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Chapter 18

Quietly returning to Weiyang Palace, thinking about it for a long time or let Eunuch Lu find Long Yue Li, this is really not like her!

“You looking for me?” Some tired just ready to take a break Long Yue Li came, still so arrogant, and no matter how close, the whole person is fast on her!

Silently pushing his head too close: “Yeah, it’s in the palace, do you pay attention to it? Otherwise Long Yi should come to my house to drink tea!”

“Are you afraid?” Long Yue Li raised his eyebrows and immediately said with an unclear smile: “You mean you can’t pay attention to it in the palace!”

Leng Jiu rewarded him with a white eye: “I have a business to say, can you not talk about this?”

“You can have a business when you look for me?” LongYueLi looked strange.

LengJiu didn’t have a good air: “What about your eyes?”

“No! It’s just that I have come ten times, ten times, but didn’t expect to take the initiative to find me. I feel a little strange!”

Leng Jiu thinks, it seems that it is really like that, She don’t want to comment on it: “I want to work with you to open a shop and use your name!”

“Is it not tired become Empress Dowager, want to play business?” Long YueLi was somewhat unexpected, but there were not many accidents.

“This EmpressDowager is really boring, but I am not talking about playing, I have to do something that must be done!”

“Then I came to the interest, but there are so many shops in the world, which line does Empress Dowager want to do?”

“Casino! Green House! Money House! The most profitable thing is nothing!”

Long YueLi lazy branch: “Your heart is really big, at the foot of the imperial city, these three are almost all controlled by the imperial court minister Wang Sungui, and you think you want to open it?”

“Is there still you?” LengJiu didn’t mean: “In addition to LongYi, there are not many people who have been too big for you. Can you not do it with mysterious prince?”

LongYueLi looked at LengJiu with a deep gaze, as if to see her bones: “Though that is the case, but why should I help you?”

LengJiu also knows that he won’t be so easy to agree. Although he is arrogant, he is not such a fool, and she is not his people. Why does she say that he promises?

I got up and walked around the screen. I went to the table and took the things I wrote. I smiled and handed them to LongYueLi: “You read this and say it!”

LongYueLi took over, and the length of the finger, such as white jade, gently flipped. After turning over a page, the eyes lit up. As the paper in his hand flipped, the interest in the eyes became more and more intense. After a moment, he put down and curiously looked at LengJiu: Is this something you wrote?”

“Otherwise?” LengJiu did not agree with the embarrassment: “If you promise, then we are partners, you and I have half of the funds, you look for a few candidates, I am responsible for the selection and pointing, after the place is built, I will hang you up. The name, after the profit, three or seven points!”

“You three me seven?”

“You three me seven!”

“Why, this prince has a lot of money, but also people, the last name is also used for you, at least five or five?”

“But I want to come out, and you have a name, just wait for the money, 30% are counted!” LengJiu did not express.

“Hey! What is that? This prince doesn’t work, at least four or six, otherwise it’s not discussed!”

Seeing that his eyebrows are picking up, LengJiu feels funny: “Good! Just follow you!”

LongYueLi raised his hand: “Come on!”


“Clap your head!”

LengJiu smiled and raised her hand, ‘Pa Pa Pa’ three screams, making her hands numb!

Retracting his hand, LongYueLi put the book away: “In the past few days, my nephew, the emperor has given me a few troublesome duties. If I have just gotten free, I am afraid I will not come here. I will find someone in this matter. Take care of it, people have chosen to give you news!”

It seems that LongYi is still against this imperial uncle, but I don’t know how much he can prevent it, and he retracts his thoughts: “You want to go back!”

LongYueLi had a rare departure from the main entrance. He had just left the front foot and immediately came to a small eunuch. What he said to Eunuch Lu immediately retreated. Eunuch Lu listened to it: “EmpressDowager!”


“It was LiWei Palace, saying that it was the bird’s nest sent by Shu Fei niangniang in the afternoon. There were signs of slippery tires. Fortunately, the Imperials Doctor promptly rescued, this mother and son were safe! Emperor got the message emperor appearance and then hit ShuFei in one breath. The cold palace, now there is no ShuFei!”

LengJiu had some surprises: “Just enter the cold palace? Don’t check it?”

“It is said that the Guards Army found safflower and musk on ShuFei’s body. The evidence is conclusive. It was so shackled on the spot, and the opportunity to explain ShuFei was directly dragged to the cold palace!”

LengJiu sneered in her heart, and it was still Li Wei scheming. What did she have in the LiWei Palace? At this critical juncture, how could she not know that someone wants the life of her child in the belly, and she still drank the bird’s nest sent by ShuFei, but she still kept the child, but ShuFei was gone, and there was no trace and another one was removed. Opponents, really a good means!

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