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Chapter 30

LongYi stared at LengJiu’s back, LengJiu seemed to have no feelings, turned over and took Eunuch Lu back all the way. LongYi finally regained his gaze and ordered twenty guards to escort LengJiu back!

There was an assassin in the hunt, but fortunately, the ministers and Young lady Qianjin were not injured. The death of a hundred soldiers and gongren, LongYi ordered the emperor and the criminal department to investigate the matter and go back to the palace. A lot of people saw that a pile of corpses were frightened. At night, LongYi ordered a feast to be frightened. In the afternoon, a thousand soldiers and horses were transferred tomorrow, and this was the heart of these people!

At the dinner, LengJiu didn’t go. First, she didn’t want to go. Second, her aunt came. This morning, she was also a very spirited person. In the evening, she immediately became a glutinous eggplant, softly lying on the bed, moving all the time. I want to move!

Eunuch Lu looked at this kind of LengJiu, the smile on his face was always hanging, EmpressDowager is so big and childish, but how to look at it feels good, if you used to give emperor this way, emperor will not be her So unrequited, unfortunately emperor once broke the heart, now I am afraid that I can’t get back!

The dinner was just scattered, LongYi came here, afraid that I drank a lot of wine, a wine taste, and finally barely walked away, but the look has been somewhat blurred!

“emperor! EmpressDowager has been taken, you will come again tomorrow!” Eunuch Lu stopped LongYi to persuade.

“Roll!” LongYi did not take a good look at Eunuch Lu, regardless of the look of the back of the gongren, directly pushed open the door of the temple, stepped down and walked inside!

LengJiu didn’t have any sleep. When LongYi came, she knew it. When she heard the opening of the door, she turned her head and looked at LongYi step by step. She looked up and said: “What is this for emperor? Could it be too much to drink here? ?”

“emperor?aijia?” LongYi sneered, and walked up to LengJiu’s bed and sat down on both sides of LengJiu’s shoulders. Half of her body covered her. She looked at her with sarcasm: “Would you like to be a queen? The bad old man just hooked his hand and you sent it yourself. Unfortunately, you didn’t do the Queen’s life. It only became half a month and became EmpressDowager, huh, huh… but you still want to be my queen, you are my LongYi. Who? Want to, if you don’t want to give up? 朕 is emperor, you can imperial harem three thousand, why do you want this woman?”

“Hate you! Can’t wait to kill you…. But why are you mixing with LongYueLi? You didn’t have enough to provoke him, but actually seduce Hua Jin, cold Jinghua, how do you say so embarrassing? ”

“Hey!” LengJiu’s slap in the face of LongYi, then quickly picked up, dragging LongYi’s body, and smashing one over the shoulder and throwing it out, LongYi’s tall body ‘touch’ falls On the ground, the people outside were shocked and rushed in quickly!

“Emperor…emperor…” Eunuch Qu saw LongYi lying on the ground, his face was white, and he shook and held LongYi up: “emperor! Wake up!”

See LongYi still not awake, suddenly shocked: “Come on! Pass the Imperials Doctor! Pass Imperials Doctor!”

Eunuch Lu walked to the bedside LengJiu and quickly brought a fox to her: “EmpressDowager is still wearing shoes first, otherwise it will be bad if it is cold!”

LengJiu didn’t wear shoes, walked up and pulled the enclosed imperial maid in two steps, and looked at the closed eyes of LongYi: “emperor is drunk, take him back, let the Imperials Doctor look at it, what a fuss ?”

Eunuch Qu looks at LengJiu, some doubts: “But…”

“But what?” LengJiu swept away with a cold eye, unable to tell the prestige and fierceness: “emperor drunk you do not put him back to the palace, but let him go the wrong way to the aijia’s palace, this is the crime of dereliction of duty, need You don’t need aijia to let the ritual official first impeach your fold, eunuch Qu?”

“your humble slave… don’t dare!” eunuch Qu knows that this can’t be too big tonight, and people come over and let LongYi go, hope that emperor wakes up and doesn’t remember the thing tonight, otherwise…

Seeing LongYi being carried away, Eunuch Lu breathed a sigh of relief: “EmpressDowager is frightened! Go back to bed and hurry up, cool on the ground!”

LengJiu took two steps: “Prepare a set of clothes, I want to bathe!”

“Yes!” Eunuch Lu waved the imperial maid to prepare, and he followed LengJiu to the back bath, and sent her all the way to stop; God knew that he had just dared to come out when he saw LongYi lying on the ground. If emperor died here, EmpressDowager played with him, but fortunately just fainting, look at EmpressDowager, nothing should happen, his heart fell back to his stomach!

With the departure of LongYi, the entire palace restored its original tranquility. The person who stood in the dark turned and prepared to leave, but looked at her in a pair of visits. Hua Jin looked at her with no anger: “How are you here? ?”

The person who came is Hua Yuxuan. Her eyes swept over the back of the Palace and then recovered: “Before you ask this question, should you explain why you are here?”

“EmpressDowager today was frightened because I saw her not appearing at night. I just took a look and had a problem?”

Hua Yuxuan obviously does not believe his words: “Brother! You better remember, no matter how she treats you in the past, now she is EmpressDowager, you better stay away from her!”

 Hua Jin’s sneer: “You have a feeling of caring about me. It’s better to manage yourself. Right, I heard that she will give you the seal. You said that I should congratulate you on your wish? The future queen niangniang!”

The words are leaving, leaving a white-faced Hua Yu Xuan!

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