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Chapter 33

LongYi looked at LengJiu for a while, and the gaze seemed to penetrate her, but her face still calmly smiled, without a trace of reluctance or nervousness, suddenly the haze of her heart was gone, could not help but laugh at herself, actually I will doubt that she is in love with others, and that person is still Hua Jin, and she feels ridiculous. It is his own magic obstacle!

Lang smiled: “EmpressDowager said it is very good, but this reward has not been thought of, just stay back to the palace and say, as for the marriage…” Turned to look at Hua Jin: “Can you have a favorite woman?” ”

 Hua Jin’s shaking his head: “Chen has been at the border, and soon after returning to Beijing, how could there be a woman who is interested?”

“Then you can be happy seven princesses or eight princesses? I remember you met several times when you went to the study!”

 Hua Jin’s archer seriously said: “Xie Xie Empress Dowager, emperor Meiyi, but Chen is now a nameless pawn, has not yet made meritorious deeds, and his wife is still early!”

LongYi naturally knows that he will refuse, and there are not many accidents and anger. Moreover, he feels that he has seen LengJiu’s heart. At this moment, he feels very good: “Since he is unwilling, he is not reluctant. If he meets a favorite woman one day, he will How about getting married for you?”

 Hua Jin still keeps his head down: “Xie emperor!”

LengJiu waved a handkerchief: “But it! It is aijia casually talking about it. Today, I saw it, my body is a little uncomfortable. Aijia has to go back to the palace to have a rest. I hope everyone can enjoy it!”

“Congratulations to EmpressDowager!”

LengJiu’s eyes had never left, and after two steps, he was slightly stiff. Eunuch Lu quickly hugged and worried: “EmpressDowager is slower!”

LongYi sees this slight frown, summoning eunuch Qu: “Is EmpressDowager really so bad?”

Eunuch Qu heard a smile and said something to LongYi’s ear. LongYi immediately spread his brow and smiled!

There are not many things that LengJiu hates in the world, but the aunt is definitely one of them, especially in the absence of sanitary napkins in ancient times, she wants her life Ah!

Eunuch Lu lifted the phoenix and helped LengJiu sit up, only to see LengJiu’s brow loose!

Knowing that she was not comfortable at the moment, Eunuch Lu consciously found something to hope to distract her attention: “How did EmpressDowager suddenly think about giving China Gongzi a marriage today?”

LengJiu leaned against the pillow and heard the stunned eyelids: “LongYi is suspicious. I ran to me last night because of Hua Jin. Today I used the gifted Hua Jin to test me. If so, I will Say the gift of marriage first, let him try to find out enough!”

In LengJiu’s view, LongYi is a suspicious person, nothing to look for, and a look of being betrayed. It is ridiculous. He is so cold and cold, even when he hates her, how dod’t expect this woman once loved him so deeply. ? Now she ignores him, but he turns over and toss, so that men are guilty!

Eunuch Lu heard the words to understand the reason for today: “But your humble slave sees Hua Gongzi’s face doesn’t seem to look good!”

LengJiu blinked: “I am in charge of him! I don’t care about it, or I am so good. Although I have been slavish, I still haven’t bothered me!”

Eunuch Lu heard and laughed at LengJiu in the squat: “EmpressDowager is looking for your humble slave again. If your humble slave dares to trouble EmpressDowager, I am afraid that it has been played far away by EmpressDowager!”

LengJiu didn’t have the strength and didn’t want to talk to him more. The cartilage head was usually on the pillow: “Come faster! I will go back to bathe!”

“Yes!” Eunuch Lu quickly responded, and then urged the person to lift the pace!

Going back to the palace, LengJiu will directly pounce on the bath, wash it well, and then change it all, it will be like living! It used to be uncomfortable for her to come to the aunt, but she never thought about it now. It’s like a fate, it’s really tossing her!

Let people come to lunch, go to bed and go to bed after eating, but I slept a lot last night. Although I was a little groggy at the moment, I couldn’t sleep, but I got up: “Eunuch Lu!”

“Your humble slave is here!” Eunuch Lu ran in: “What is EmpressDowager commanding?”

LengJiu patted the groggy head: “Go to a thick cloak, I want to go out and go!”


Soon Eunuch Lu hugged a thick fox fur cloak, all white and white, it looked very nice, and it didn’t need to be worn to know that it was warm, but did she have such a cloak?

Seeing LengJiu’s doubts, Eunuch Lu smiled and said: “This is the emperor just sent, saying that it was a few days ago that a few white foxes were killed and the embroidered mothers made it. Today, it was woven, and it was supposed to be given to LiWei. But I don’t know how to send it here, your humble slave looks at the fox fur and keeps it warm and beautiful, it is accepted, and it is not cheap to go to LiWei!”

LengJiu heard the words: “Forget it! Although the people who send things are not the same, but good is a good thing, why not go with yourself?”

“Yes!” Eunuch Lu agreed, and then shook the cloak, tied LengJiu, and sorted her hair, and said with amazement: “EmpressDowager is beautiful, and only such a cloak will lining your beauty!” ”

“You are poor!” LengJiu shook his cloak, not very heavy, but it was very warm when you put on the body, just got up a little cool, and now feels like wrapped in a quilt, it is very comfortable!

“Go! Go to the garden!”

LengJiu wanted to see the Peony tree and the autumn chrysanthemum, but I saw a group of beautiful women playing there, and suddenly lost interest!

Eunuch Lu saw LengJiu’s brow wrinkled again and immediately said: “Your humble slave knows that there is a quiet place here. Most people don’t go there. Although there is no Peony tree, there is a forest bamboo forest. Under the bamboo, autumn chrysanthemum is planted. It’s time to open!”

“Well! Go see!”

Eunuch Lu led LengJiu to the remote southwest courtyard, where there are also several palaces, but no one lives at the moment, and the imperial maid of the guards is also transferred to help there. At this moment, it is extraordinarily quiet! There is a bamboo forest behind the last palace. It is not big, but it is not small. There are a few clusters of wild chrysanthemum under the bamboo forest, which are unreasonable and messy, but they are very flourishing!

The fragrance of bamboo is mixed with the taste of chrysanthemum flowers. LengJiu’s mood is slightly better. Walk along the quiet path. There is an empty grass in the middle of the bamboo forest. The ground is thick and green, and it is very comfortable to step on; LengJiu is never A person who cares about anything, lying down on the ground, wrapped in thick foxes, does not feel cold, under the body is thick grass, the tip of the nose is incomparably fragrant, the top of the head is a blue sky, there are ears The rustling of the bamboo leaves is so wonderful!

Eunuch Lu originally wanted to persuade LengJiu to be cool on the ground, but seeing her seem to enjoy it, there is no more mouth, just secretly remembering to go back and let the kitchen lick ginger soup ginger tea!

LengJiu is in a good mood, she is going to fall asleep, and suddenly she hears Eunuch Lu: “Hua Gongzi!”

LengJiu opened his eyes slightly, looking sideways, a touch of red Yan came from the side of the bamboo forest, his eyes fell on her for a moment!

“EmpressDowager is here, Hua Gong is not going to bother!” Eunuch Lu stopped Hua Jin’s way.

LengJiu closed his eyelids again, but he said, “Let him come over! Go outside and guard!”

See LengJiu saying that Eunuch Lu just let the position go to the entrance to guard!

 Hua Jin stepped closer to LengJiu and looked at her in a condescending manner. It was also this moment, and there was another kind of embarrassment that made him unable to be self-sufficient. Her whole person was wrapped in a fox, and only a face was exposed outside. Wrapped in a white fox, the little face looks white and pink, her face is not that kind of this little one face, but at the moment it looks small and exquisite, people can’t move their eyes, she is beautiful, returning from After seeing her, she is more beautiful than ever before, and those thoughts that I never dared to think, all of them from the bottom of my heart at this moment, the pressure can not be suppressed!

“How come you?” Seeing him not talking for a long time, only staring at her, LengJiu finally opened his eyes, but still did not get up, she does not want to move now!

 Hua Jin returned to her mind from her own thoughts, sitting on her knees one foot next to her: “When you took a lunch out, you saw that you came here, and you came involuntarily!”

LengJiu looked sideways and saw his side face from this angle. He was slightly stunned and turned his gaze to his clothes: “You are very happy with this color of clothes?”

 One of Hua Jin: “Are you ugly?”

“No!” LengJiu shook his head slightly: “I rarely see people dressing this color so beautiful, it’s for you!”

 Hua Jin’s heart sneaked through the sneak peek, but then he sank again: “You… why are you giving me a marriage?”

LengJiu knew that he would ask this and sighed: “You are already eighteen years old. When you are 18 years old, you have already married your wife and children. Is it wrong to give me a marriage? And you have a marriage contract with the royal princess. Marriage is just a cut-off, heavy or not?”

 Hua Jin listened to her indifferent tone and raised her anger: “But you have never asked me for advice. Even if there is a marriage contract, I can’t marry the princess. Who wants you to make a decision?”

LengJiu is speechless: “Is it not successful in the end?”

“But if you want to give me to others, there is nothing wrong with it!” Hua Jin whispered, turning to look at LengJiu’s eyes, his face full of anger and sadness!

LengJiu gave a slight glimpse: “I just said casually, if you make you angry, I apologize!”

 Hua Jin’s words were even more mad, and his face was red with a white face: “You are a silly woman, you and you…”

You haven’t said anything for a long time, Hua Jin’s eyes are all round, but LengJiu’s innocent look, Hua Jin’s anger, her eyes sweeping through her slightly red lips, I don’t know what to think. The fierce deception of the past, covering her red lips began to fierce bites!

LengJiu saw him rushing like a beast, and his heart was shocked, and then the pain on his lips made her frown: “Hey! Pain!”

 Hua Jin’s voice was stiff, but she did not let go of her. The movements on her lips were involuntarily lighter, rude and angry, and she was only careful and lingering.

LengJiu looked at the close-knit face, the skin is not the delicateness of the woman, but the smoothness is not a little embarrassing, not just because of shame or anger, the skin of the white scorpion is red, beautiful! The kiss on the lips, although not intense enough, but like a feather to shake her heart, so that she can not help but slightly affection!

Raising his hand slightly propped his head up a distance, looking straight at him with some shyness and sly eyes: “Do you know what you are doing?”

 Hua Jin bites her lip and swears: “You kissed me that day, now I am coming back, and the two are clear!”

LengJiu brows one thing: “It’s a pity, it’s destined to be clear!”

The words fell on the head of Hua Jin, the red lips greeted his lips, the small tongue licked his lips, swept his tongue with a burning flame, and his thoughts!

 Hua Jin’s movements of LengJiu are so lingering, the beauty of his mouth makes him shudder, his hands can’t help but hug her body, tighten, then close his eyes and immerse himself in this deep kiss!

Originally LengJiu took the initiative, but it didn’t take long for Hua Jin to learn, the hot tongue counterattacked in the past, constantly picking honey juice in her mouth, and her strength, and gradually lost with this kiss!

At the end of a kiss, LengJiu squatted on the shoulder of Hua Jin, his face was blushing, his red lips fluttered slightly; and Hua Jin didn’t go there well, if the last kiss made him know and kiss the woman. Wonderful, then this kiss is like a poison, which makes him deeply addicted! Because there is no experience, at this moment, he is also flushed and his chest is constantly undulating. Obviously he has been sighing all the time, and the bright scorpions are now dyed with another color, such as the blossoming of peach blossoms. !

The incredible body in the arms made him reluctant to let go, all the way to the heart, her sweet fragrance, her temperature, not the same at the moment, not let him fascinated, slightly bowed, facing her confused scorpion, suddenly a heart tremble , slightly down, looking at her slightly open red lips, could not help but bowed again…

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