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Chapter 36

LengJiu woke up and touched the soft and round things on his chest. He couldn’t help but smile and poke his quilt to poke its little head: “I love to sleep, why are you so sleepy?”

Seeing that he still slept, LengJiu got up and covered it with a quilt, calling Eunuch Lu to find some pine nuts to come back and wash himself. She didn’t love bathing, but every time. Come here, I always feel uncomfortable, I have to wash it to be a little better!

After showering, I just saw the little guy woke up in bed and laughed happily, but saw LengJiu stop immediately, curious and proudly watching her!

LengJiu reached out and the little guy looked at it for a while, then grabbed her sleeve and climbed to her shoulder two or three times. At the moment it was dinner, Eunuch Lu had a good dinner waiting for LengJiu, and LengJiu had a side next to it. A special gold-plated dish with a bunch of fresh pine nuts!

LengJiu put the little guy aside and touched its round body: “Eat!”

Eunuch Lu took a bowl of medicinal soup to LengJiu: “This is the Imperials Doctor’s re-modulation today, adding some medicine to help the cold!”

LengJiu had heard it for a while, a little bit of medicine, but it was not bad, it was very fragrant, and the soup was finished, and the stomach became warm and comfortable! Picking up the chopsticks and just preparing to eat, but found that the little guy next to me looked at her motionlessly, LengJiu wondered: “How? Not hungry?”

The little guy’s black eyes turned around and finally stopped on the piece of meat that had just been released, and then he couldn’t move!

LengJiu’s eyelids are drawn: “Are you a vegetarian animal? Don’t tell me you want to eat meat!”

The little guy waved two small paws to express dissatisfaction, a pair of ‘I am going to eat meat, what happened? ‘Eng’s expression, LengJiu sees good and speechless!

I took a knife on the side and cut a small piece and put it in another clean dish and handed it to it: “Eat!”

The little guy was in front of his eyes, this time he was not arrogant, and the two small claws picked up the small piece of meat, revealing two long teeth and began to pick it up, but although it was a bit funny, it was very pleasing. A small piece of meat was quickly wiped out by it. At the end, it licked its own claws, and then cleaned up the fur that was stained with oil, which turned out to be like an elegant gentleman!

“This little squirrel is very human, very cute!” Eunuch Lu couldn’t help but praise, and then said: “Since it is willing to follow EmpressDowager, EmpressDowager can’t give it a name, and call it later!”

“Name?” LengJiu looked at the little guy: “Give the squirrel a name?”

The little guy’s two claws screamed angrily and seemed to say ‘squirrels are smashed? ’.

LengJiu looked at it and thought about it: “Little white? Little black? Or a small flower, choose one yourself!”

Little guy anger: Is this a name? It is not a dog!

LengJiu saw that it seemed dissatisfied. He thought about it and suddenly smiled: “Do you want to call Kano! This name is very gentleman, it is worthy of you!”

The little guy’s eyes are bright, and the little bit of a human head seems to be very satisfying, but the following sentence makes it suddenly fall down!

“I knew you would be happy! This is the name of my favorite dog!”

The little guy is happy with a look, angry, is it a hair or a dog name? But LengJiu ignored it, she should have eaten!

Suddenly, a guard outside came in and said: “Empress Dowager! Miss Hua Yuxuan beg for audience!”

LengJiu’s chopsticks, Kano also closed his paws and looked very cute!

“Promote her to come in!”


The guards went out, but Eunuch Lu said: “EmpressDowager, you haven’t eaten yet, let her wait, why not?”

LengJiu stretched out his finger and teased Kano: “This is not very hungry, don’t eat it!”

After a while, Hua Yuxuan came in, a plain medicinal robes, and her hair was set up, only two jade enamels, which seemed to be generous!

“pay respect toEmpressDowager!”

“Free!” LengJiu raised his hand slightly: “Miss Hua came to see aijia so late, what is it?”

 Hua Yuxuan looked around at the gongren: “I wonder if EmpressDowager can let them leave? Yuxuan has something to say to EmpressDowager!”

LengJiu brows a move: “But aijia doesn’t feel like he has something to say to you!”

 Hua Yuxuan looked a little embarrassed and immediately clenched her fist: “What about my brother?”

 Hua Jin? LengJiu looked at the little guy next to him and his expression moved: “Eunuch Lu! Go on!”

Eunuch Lu stepped back and let the imperial maid on the side leave!

When the palace gate closed, the house was quiet, LengJiu said: “Can you talk now?”

 Hua Yuxuan looked at LengJiu and suddenly squatted: “Let Empress Dowager let it go!”

A glimmer of light crossed the eyes of LengJiu, she smiled and smiled: “Hua Gongzi did not offend aijia, why do you need aijia to let him go?”

 Hua Yuxuan seems to be difficult to start, but after struggling, he still whispers: “The day… the day of the bamboo forest, the minister saw it!”

LengJiu is not shocked or annoyed by her imagination, her expression is unchanged: “What about that?”

 Hua Yuxuan didn’t expect She was not moved at all, her face was even worse. Finally, she simply made a fist and said: “EmpressDowager, you are the EmpressDowager of the dynasty. You shouldn’t have it with the courtiers. If you really want to be good, don’t fall into him and be unfaithful and unfilial. He still has a good future, and he can’t be so ruined!”

LengJiu chuckles: “It’s really a good Bigsis for my brother, and I really touched aijia!”

 Hua Yuxuan looked up: “Please EmpressDowager!”

“Complete? Why should aijia be fulfilled?”

 Hua Yuxuan changed his face: “EmpressDowager! You…”

LengJiu interrupted her words, and smiled coldly. It was mocking: “Hua Yuxuan! You are a woman of a minister, although it is a prospective queen, but the quasi-word has not yet gone. What qualification do you have to talk to aijia? Even if you It’s a queen, you have to go to the province with aijia day, and it’s a younger generation. It’s a lesson to learn aijia. Is it your turn?”

 Hua Yuxuan’s face was white, but she said: “There are no lessons for Empress Dowager, but Empress Dowager is exalted and let go!”

“When did Ajia not let him go? Don’t you think that you should talk to him? You are not allowed to persuade the Lord, go to aijia to show your virtuous and friendly, you think aijia is good to talk. Still feel that I have the handle of aijia?”

“The minister is not afraid!”

LengJiu smiled: “I didn’t dare Ah? I thought you dare to do anything for your brother? It is better to send someone to invite emperor, you will talk about this with emperor, maybe, aijia really let go of you. Brother!”

“EmpressDowager!” Hua Yuxuan looked at LengJiu with disbelief: “Are you really disregarding it?”

“Why should I take care of it? He is your Chinese family. Why should Aijia take care of him?” LengJiu said coldly and relentlessly.

At this moment, Hua Yuxuan discovered that she was stupid. She thought that Leng Jinghua would take care of her face and also consider LongYi. She even thought that she was affectionate about Hua Jin, at least not let him have an accident, but she looked at her cold and bloodless. She knew that she was wrong, not only wrong, but also lost all!

“EmpressDowager has not been a minister today, and the minister has retired!” Hua Yuxuan was pale and ready to leave. LengJiu smiled very gently: “It is rare for someone to come to see aijia, how can I leave? Aijia has not eaten yet.” It is better to stay with aijia!”

After saying that she didn’t wait for her to talk, she called: “Eunuch Lu! Withdrew the table, and changed the table, aijia and Ms. Hua together!”


Eunuch Lu immediately let gongren come up to remove a table dish, re-paving the tablecloth, and let people go to the restaurant!

 Hua Yuxuan is not calm at the moment, where can I have to eat Ah! “The minister has already used it, so I won’t bother with EmpressDowager!”

At this time, the voice of eunuch Qu came out: “emperor is driving!”

 Hua Yuxuan was shocked, but LengJiu smiled even more intimately: “The emperor is coming! Miss Hua is not willing to eat with aijia, it is always possible to accompany emperor!”

 Hua Yuxuan is ugly, I don’t know how to answer it!

LongYi took a big step and looked at LengJiu. His eyes fell on Hua Yuxuan, who was squatting. He couldn’t help but ask: “How is Yuxuan here at EmpressDowager?”

 Hua Yuxuan also kept his kneeling position. After listening to this, he got up and bowed his knees: “Members pay respect toemperor!”

LengJiu didn’t show her cold face to LongYi, but smiled lightly: “emperor came just right! Miss Hua came to see aijia, aijia was ready to leave her meal, but she insisted on leaving, now emperor is coming, not as good as emperor. !aijia is a rare person in this palace, but I don’t want her to leave so soon!”

LongYi looked at LengJiu’s smile, and suddenly he made a strange impression. He did not consult Hua Yuxuan’s opinion. He said directly: “Since EmpressDowager leaves you, you will stay! In the future, you should always go to EmpressDowager to be safe!”

 What can Hua Yuxuan say? Even if there are nails here, she will still have a seat today!

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Kano! This name is very cute! Hey! The scum woman appeared, did you want to shoot even? But we are not vegetarian, Jiu’er, haha, look at Hua Yuxuan and eat it! Although there are many scum male scums in this article, from time to time, they still have to have a brain-dead, but I promise that the female lord will kill the Buddha and will not be bullied by them! Cannon fodder is used to abuse the drip, this is the king!

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