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Chapter 21

The group soon arrived at the Nanshan Palace, and LengJiu came for the first time. Naturally, She would not miss the opportunity, and take eunuch Lu to go around! Here is the Royal House, naturally beautiful, magnificent, but less than a sense of oppression than the palace, surrounded by mountains, surrounded by green trees, more comfortable than the palace!

The people who came and went to see her all hurry, but some people don’t know who she is, only when she meet Long Yi’s imperial concubine, they are called niangniang, Leng Jiu does not care, wave them to leave!

The royal palace is indispensable to the garden. Leng Jiu doesn’t like anything else, but she loves the place where the flowers are blooming. She looks at the comfort. If it is not comfortable, after the hot hands destroy the flowers, the mood will be comfortable! Although she loves flowers, she is not a cherished person, and they does not seem to deserve her care!

Not long after She walked into the garden, She met several ministers who came face to face. Originally she was not happy to see these ministers, but the one that was the first white moon gave her a good-looking brow, and her lips evoked an intriguing smile. Isn’t the person who was insulted by her in the carriage that day? That day she was sitting in the carriage, not much light, although she knew that he was beautiful, but he was not as stunning as this moment!

White clothes such as snow, jade crown high beam, walking calmly, sleeves with wind, although handsome, but there is a rigid after the ritual, the body exudes a breath of life, so that the surrounding officials do not rely on Too close, obviously not much popularity, but she seems to have the urge to tear open his cold mask, want to see if his heart is also such a rigid.

Eunuch Lu saw Leng Jiu’s gaze. Although Empress Dowager stared at the courtiers, he didn’t dare to persuade Leng Jiu, let alone blame: “The white man is the sacred young master, and the teacher is the first emperor. He was ordered to go out to the mountain a year ago. The floods and plagues were indispensable. He were praised by the people. Later, he annihilated several notorious bandits in the West. He even won the hearts of the people. The emperor has long since squandered the meaning of employment. It is only this year that it will be imperial edict. Although he has been promoted to the third level, but his merits are there, and his talents are really convincing, so everyone is dissatisfied and obeyed. He has not been in the palace until recently, and EmpressDowager should have not seen him yet!”

“Don’t expect he is so skillful!” There are very few people who have been in the world since ancient times. It is still the respect of the prime minister. It is obvious that he does have some real skills, but Leng Jiu is most concerned about whether he will recognize it. She, but she thinks that there should be , after all, she did not have the capacity on that day, although there is a difference from the makeup, but the whole person has not changed, as long as you look carefully, you can still recognize it, but She don’t know that he can watch it that day. What is her look like?

“Empress Dowager! They are here!”

Leng Jiu glanced up and turned and walked another way: “I don’t want to see them, let’s go!”


Leaving a dry courtier, LengJiu ran into a group of Miss Qianjin, who was dressed up in a delicate and charming manner. She couldn’t say that she had collided. After she stood in the flowers, the people walked in front of her, and everyone laughed and laughed. However, a woman in a red dress walks in the middle, everyone has a feeling of heading her, the woman’s appearance is also rare, but there is no proud look because of looks, a modest and courteous, Although she laughed with the women around her, her speech and behavior were obviously well-behaved. She raised her hands and feet with everybody’s demeanor. She was obviously not an ordinary lady in the boudoir.

Raise your hand to pull out a peony, one by one pull open thrown into the next pool, casually asked: “did Young miss like hunting?”

“Of course! Every year, in addition to the minister, there are young Wangsun, Gongzi and Young lady Qianjin, everyone can participate!” paused again: “The woman in the middle is the Miss Wang of the Prince of Germany. Rain, I don’t know if EmpressDowager still remembers?”

“Can’t remember, what special is she?”

“She is the default queen, she also participated in this draft, but it is also a walk, because the imperial edict the late emperor has been left, and the book is held after the draft!” Eunuch Lu watched LengJiu carefully Face, see her not much fluctuations, then rest assured to finish this passage.

“Queen?” LengJiu took off the last petal in his hand, meaning an unclear smile: “There is a queen’s demeanor!”

Cubbyfox :

Miss Qianjin : Young Lady from wealthy family

王孙 Wangsun (Child of noble)

公子 Gongzi (Son of official/ Son of a Prince)

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