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Chapter 16

Two thousand two gold tickets are placed on the table, one person holds a sieve, and the gambling begins! Everyone was around the table, the atmosphere did not dare to breathe, as nervous as if they were on the table!

 Boss’s son raised his hand slightly: “You are a guest, please!”

“That’s not okay!” LengJiu chuckled, picked up the sieve, and six dice on the table. I saw that she would sift one side, flew across, and all six dice fell in. The technique was amazing. ,

“Hey!” The voice came from the sieve. In less than ten times, she covered the sieve on the table, and the eyes were brightly fixed and looked at the opposite person: “Boss’s son home! Please!”

The Boss’s son’s house stared at the screen in LengJiu’s hand. For a long time, everyone held his breath and waited for his answer. Finally, he saw him at Boss’s son’s house and raised his hand: “I will admit defeat in this game!”

“What?” Everyone’s eyes widened and they were unbelievable. Boss’s son’s home, which has always been a gambling skill, would take the initiative to admit defeat? However, some people think that he is modest, he will definitely win in the next two games, and then directly turn around.

  LengJiu raised his hand: “Boss’s son is so simple, it’s a gentleman, so, it’s up to you!”

 Boss’s son picked up the sieve, but it was not as elegant as LengJiu, but it was also very skilled. After shaking it for a few times, he put it on the table and looked at LengJiu. LengJiu also smiled: “This game is losing!”

At this time, she looked at the Boss’s son’s home. It was really a bit more of an opponent’s feeling. When the child in the sieve was not seen, everything was indefinite and could be controlled at any time, so he could not guess her. Even if I guess, I can’t say it, and she doesn’t guess him, because there is only one answer, but there is more than one change, so how to guess is wrong, it is better to admit defeat!

One person and one level, Boss’s son looked at her: “The last game, don’t have to guess the number, who is smaller than that, how?”

  LengJiu said: “Okay! But I hope that Boss’s son’s home is full of scorpions, not a pile of powder!”

 Boss’s son looked at her deeply, lifted his hand and picked up the sieve. LengJiu didn’t fall behind. The sieve in his hand began to shake sharply, and then he became slower and slower. He knew that he finally stopped and sifted gently. Covered on the table!

The two settled, LengJiu raised his hand: “This time, please first!”

 Boss’s son looked at him, then raised his hand and gently opened the sieve. The six dice were stacked into a column, and the person above the top of the head had a red dot!

“a little!”

“The Boss’s son is really amazing. The smallest one is a little. There are only a few six dice, admire!”

“The other party has not opened yet!”

“Is there any comparison? Who can shake a point like Boss’s son? Even if they shake out, they will be a draw, and they won’t win!”

Everyone looked at LengJiu’s sifting. Obviously, there was no expectation. But Boss’s son didn’t think that he knew that the opposite person could not have this ability, but the perfect scorpion, six at least one point, the last The ending is a draw. What does this gambling mean?

At this time, LengJiu opened the sieve without urgency, and sifted all the way up. Several scorpions were superimposed one by one, neatly arranged. If there was no accident, it was also a point, but when the last scorpion appeared At the time, everyone’s eyes were rounded, and the penultimate scorpion was a little above, and the last corner of the scorpion was just stuck inside, and the top of the scorpion column was also a corresponding corner, six scorpions. In good condition, but… no point!

  LengJiu raised his hand to get the gold ticket but was intercepted by one hand. LengJiu looked at the beater and looked at Boss’s son’s house. The brow was slightly raised: “What? Boss’s son is not convinced?”

 Boss’s son’s face was ugly, his eyes were cold like a knife, and he finally waved his hand and pushed the gold ticket to LengJiu’s hand: “It’s natural to lose money!”

“So! Thanks Boss’s son for the house!” Take the bank note LengJiu and the head will not leave, leaving a group of people looking at her back and looking up, heaven, she really won Boss’s son home?

“East home!” shopkeeper Li Quan came over and whispered, Boss’s son’s expression was inconvenient, but he moved his finger slightly. Li Quan immediately noticed and made a gesture to the big hand behind him. Several people quickly went out from behind!

Winning money LengJiu is not stupid to stay in the street, the rules of the casino she knows best, how can Boss’s son family allow him to win so much? He will definitely make people recapture the money, and her life!

  LengJiu sneaked all the way, but still got a group of small tails, the other person is crowded, she did not dare to go to a remote place, can only go to the bustling market, squatting with people to fish!

When she managed to escape a group of people, she saw a few majestic beaters in front of her, ready to turn around and run back, but saw that the people behind had already chased them, and they couldn’t escape!

Suddenly her eyes fell on a carriage parked at the entrance of a pub. The carriage looks very simple, but when you look closely, you will find that the workmanship is extremely delicate. At first glance, you know that it is not a normal carriage, but LengJiu is too lazy. I care about who is the carriage, I saw no driver, dodge a few times, drilled directly from the carriage, and then a hook and then turned over beautifully, the whole person was drilled into the mud, the curtain was put down, and I could not see it!

When I got in, I found someone inside. I was afraid that the other party would yell at LengJiu and refused to take care of the other. I rushed to the other person’s mouth: “Don’t call! I will hide for a while!”

At this moment, the driver came back, picked up the whip and slowly set up the carriage. After a few minutes, the carriage drove away from the street LengJiu and let go, let go of the person who was controlled by himself, and smiled embarrassedly. : “Sorry! Just in an emergency, I am offended!”

When I spoke, I looked up at the people in the car, and then the whole person stopped. Did she step on the shit? Can you meet a beauty when you escape? Yes, there is a big beauty in front of you, the eyebrows of the eyebrows, the stalks of the gallbladder, the fine white jade carvings of the five senses, the slightest shackles, and a few squats, adding a point to his face, but he The temperament is not mild at all, only cold, especially at that moment, the star-studded star, with cold anger and direct anger on her body, as if to slap him.

The beauty is beautiful, the look of anger is also beautiful, but the most difficult to suffer the beauty, she still escapes!

However, the wandering here is not the style of her LengJiu. Looking at his handsome anger, the evil charm smiles, the body quickly deceives the past, very loudly smashed on his face, and then slipped away when he was shocked. : “Hey! Just repay your life-saving grace, there will be a period!”

Regardless of the driver’s horror, he jumped directly into the carriage, and then disappeared at the end of the street; and the carriage was full of killings, and the breath was very impressive…

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