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Chapter 20

The emperor’s draft was not completed in three or two days. It was only mentioned. The following is the woman who went to the various places to screen the draft, and then handed it over to the general review of the Ministry of Rites. After the review, it was chosen by emperor. After the selection, the selected talents were selected. I can go into the palace. After entering the palace, I have to go through a series of screenings. This is a total of two, three months and three months, so LengJiu can not be anxious, and I don’t need her to do anything. It’s time to pick and choose!

Now it is the beginning of the autumn, it is estimated that the showgirl will receive the palace in the late autumn. Now, it is the annual autumn hunting. Half months ago, LongYi will prepare people to start the journey to Nanshan tomorrow. As for LengJiu, how could such a lively thing be less for her?

Let Eunuch Lu prepare her own things, ask Zhao Yan to tell a few words, and bring Eunuch Lu and two imperial maids to follow the hunting team!

The Ming and Huang phoenixes and dragons have already been prepared. LongYi is a pale golden robes. The jade crown is standing under the canopy. It is quite a man of style. He brings Li Wei together. LiWei is also a pale gold auspicious palace. Dressed up, wearing a beaded dress, graceful and elegant, decent, if you do not know that Feng Country has no queen, everyone thinks she is a queen!

On the other hand, LengJiu next to it, a white peony palace dress, a simple hair style on the head, only a few jade flowers and fine embellishments, hand-held gauze, looks like a general imperial concubine, which has Empress Dowager What kind of dignified old? Many people looked up and looked at it, but immediately dropped their eyes, eyes and nose, nose and heart, did not dare to evaluate, everyone knows that EmpressDowager is young and prosperous, can it be impossible to make her become an old maid?

“Get off!”

The long team began to walk from the entrance of the palace. There were hundreds of guards in the front to open the road, followed by the dragon and the phoenix, followed by the civil and military officials who followed the horse, followed by five hundred guards, counting up to a thousand people. !

Both side is a bright yellow curtain hanging down, there is a curtain in the bead curtain, the curtain is lowered, and the inside is invisible.

It is said that this time to Nanshan hunting ground for three hours, LengJiu did not feel the scenery outside, plus toss for a while, the whole person is drowsy, let people put the curtain down, and rely on the pillow to prepare for a sleep.

Suddenly a gust of wind hangs the curtain, and then falls, the people outside are unaware, but I don’t know that there is more than one inside!

LengJiu opened her eyes lazily: “So many eyes look, you want LongYi to kill you?”

“Kill it and kill! I haven’t slept for a few days, I don’t want to bump at the moment, just lie down in a position!” It was really crowded.

LengJiu looked at his handsome face and was a little tired. He moved his mouth and didn’t talk. He leaned back inside and she gave up half of the position. LongYueLi didn’t quit, lie down straight, and took his long arm and fished her into her arms. Sleep with their eyes closed!

LengJiu glanced at him, but he breathed smoothly and had already slept. It was obviously very tired. Plus he just hugged her and didn’t have much movement, so he was too lazy to care for him and sleep with her eyes closed!

LengJiu woke up in a strange itching, but she didn’t open her eyes, grabbed the messy hand and whispered: “The rules, or I will throw you out!”

LongYueLi smiled lowly: “What do you say when someone sees me being thrown out by you? You have to know that there are civil and military officials behind you, so many eyes are watching, you are not afraid that you are being impeached by EmpressDowager?”

“You are not afraid so why should I am afraid?”

“Oh! Are you suggesting me?” LongYueLi smiled and immediately bowed his head on LengJiu’s lips: “Although I really want to do something, but it is coming, let me go!”

The words fell quickly and the curtains moved slightly, and the whole person disappeared! Looking at the empty rut, LengJiu closed her eyes lazily, and there was no such thing as a slap in the face of LongYueLi’s flirtatious, man!

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