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Chapter 26

LenJiu didn’t forget to hide, her life as a gang, countless assassinations, to practice her calm and calm, even if the next moment is death, she wouldn’t necessarily frown, but she knew better than anyone when the arrow came, but she didn’t have any panic, because she could be sure she could avoid it at the last minute, not blind self-confidence, but self-pride after countless times of dealing with death!

Hearing everyone’s exclamation, she didn’t take it for granted. Just when the arrow was three inches in her nose, she was just about to escape, but she was thrown out. The horse’s back to the ground was at least one meter four. The finger was thrown to the ground, the pain can be imagined, but fortunately, the person who threw her was a gentlemanly manner. After two rounds, she was placed on it, not letting her lie on the ground, but who was tossed These two capitals are angry, does she have to be a nosy?

But just as she was just about to look up, she heard a roar in her head: “Are you stupid Ah? Can’t you hide?”

Listening to the voice is obviously a teenager’s voice, with an angry anger, but suddenly dilute her anger, lifted his head from his shoulder, the first thing he saw was his red gold and red embroidered clothes, looking up, The scorpion suddenly brightened, the lips were red and white, and the eyebrows were clear. When used on a woman’s body, it was not awkward to use on him. He even explained the eight words to the fullest, but he did not bring a trace of femininity. The wealthy Gongzi brother of the 18th year of China, handsome and unpretentious, with a unique atmosphere between the boy and the man, I do not know how many women will be lost!

I laughed at the lips, but I didn’t feel that I was wandering at the moment, and I didn’t care about the posture of the two, just thought it was fun!

“What are you laughing at? Is it stupid?” The boy did not breathe in the air, but he felt that she was so beautiful at the moment that he could not move his eyes!

“Hua Gongzi!” The hooves of the horses gathered together. A group of young ladies Qianjin, who were still dressed in neat and jewels, came over and saw that the scenes on the ground were all stunned, and the teenagers who looked at their hearts were lying on the ground. Also being a woman riding on the waist, my heart suddenly flashed countless emotions, horror, ridicule, and then deep sorrow!

A long and narrow Danfeng eye, the obviously cold white woman looked at LengJiu with disdain: “Which is this lady? So I don’t know how to be shameful, riding on a man in a broad day, I still want to rely on it?”

Another green woman immediately agreed: “Yes! Do you still want to go to Shanghua Gongzi?”

Eunuch Lu came back for a while and heard the anger: “Bold! I dare to disrespect EmpressDowager!”

A group of women, together with Hua Jin lying on the ground, is a glimpse: “EmpressDowager?” Although LengJiu attended the banquet yesterday, she sat next to emperor, they sat very far, even if they couldn’t see clearly, and today LengJiu Dressed up neatly, looks as young as they are, who would have thought she would be EmpressDowager?

LengJiu smiled a little, and the sleeves got up: “How? Aijia doesn’t look like EmpressDowager?”

A group of women were scared to hurry from the horse, and they just wanted to bury their heads in their stomachs for two days: “Members pay respect toEmpressDowager!”

“What happened?” A drink asked to come from the side of the road, a mighty team came over, headed by a statement of LongYi, followed by LongYueLi, Gong Yuwei and some officials.

“pay respect toemperor!” A group of people immediately bowed to worship! On the ground, Hua Jin also recovered from the shock of the moment, and jumped up and slammed on one knee: “pay respect toemperor!”

LongYi’s eyes fell on LengJiu, deep and complicated: “Who will tell you what is going on?”

 Hua Jin took the previous step: “It was a moment when the player missed the arrow and shot the EmpressDowager, so that EmpressDowager was frightened, please emperor to sin!”

LongYi glanced at him and his eyes fell back to LengJiu: “You…EmpressDowager can be hurt?”

LengJiu waved his hand: “But a false alarm, no problem!”

At this time, another group of people gathered together. It was a group of young Gongzi, a young man with a raging horse, followed by a few young ladies, and Hua Yu Xuan was also among them!

“pay respect toemperor!”

“Free!” LongYi didn’t look at raising his hand, and he took two steps to LengJiu: “Send EmpressDowager back to rest!”

When the words came out, the whole forest was dead, and some did not know what to look at. Later, people were surprised that this woman was actually EmpressDowager. Of course, there were some disapprovals on the face of the smug minister. Finally, the fox smiled. In fact, the expression is stinking LongYueLi!

LengJiu faintly looked at LongYi’s extended hand, turned to his horse, grabbed the saddle and jumped up, and the action was chic: “aijia is fine, but today I have no mood to hunt, I will go back first, emperor will continue. Go hunting, don’t because aijia sweeps everyone’s happiness!”

LongYi’s face sank, and there was nothing to say to the mouth. Hua Jin’s hand on the ground: “Yeschen mistakes made EmpressDowager frightened, and the minister was willing to escort EmpressDowager back to the palace!”

LongYi is not aware of the subconscious, but LengJiu has already left the horse: “Hurry up and escort!”

“Follow!” Hua Jin’s policy followed LengJiu and the group of people out of the woods. Everyone watched them go out. LongYi’s bow and arrow were held by him. LongYueLi fiddled with the arrow feathers in his hand, and his look was inexplicable. On LongYueLi’s body Gong Yuwei has maintained an expression from the beginning to the present, not indifference, but some can’t believe it, and some doubts can make his iceberg face that has not changed for thousands of years show his emotions. It is not a common thing to think about it!

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