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Chapter 29

Seeing that the young boy was stunned, LengJiu’s heart was moving. For a long time, no one could shake her heart with such a simple expression; the touch on the lips and the appearance of a young boy in front of him were a huge temptation for her. But she knew she shouldn’t touch this boy at the moment!

He is not under the banner of Lanze, his status is humble, nor is LongYueLi unruly and unconstrained. He is a normal family Gongzi brother, a young boy, and her identity should not be provoked by him!

The ripples in my heart instantly became calm, all the emotions condensed cleanly, gently removed my lips, and then turned and walked toward the woods. After such a shackle, it is best to say nothing. Otherwise, what is the capital to make the two more embarrassing!

 Hua Jin was still immersed in the beauty of the kiss and didn’t return to God, but suddenly felt in front of him, then LengJiu actually left like this, suddenly the shame in his heart disappeared and became a raging anger. A fire came up, waiting for LengJiu’s back, and thought without thinking, he said: “Dead woman! If you kissed me, I will forget it!”

“Touch!” LengJiu had a good walk, and suddenly came back with such a sentence, one of the feet did not pay attention to be stumped by a tree branch, and then fell to the ground solidly!

 Hua Jin regretted it after he finished speaking. What did he say so shameful? But when he saw LengJiu planting it with his head, his expression was awkward, she… just planted?

The man has not yet returned to God, and the body has already climbed up and rushed to LengJiu, and quickly lifted her up. I was worried in the heart, but the words of the exit were with impetus: “You are stupid Ah? Can you wrestle all the way?”

LengJiu didn’t want him to help him. He simply sat on the ground and then rolled his eyes without any image: “It’s not scared by you!”

 Hua Jin remembered what she had just said, and her face suddenly became hot again. She looked at her neck and did not look good. “I am telling the truth, who told you just…” The three words behind are really Not so good to say it!

LengJiu saw his shy and arrogant look, and suddenly felt funny, but it didn’t feel embarrassing at the moment, but she didn’t want to continue this topic any more: “After such a long time, those assassins should leave, we will also Go ahead! Otherwise, wait for them to search for the mountain!”

LengJiu got up, Hua Jin stood up, LengJiu walked calmly in front, Hua Jin still didn’t breathe her back, but if he looked at him carefully, his face still had anger, but that The brows and lips are always bent upwards!

When I came, I used it quickly. When I went out, I walked. I found that this road is not long. But fortunately, LengJiu is not the big lady who is so delicate. This road has no threat to her! It’s a hunting ground. Just so many people are hunting. The animals here are frightened, but fortunately they don’t encounter wild beasts, tigers or bears. It’s safe to go out all the way!

Just after walking out of the woods, he was immediately pointed at by a dozen Guards. After seeing LengJiu and Hua Jin, he took the sword: “pay respect toEmpressDowager!”

  Young lady Qianjin and the family Gongzi have been escorted away, and Wenchen has been sent away. Only LongYi, LongYueLi, and several military officers are left here.

I heard someone calling EmpressDowager. LongYi came over immediately. It seems that LengJiu was not hurt. He said: “Eunuch Lu said that you were killed by the assassin, but you are not injured!”

“EmpressDowager!” Eunuch Lu ran over, and the face of the red and white palette was frightened and worried; LengJiu took a squint and ignored him.

“Thank you for emperor! If nothing happens, aijia will go back first!” The words will go around, but LongYi screams with a sigh: “EmpressDowager! You are so worried about you, don’t you have anything to say.” Say?”

LengJiu’s step: “Aijia didn’t say thank you? Emperor thought what aijia should say? You are emperor, I am EmpressDowager, although not mother and child, but please emperor remember, aijia is your… elder!”

LongYi’s face became cold because of the last sentence of LengJiu, so Eunuch Lu next to him couldn’t help but shudder, and looked at Hua Jin, and a dusty walk followed LengJiu!

“EmpressDowager! Wait for your humble slave!”

 Hua Jin’s long-eyed anger, LongYi, did not salute, and immediately retreated to the other side!

LengJiu walked to the place where the horse was going. LongYueLi also walked over with his sleeves. He walked side by side without taking a few steps. LongYueLi glanced at Hua Jin, who left the other side of the horse, and tasted: “EmpressDowager When the assassination, but the emperor is the first expensive Gongzi to save, it is still a beautiful thing!”

LengJiu gave him a cold look: “When did mysterious prince talk become so yin and yang? Who is saved by aijia, is it a beautiful thing, what are you doing with you?”

LengJiu’s indifference finally stimulated LongYueLi to finally take a nerve, and no matter what people behind him saw it, pinching LengJiu’s wrist, the force was so big that it could pinch out a tone, and the voice became cold: “Jiu’er! You provoked me, do you still want to provoke other men?”

LengJiu earned two hands and didn’t break his hand. He simply stopped and looked at him coldly: “LongYueLi! Did I provoke you or you provoke me? I have already said, take care of your own heart, don’t I hope I will give you something!”

LongYueLi’s palm tightened, and it seemed to be too big to crush her wrist: “Jiu’er! You said, if I kill him?”

The pain on the wrist was extremely painful, but LengJiu didn’t even wrinkle his brow: “Who you kill is your business, it has nothing to do with me, but if you want LongYi to kill you, you will continue to hold my hand!”

LongYueLi looked sideways and saw that LongYi had come over and had to let go of LengJiu’s hand. After a deep look at her, she left her sleeve!

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