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Chapter 28

It was determined that no one was chasing, Hua Jin’s talents will land, and LengJiu will be placed on the ground, and a clean stone will be found. It is obvious that the transition has just been used internally, and some can’t stand it.

After a while, I looked up and saw LengJiu still standing there. Looking at a place with a gaze, I couldn’t help but ask: “What? No, it’s just scared?”

LengJiu heard the words returning from his own thoughts, looked at Hua Jin, walked over to him by two steps, and then bowed his head to the weeds in front of him, one by one, almost like a child. Venting.

 When Hua Jin saw her movements, she couldn’t help but smile: “I thought that when you became EmpressDowager, you would be dignified and steady, and didn’t expect it to be so childish!”

LengJiu’s hand, looking at the boy from the side: “Have you met me before?”

 The smile on the face of Hua Jin’s words suddenly became a sneer: “No! How could Chen know EmpressDowagerniangniang?”

LengJiu heard the news and suddenly knew that there was something in it. He had no choice but to spread his hand: “The last time I was beaten by Emperor in WeiyangPalace, I had a lot of blood on my forehead. After I woke up, I forgot a lot of things. At the beginning, I even got myself. I forgot all about it. I have been able to remember some things recently, but there are still many people who can’t remember it. You blame me for it’s useless, and I didn’t forget it!”

 The sarcasm on the face of Hua Jin’s words suddenly disappeared, and the vagueness was still tense: “He hit you? How can he be qualified to beat you?”

LengJiu sees his worried look, and his heart is happy. It’s just a small Xiaozheng at the bottom of my heart. It’s just screaming. I’m happy with my heart, but my face is still a sly look. Silk, revealing the scar of the light pink powder, it is almost better to use a good gelatin cream, but you can still see a little imprint!

“No! It’s not quite right now!”

 Hua Jin’s eyes flashed distressed, and then he turned away on the side, stinking and stinking: “Live it! Who told you to hang him? I said how you gave him a face today, it turned out that he hit you. You are sad!”

LengJiu is speechless, what logic is this child? And she does not seem to offend him, how is he angry?

I am pleased to say: “Hey! You said that you used to know me. Why didn’t you recognize me when I started today? When I heard my identity, I was so surprised, I didn’t seem to know me at all!”

 Hua Jin’s disliked position was removed: “You entered the palace for three years. I went to the border with my father five years ago, so I haven’t seen you for five years, and you have changed a lot. I didn’t recognize it. !”

“Five years? How old are you now? Looks like you are still young?” LengJiu sighed.

 Hua Jin’s words immediately came over and a bit of biting her: “I am 18 years old and I am an adult!”

“Oh! It’s only 18 years old! It’s smaller than me, come, call Bigsis to listen!” LengJiu looked at him with a sigh of relief, and the prank cells on his body popped up immediately, and a rogue slut screamed like it. .

 Hua Jin was shocked first, then burst into red: “Do you know shame? You are EmpressDowager, how can you say this!”

LengJiu smiled and sneaked over: “What do you say I should say?”

 Hua Jin looked at her fascinating beauty, her heart was like a drum, and there was just the old man, completely stunned: “You…you…”

LengJiu saw his movements suddenly smiled, and then closer: “Come! Call Bigsis to listen, otherwise I will be – pro – you – – Oh!”

 Hua Jin listened to the last few words, the heartbeat almost burst out, and suddenly turned over and wanted to escape, but he forgot that LengJiu was leaning over him, and the two men’s lips were separated by two fingers. The distance, his movement, the original can not be, and immediately kissed up.

The incredible feeling on the lips made him stiff, staring at LengJiu’s close-knit face, and forgot to react, and LengJiu was shocked. She just wanted to tease him, but now it seems… A little… It seems that something is wrong!

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