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Character Guide on Sweet Pampering



Hi everyone, this is Alessa!! I want to do a character guide on SP to keep everything together in one place, so if someone gets a bit confused with the characters they can come here and organize themselves. The idea is to have a bit of background in each character AND NO SPOILERS (if I put a spoiler please let me know so I can edit it out)!!! If I’m missing someone let me know on the comments 😘 This should be a work in progress, because I’m reading the story with you in Cubby’s translation.



  • Mu Weiwei (MWW): 18-19 years old. Driven out from her house after her mother died in a car accident. Infatuated with FH, died after being pushed by FH when she drugged him.
  • Gu Weiwei (GWW) : 25 years old. Gu Family’s and Gu Shi Group’s young mistress. She loved dearly LX, until she betrayed her to get her heart and her boyfriend. She reincarnates on MWW’s body the moments she dies. She decides to accept the consequences of MWW’s actions, to get back everything that belonged to MWW, and, get revenge on everyone that betrayed her.
  • Fu Hanxi (FX): 28-29 years old. Fu Family’s first son, CEO of the Fu Group (1st in China), Name in original novel Fu Hanzhen

Gu Weiwei’s BFF

  • Ji Cheng  (JC): GWW school friend. Music Student. Orphan and adopted daughter of the Ming Family
  • Luo Qian Qian  (LQQ): GWW school friend. Music student.

Fu jia (Fu Family)

  • Fu Shiqin (FSQ): Fu Family’s second son, twin brother of FSZ. Vice-president of the Fu Group.
  • Fu Shizhen (FSZ): Fu Family’s third son, twin brother of FSQ. Actor and head of
  • Old Madam Fu: grandmother of FH, FSQ, and FSZ. Took care of MWW after the car accident. She loves MWW.
  • Fu Shengying (FSY): Head of the Fu Family. Father of FHX, FSQ, and FSZ.
  • Fu Mother (FM): until now not reveal her real name so we will call her Fu Mother, she really wants MR to be FX wife.

Gu jia (Gu Family)

  • Gu Shizen (GSZ): GWW’s childhood sweetheart. He betrayed her for LX. CEO of the Gu Shi Group.
  • Ling Xiao (LX): GWW’s little halfsister (same dad) or stepsister (not confirmed, but there’s some kind of sister relationship) . Very sickly since childhood. Took GWW’s heart to keep on living while she was alive and also took GSZ.
  • Ji Fang: LX’s mother. Helped her daughter take the heart from GWW.
  • Gu Jia (Gu Head): GWW’s father

Mu jia (Mu Family)

  • Mu Yao (MY): MWW’s mother. Died in a car accident after knowing of LJC and ZM’s betrayal. Top executive of the Longsheng Group.
  • Zhou Meiqin (ZM): LXE and LXX’s mother. MY’s best friend from college. Hooked with LJC behind MY’s back and had 2 children.
  • Li Jiacheng (LJC): MY’s husband and MWW’s father. Betrayed his wife with ZM and had 2 kids.
  • Li Xiner (LXE): MWW’s halfsister (same father). Actress
  • Li Xiang (LXX): MWW’s halfsister (same father).

Zhou jia (Zhou Family)

  • Zhou Linna (ZL): ZM’s niece, cousin of LXE and LXX. Pianist and school idol.

Ming jia (Ming Family)

  • Ming Zongyuan (MZY): president of the Huaguo Art Association. JCC’s adoptive grandfather. Father of
  • Ming Ye (MY): JCC’s adoptive cousin. Grandson of MZY. Architects and owner of the club

Qin Jia (Qin Family)

  • Qin Law (QL): Young master of the Qin Family.

Fu Group

  • Xu Qian (XQ) FH’s Assistant.
  • Meng Ruya (MR):  Manager of the Public Relations Department in the Fu Group
  • Wu Xiulian (WXL): MR’s mother. Also
  • kno as “Mother Meng” in the translation.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Wilson: Fu Group‘s business partners from country S.
  • He Chi (HC): Fu Family’s private doctor. His research is funded by FH.
  • Raymond: Leader of the guards in the Fu House.


  • Ye Mei: Music teacher


  • Wang Dong: Head of tiansheng Media. Perverted old man. Married to a powerful wife (social climber).
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3 thoughts on “Character guide SP”

  1. I’d just like to point out that if two women share one biological parent, the term for them is “half sister,” not “stepsister.”

  2. LX and GWW not halfsister or stepsister, they just bff, almost like sister. Gu Jia is not GSZ’s father aka Gu father, it’s like Fu jia (family) or Mu jia (family) and he already died.

    ⚠Spoiler Warning ⚠

    Actualy Gu father’s dead is related to GWW’s adopted to Gu family.

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