t you answer the phone!” The phone came over Yin Zhe Fei angered and roared.

    “A Fei? You…what is the phone you used?”

    “I used the phone in the swimming pool, you will send me a pair of pants!” Yin Zhe Fei panting, obviously not very light.

    “Pants? What about you?”

    “You don’t care so much! Give me a pair of pants, I want to kill Yin Xiaomei that bastard!” Yin Zhe Fei cursed and hung up. Zhang Xian yelled at the phone, but she couldn’t figure it out, but the pants, where did he go to find pants Ah! He cursed and took the key and planned to go home.

    As soon as he got out of the classroom, he happened to see Hu Yue er coming downstairs.

    “Zhang Xian??” She widened her eyes. “You…you are fine!”

    “I’m fine, what can I do!” He blinked. “What are you doing?!”

    “Oh, I just want to say, you… ei, I think you still have to take photos yourself…”

    “How is this woman always like this mother-in-law mother!” Zhang Xian no longer talked nonsense with her, turned and ran downstairs.

    “Oh… alright.” Hu Yue er’s voice filled with a smile, directed at his back.

    Along the way, Zhang Xianyi’s rate of return has become 100%. He frowned, is this group of people sick? Watching him live in the game and seeing the monsters back frequently, but Yin Zhe Fei was urging him in the 100,000, so that he could not be distracted to think about the embarrassment.

     Yao Fei saw his son rushing in and was shocked. “What happened, it’s hot, I’m going to the Yin family tonight…” She immediately shut up, and the son just seemed to be different from the original Ah!

     Zhang Xian took the pants and hurried out.

    ” Ah, son, your beard…” She wanted to remind him.

    “Mom! I said it hundreds of times! I am happy to have a beard! I won’t talk to you, I am in a hurry, go first!” He ran out the door like a whirlwind.

    Eh? Yao Fei couldn’t help but worry, is it really okay for his son to go out like this? Or is it that young people like this kind of personality recently?

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