MTL Sweet Pampering

SP 120 MTL

Chapter 120 His girlfriend is very cute today.  Gu Weiwei slammed for two seconds. "I... I went back to the room to read." She should not handcuffs and cook him porridge. He has a stomachache that shuts her up. He didn't eat and shut her up. Ah.   Fu Hanxi stretched out and held her. "Sit… Continue reading SP 120 MTL

MTL Sweet Pampering

SP 118 MTL

Chapter 118 Who makes me tire-feeding technology?  Chu Chen was in a hurry, although he just threatened them with his resignation. But that is for sure. They can't find other people with better popularity and acting than others to play male lead, so they will promise him. However, when I thought that Fu Shi Yi… Continue reading SP 118 MTL

MTL Sweet Pampering

SP 119 MTL

Chapter 119 You are more delicious than dinner The two returned to Jinxiu Apartment, just in time for the morning meal.  Gu Weiwei went back to the room after lunch and slept for two hours. After waking up, she continued to read the book.  Fu Shi Yi played the afternoon game frantically, and waited for… Continue reading SP 119 MTL

MTL Sweet Pampering

SP 117 MTL

Chapter 117 Difficult San Shao Fu Shi Yi  QiaoLin looked at the doorway and looked at the handsome man, and frowned at the headache. “San shao, how come you?” “I advertised nearby, knowing that Master Yi’s crew was auditioning nearby and just strolled over to see.”  Fu Shi Yi said as he waved to the… Continue reading SP 117 MTL

MTL Sweet Pampering

SP 116 MTL

Chapter 116 role To be robbed?  Gu Weiwei smirked and reached out and shook hands with General director Yi An. "Thank you."  The Executive Director looked at the audition screen shot twice, and asked the Casting Director of the plastic surgery Internet celebrity. “Master Yi, aren't you saying that this Internet celebrity Mu Weiwei has… Continue reading SP 116 MTL

MTL Sweet Pampering, Sweet Pampering

SP 115 MTL

Chapter 115 Strength Conquest, Take the role  Qiao Lin chased it over and wanted to get back his own scarves, but saw GuWeiwei walk into the audition room. Moreover, I still covered my face with a silk scarf, only showing a pair of eyes. Suddenly, he was so angry that his blood pressure was arrogant.… Continue reading SP 115 MTL