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Chapter 31
Last night, emperor went to EmpressDowager’s palace, and finally fainted and lifted it up. Eunuch Qu said that emperor was drunk and went to the wrong place. The ministers had to be true letters, don’t believe? Do you dare to question EmpressDowager and emperor?
LengJiu had a good night’s sleep after bathing. LongYi’s madness was irrelevant to her. She was not a cold Jinghua, nor would she become a cold Jinghua. She was LengJiu. Everything about Leng Jinghua had nothing to do with her. She didn’t want to know why she married. The old emperor became Empress Dowager, and she didn’t want to know her entanglement with LongYi. As long as LongYi didn’t get into her, she would have nothing to worry about. If he did too much, she wouldn’t care if you were an emperor!
“EmpressDowager!” Eunuch Lu came to wash the water, personally served LengJiu to wash, let the imperial maid put a little thick clothes on LengJiu, and looked at LengJiu’s face: “Your humble slave asked the Imperials Doctor last night, said The emperor was really drunk, but the back of the head grew a big bag, all bleeding, emperor got up this morning emperor appearance furious, the stick blamed two uninformed gongren, is it still mad?”
LengJiu is very clear about his skills. It is just a bag. He can’t die. Who makes him a swearing man to drunk her? She didn’t fall and his half-length was already worthy of him!
“I am angry! He drunk and smashed my palace, did he dare to openly anger me?”
Eunuch Lu tidy up the clothes for LengJiu and sighed: “Before EmpressDowager always turned around emperor, your humble slave is going up every day, because the last emperor was unrequited, EmpressDowager finally let go of emperor, now emperor Going back to EmpressDowager, my humble slave is hanged again!”
LengJiu heard a chuckle: “Are you an eunuch, still managing these love affairs?”
Eunuch Lu looks at LengJiu with a quirky look: “EmpressDowager, you’re joking about your humble slave! Your humble slave knows what love, just care about the identity ethics of EmpressDowager and emperor. Since ancient times, men have been cherished, women are on the back, EmpressDowager is like this. Young and beautiful, if there is something wrong with the emperor, I am afraid that it will be impeached by a hundred officials, and the humble slave is worried about EmpressDowager you Ah!”
LengJiu heard more about Eunuch Lu. Her imperial maid around her can’t name her until now. The only thing she is familiar with is the eunuch who stunned her when she crossed. She felt that he was not malicious to himself. This is why she is willing to stay with him, even LongYueLi has not said much! Listening to his words at the moment, when it is really heartfelt words, she knows the servility of the ancient your humble slave, and she will be very loyal to the master, but it is because of this.
“How long have you been with me?”
“Back to EmpressDowager! Just three years and three months! From the first day of EmpressDowager’s entry into the palace, your humble slave is next to EmpressDowager!”
So long? LengJiu raised an eyebrow: “What did you do before?”
Eunuch Lu knows that LengJiu can’t remember a lot of things. Seeing her asking questions is not an accident. She replied: “Your humble slave used to be the head of the board of directors, managing the meal of the master guiren. Later, EmpressDowager entered the palace and picked among many people. In your humble slave, your humble slave has been with EmpressDowager!”
“that’s it?”
“How does EmpressDowager think?”
LengJiu gimmick: “No! It just feels too common. It doesn’t seem to be worthy of your loyalty to me!”
Eunuch Lu chuckles: “EmpressDowagerniangniang still suspects that your humble slave is not successful? Your humble slave is just a slut, fate is connected with the master, your humble slave is naturally hoping that your master is good, your humble slave is next to EmpressDowager First-class eunuch, EmpressDowager honor, then your humble slave, EmpressDowager陨, your humble slave also died, the so-called glory, all damage, you say your humble slave can be unfaithful?”
LengJiu愣愣 nodded: “It seems a bit reasonable!”
Eunuch Lu sees LengJiu and reveals her daughter’s slyness. She can’t help but laugh again: “Okay! Good EmpressDowager of your humble slave, you should change your clothes now. Today, there are riding competitions, and each Gongzi shows talent. It’s very lively. Haven’t you always felt that you’re not busy? Don’t miss it today!”
Although it is hunting, naturally it is impossible to just hunt, and entertainment programs are naturally indispensable. The ladies of Gongzi come, naturally, they must show their strengths in front of the emperor, and the shooting martial arts will be brightened, if it is emperor In the middle, it may be able to seal the official and the prince directly, and then it will be able to show his face in the aristocratic circle, so Gongzi brother who is a bit of a skill is full of strength today!
When LengJiu arrived, it had not yet begun. The tents of Ming Huang were placed on the hills. The positions of the officials went all the way down, followed by the location of the ladies Gongzi. In fact, there are actually more than two hundred people!
“EmpressDowager is driving!”
Eunuch Lu shouted and everyone immediately got up and saluted: “pay respect toEmpressDowager!”
“mianli!” LengJiu raised his hand at random, and the pace kept on going to the high platform. He ignored the gaze of LongYi and walked to his position to sit down.
“EmpressDowager can sleep well last night?” LengJiu ignored him, didn’t mean LongYi didn’t talk, she just sat down, LongYi’s slightly audible voice rang, the official who just sat down immediately, looking in the middle of the two mobile!
LengJiu smiled and looked at the past: “Aijia sleeps very well, and troubles emperor cares!”
LongYi looked at her coldly: “But I didn’t sleep well!”
LengJiu faintly raised his hand and teased Dan’s hand: “emperor is working day and night, it is normal to sleep. It is normal to let eunuch Qu point some peace of mind. I think emperor can sleep well!”
LongYi’s nephew was about to shoot the knife, and even the people around him felt LongYi’s anger, but LengJiu didn’t feel like it at all: “emperor! The shout started!”
LongYi regained his gaze and waved his hand to start. Eunuch Qu nodded and said: “Begin!”
The first round is archery, the target is set at 100 meters, and ten Gongzi brothers take turns to shoot arrows, one person and three, all shots are considered to pass! LengJiu blinked at the arrow in front of him, and the ten arrows shot at the same time. It was fast and slow. Although all of them hit the target, only seven hits, and only two of the hearts were in the middle!
There is no chance for a miss, the next round is seven arrows, seven are also hits, and there are two arrows, two arrows are inserted in the red heart at the same time; especially one of them, actually tightly squatting Together, it looks like a pair of chopsticks vertically; LengJiu can’t help but look sideways, only to see that Hua Jin is actually inside, still in a red dress, inlaid with Jin Xue, beautiful, standing in a group of Gongzi brothers is extremely dazzling, just The two arrows were shot by him.
Seemingly aware of LengJiu’s gaze, Hua Jin turned his head and looked at LengJiu’s arrogant head, a stinking look, LengJiu couldn’t help but laugh at it!
Laughter did not fall, immediately felt a deep gaze, LengJiu looked sideways, but saw LongYueLi turned his head, he changed a purple casual dress today, wearing it on his body is still loose, can not tell the lazy However, she still saw different boring in him. She knew why he was, but she couldn’t give it to her. If she gave it, he couldn’t afford it!
Just want to regain her gaze, but she is still in the guise of Gong Yuwei’s icy, she naturally knows why he looks at himself like this, but she can’t be guilty, as if she didn’t see it, she turned her eyes and the third round has already shot. After that, Hua Jin still shot the red heart, and the three arrows stood side by side. At a glance, he saw that his archery skills were superb!
A total of twenty-six Gongzi brothers participated, but only fifteen were left, and then fifteen targets were placed immediately, still 100 meters away, but this time it was not standing, but riding. With archery, the difficulty is a lot bigger!
“Hey!” A bang, 15 horses flew out at the same time, and the arrow in the hand also shot out. The man who just shot with Hua Jin shot two arrows and suddenly won the officials applauding. The ladies are so excited that they can’t help but clap their hands!
 Hua Jin didn’t make an urgent shot like them, but when the horse ran to the middle, the three arrows were placed on the bow at the same time, pulling the string and bending the full moon: “Hey!”
“Good!” Three arrows are in the middle of the heart, a military officer is excited to stand up, clapping hands!
 Hua Jin’s decision to turn around and raise his eyebrows at LengJiu’s eyes, a smug look!
LengJiu shook his head slightly and took a date on the table to eat!
“How does EmpressDowager think about Hua Jin?” LongYi’s voice suddenly sounded beside him. LengJiu regained his gaze and spit out the jujube nucleus and replied: “Nature is very powerful. Have you not seen the excitement of those adults?”
LongYi stared at her for a moment: “What does EnpressDowager think?”
LengJiu looks back: “Is the idea of ​​aijia so important?”
“Of course! Hua Jin had a marriage contract with the Seven Princesses. Counting the days, the Seven Princesses are also married this year. It is just that Hua Jin is also an adult. If EmpressDowager thinks that Hua Jin is good, he will be the leader of the Hummer. EmpressDowager thinks that how is it?”
“驸马?” LengJiu swept his eyes and returned to Hua Jin’s return. He nodded seriously: “The fresh clothes are angry and young, but it’s a bit like a horse!”
LongYi blinks: “EmpressDowager is true!”
LengJiu raised his eyebrows and looked at it. He asked, “Imperor thought that aijia was joking with you?”
LongYi looked at her for a long time. She didn’t care about her. She didn’t even have a strange look. She seemed to be relieved. She swept away the gloomy face and smiled. “If that’s the case! Give a marriage!”
LengJiu took the teacup and gently opened the tea leaves with the lid, and ignored him. He looked at him from the moment with his enthusiasm, and he was happy in the heart but with a face and a calm face. I can’t help but feel funny, it really is a child!
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