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Chapter 23

A banquet was swayed by the bombs that LengJiu dropped, and everyone was not calm, especially LiWei and LongYi, LengJiu has been smashing the phoenix, even if it was not honored by Empress Dowager for three years. It has always occupied WeiyangPalace, where only the Queen can live. In the past three years, she has been a diehard fans for LongYi. The woman of the imperial harem has been tossed by her. How much has been suppressed. The people here are clear, and some even want privately. On the playing, LengJiu handed over the phoenix, but LengJiu suddenly came to this, so that everyone was stunned, and I couldn’t understand how she suddenly let go!

And LiWei has been mad at this news. She knows that Hua Yuxuan is the default queen, but she has always been interested in that position. I am afraid that imperial harem does not have that woman who does not want that position. She is now a sacred pet, and With LongYi’s only son, as long as she gave birth to a child, it is the eldest son, this imperial harem is her biggest; when the mother is dependent on the child, when the queen is not, but obviously all this is good, cold Jinghua that 贱The man actually handed the phoenix to others. She thought she would never hand over the phoenix, so even if there is a queen, it is only a shell, but now…

LongYi didn’t have the mood to pay attention to the face that LiWei had twisted around, and the wine glass in her hand. She hadn’t sent it to her mouth for a long time. She really changed a lot. Is she already not loving him, or is she really open? He knows about Leng Jinghua, but she has no hope that she will not let go. She even forced him to take the world by the way, even if WeiFei doesn’t care, but now she let go, even the last chips are taken out. And there is no trace of unwillingness and reluctance, and I can’t see the so-called desires. This moment, he suddenly found that he didn’t know the woman at all!

Hua Yuxuan obviously also didn’t expect LengJiu to give her a phoenix seal. Listening to the constant joy of the people around me, there are still some people who can’t come back; perhaps, the only thing that can be seen here is LongYueLi, only he knows that LengJiu is not Let go, not a pretending gesture, but… she can’t see the phoenix! Although this speculation is ridiculous, it is just that he is so determined.

The banquet continued, but the one sentence that disturbed the guilty conscience of the people had already left and went back to his bedroom to go to the hot springs!

LengJiu was just about to take off his clothes and go down to the hot spring pool, but suddenly he felt a gaze, and suddenly he did not feel angry and sighed: “You don’t think that stealing people’s baths has lost the gentleman?”

LongYueLi leaned against the pillar, and her eyes fell on LengJiu. She saw that she had not finished her clothes. She couldn’t help but feel a little pity. She heard her sullen voice and scorned her lips: “This prince said Are you a gentleman?”

LengJiu: “Go out!”

“I haven’t seen it yet, are you still shy?”

LengJiu saw that his dead pig was not afraid of boiling water. His heart felt so good and funny. I have never seen it more helpless than this. I have to know that her identity was there before, but few people dare to slap her. Even if she is similar to her, unless she voluntarily, she can’t enter her three feet, let alone watch her bathing in such an unscrupulous way. She can cross here and be stunned by the bastard for countless times. She still can’t take him now!

LengJiu gave him a white look, and he was too lazy to care for him. When he didn’t exist, he took off his clothes and walked down the pool with a gauze. The warm water wrapped her up and it was very comfortable!

LongYueLi saw that she did not care about the amount of clothes off, and the gauze was light and transparent, wrapped in the looming Miao Man body, but also a layer of temptation, the beautiful fox eyes smashed, revealing a dangerous luster!

“I don’t know if this prince is honored to wait for EmpressDowager to take a bath?”

LengJiu opened his throat and watched Chishui chuckle: “When will mysterious prince serve the waiter?”

“Now!” LongYueLi walked to the edge of the pool and immediately picked up her handkerchief to wipe her body. I knew that I had just touched her shoulder. The whole person was thrown by her shoulder and fell into the pool. After the last experience, he didn’t panic. After he went down, he sank to the bottom of the water. Two of them came down to her side. The water splashed out of ‘哗’, and she hugged her whole person directly. But the white jade-like skin still makes his heart sway, not waiting for LengJiu to shoot again, directly bowing her lips, attacking the fierce posture of the prey, and attacking the city instantly!

Her taste is very good, the lips are incredibly soft, and the inside of the charming charm of the rose with a touch of fragrance, the mouth is full of seductive honey, and the small tongue is slippery, every touch makes him Heart tremble! The movements under her hands did not stop, peeling off her inconvenient gauze, and the big palm covered her creamy porcelain muscles. The touch of the hand made him linger, and he couldn’t bear to let go; the waist of his hand was not holding a grip, for fear of exertion. She was broken, and she was softly attached to his arms at the moment, as if she had no bones, as if he could smash her as long as he tried hard, but it was such a feeling that he could not wait to smash her. And then the possession of 狠狠!

The water in the pool has gradually increased in temperature, which should not have happened, but who can still be self-sustaining in such an environment? At this moment, the voice of the eunuch suddenly came out: “emperor is driving!”

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