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Chapter 37

 Hua Yuxuan sat down slightly opposite LongYi, but LongYi didn’t even look at her, just looking at LengJiu: “Your body is better?”

He used ‘you’ instead of ‘EmpressDowager’. Hua Yuxuan had a sting in his heart and looked up at LongYi with a slight smile. This is what she has never seen before!

LengJiu didn’t go to see LongYi, she was afraid of nausea, bowed her head and touched Kano who was in her arms: “Well! Fortunately!”

LongYi’s gaze was drawn to her lap, only to find that she had a furry thing in her arms: “What does EmpressDowager hold in his arms?”

LengJiu took the hand and let LongYi look at the guy in his arms and continue to stroke. Kano seems to be very happy. Touching it, closing his eyes, and being served very comfortably! “In the afternoon, I went out to visit the park. I happened to see Hua Jin carrying a cage. It was always a squirrel. I looked happy and I was coming over. I just gave it something to eat!”

 Hua Yuxuan heard that it was sent by Hua Jin, and immediately looked nervous and watched LongYi’s face carefully; but I don’t know LongYi’s heart that LengJiu is happy, where would he doubt? Just smiled: “Happy is left, it looks like a well-behaved guy!”

LengJiu’s faint ‘Hmm’, it’s an answer, LongYi isn’t annoyed, and there’s still a ride with her to find out!

Eunuch Lu and eunuch Qu brought the meal together. LongYi paused a little and arranged the tableware. LengJiu had no appetite, but he still had to eat it. Hua Yuxuan The whole person was sitting on a needle felt. Reluctantly maintain the lady’s etiquette and put down the tableware after eating it! I am afraid that only LongYi eats the most!

Seeing Hua Yuxuan is not good, LengJiu is too lazy to leave them here to look at the eyes, excuses that they are lacking, LongYi got up and left, but also let her rest, Hua Yuxuan’s face is whiter!

Both of them went out of EmpressDowager’s palace, and Hua Yuxuan walked behind LongYi and looked at the back of his stalwart. He finally couldn’t help but say: “emperor seems to care about EmpressDowager!”

LongYi took a step and looked at her sideways. It was a chill in the eyes: “You haven’t seen anything tonight!”

 Hua Yuxuan was shocked and said: “Yuxuan knows!”

LongYi looked at her again and walked away, leaving Hua Yuxuan to bite the lower lip in place!

 Hua Yuxuan hangs her head back to her yard, but does not want someone to be waiting for her there!

“Where have you been?” Hua Jin’s clothes, even in the dark, are still dazzling, and the same dazzling eyes are his eyes, but the flooding is cool!

 Hua Yuxuan looked at her and walked in. She didn’t want to talk now!

 Hua Jin did not stop her: “You better not to take care of yourself, otherwise don’t blame me for not thinking about my brother!”

 Hua Yuxuan pushed the door and stopped, and the fire in his heart came out. He turned around and sneered at Hua Jin. “You actually care about her, so you care about her, you know that you are in her.” Is there nothing here?”

“Don’t you manage!” Hua Jin’s face is also not good-looking.

 Hua Yuxuan suppressed the anger of two hours as if he had found a vent, and did not care about what the lady was dignified. He wanted to vent his anger: “Oh! Do you know what I said to her? I Let her stay away from you, otherwise it will kill you, but she doesn’t care, she doesn’t even say a word! Let me tell you about emperor, she doesn’t even look at the eyes! Tonight emperor It’s gone, you don’t know? She is very gentle on the emperor, you are jealous of me. I can’t see it when I am sitting next to a big living person. What do you think you are? Her ruthless woman, Where is it worth you?”

 Hua Jin’s clenched fist, his eyes raging: “Who told you to tell her?”

Hua Yuxuan finished his anger, and made a dignified arrangement of the sleeves. He sneered: “I have said more than that. I also said that I saw your day in the bamboo forest!”

 One of Hua Jin’s stiff: “Have you seen it?”

 Hua Yuxuan sneered: “What? Do you really think that there is a wall in the world that is impenetrable? Do you do this kind of thing, afraid to be seen?”

 Hua Jin’s fist was pinched and pinched, and he was forced to endure the anger of his heart: “Hua Yuxuan! You better shut me up, don’t force me to shoot!”

“Can you still beat your sister for her? She is EmpressDowager, you can never be!”

 Hua Jin is also a sneer: “You said so much, I want to tell you how competent you are for this Bigsis, and more for me?”

 Hua Yuxuan calmed down and sighed: “Hey! I don’t want to make trouble with you, but I am your sister, can’t watch you jump to Ah in the fire pit!”

 Hua Jin’s face is extremely ridiculous: “Hua Yuxuan! Don’t put the Virgin in front of me, there is not much brother or sister between you and me. Why are you so me? You are really yourself!”

 Hua Yuxuan’s face immediately pulled down: “What do you mean by this?”

 Hua Jin stepped forward toward her, until she stepped in front of her, with a voice that only two people could hear: “How did she become EmpressDowager, I think you know better than me?”

Feeling Hua Yuxuan was shocked, Hua Jin’s laughter continued: “When I let her into the palace, I didn’t give the old emperor a blow to the wind. As for how I thought about it, I think you have to do it. When she was with emperor Fall in love, your heart is jealous, resentful, can’t wait to kill her, do you think I didn’t see it? When she became the woman of the old emperor, you were alone in the house and smiled for a long time, like crazy, I sat outside but listened It’s really true! You are saying it for me now, but it’s just because you’re in your heart. You’ve been emperor for a few days and it’s good for her. You just don’t want her to be good! You said that I don’t want me to jump into the fire pit. I am afraid that the east window will happen, and you will become a queen even if you are tired. You said, I am right?”

 Every time Hua Jin said, Hua Yuxuan’s heart was pumped, and finally, she had no blood on her face. She bit her lower lip and her tears silently fell: “Hua Jin! I am your sister. !”

 Hua Jin’s ridiculously crossed the face of her pear flower with grievances: “I don’t have such a sister, but you can rest assured that in the future you will become a queen niangniang, I will kneel and kneel, shouting better than anyone else! ”

The words left a white face Hua Yuxuan left!

“Small…Miss!” Two glimpses of Hua Yuxuan’s face was not good, and they came out cautiously. Hua Yuxuan didn’t look at them and walked into the house. After a moment of silence, it was the sound of the broken porcelain!

LengJiu can’t sleep, I slept for so long in the afternoon, but I couldn’t sleep at night, but there is no place to go. There are black paint everywhere. It’s not fun at all, so she can only lie in bed and take it. Root scorpion teasing Kano! Kano is an arrogant temper. At the beginning, he still plays. It doesn’t take long to play. The cold scorpion pokes its ass. It turns to give LengJiu a paw. LengJiu’s hand suddenly has three fine marks, a few drops. Blood beads came out!

LengJiu didn’t feel pain, but was scratched by a pet, and his mood would not be good. Look at Kano coldly! Kano saw bleeding, and realized that he had done something wrong, and he was not proud. He stretched his head and gently added LengJiu’s wound to his tongue. He didn’t bleed, and then wrapped LengJiu’s hand with his tail. Kneeling in her palm, a pair of postures with her disposal!

Seeing it so pleasing LengJiu finally smiled, pulled the quilt cover, and took a miscellaneous note, this is the last time she bought it out of the palace. It was quite interesting to turn it over, so I kept sending time. But God knows that she is the kind of person who sleeps when she reads a book, so it is not bad to use hypnosis occasionally!

Just opened the page LengJiu’s hand and stopped, she looked at the window on the side, the moon lighted a person’s shadow on it, although the other party did not say anything, but her instincts told her who is outside!

Put down the book and let the head go, lazy: “Since it comes, come in, it is fun to blow the cold outside?”

The people outside the window opened the window for a moment, and the dexterous leap came in and closed the window!

LengJiu watched him chuckle: “Don’t sleep in the middle of the night, run me to do this? But I just can’t sleep, come and chat with me!” LongYueLi went back yesterday, and it is estimated that there is no time to harass her for a while. !

 Hua Jin looked at her quietly, step by step to the bed, looked at the little squirrel lying in her palm, and then sat down at the bed, still watching her quietly!

LengJiu is speechless: “Are you dumb? Or is it a long flower on my face?”

 Hua Jin just looked at her for a while and whispered: “She came over tonight, did she say that you are not happy?”

LengJiu touched Kano’s hair: “Do you think what she said is worthy of my unhappiness?”

 Hua Jin’s lips did not dare to look directly at her nephew, but she was reluctant to remove her eyes: “Later, he also came!”

LengJiu stopped and took Kano to the other side of the pillow: “I want to say something and say it straight, I am not happy, others are turning around!”

 Hua Jin did not speak, still looked at her, just when LengJiu was fast-paced, he suddenly leaned over and held LengJiu in his arms, not leaving a gap!

LengJiu finally looked up from his arms and looked at the sky silently: “The woman’s back went to tell you about it, so that you are so excited!”

 Hua Jin’s heart couldn’t help but smile. She hugged her at the moment and listened to her. The mood was inexplicable. She didn’t breathe a sigh on her white shoulder: “You are stimulated!”

LengJiu slightly broke his arms and looked at him: “Let’s talk! Is there something wrong?”

 Hua Jin said to her: “Don’t I have nothing to do? You took me away at noon today and haven’t apologized to me yet!”

“Is your own nerves, still rely on me?”

“Hey! It’s obvious that you look at the beauty of the people, and you don’t recognize it!” Hua Jin didn’t have a good air.

LengJiu leaned over and faked his nose and joked: “How do I smell a vinegar?”

 Hua Jin’s immediate frying hair came over and his face flashed a suspicious flush: “You are vinegar! Stinky woman!”

LengJiu raised his hand and licked it on his head: “What a stinky woman? Does Bigsis know?”

“No, I don’t have Bigsis like you!” Hua Jin insisted.

LengJiu looked at his young and tender face and raised his eyebrows with no good intentions: “Don’t call?”

“not called!”

“Don’t you call?”

“Crap! Don’t call me!” Hua Jin stalked the neck.

LengJiu’s two arms are exposed to hook his neck, and the evil charm smiles: “Do not call! It will be punished!”

 Hua Jin hasn’t returned yet, LengJiu has pulled him down, the soft lips are covered with his lips, Zhu Hongwei* (Something vermilion or red), the bite bites his lips, some hurt, but more is 悸Move, the whole body is excited because of this kiss, all the way to the bottom of my heart!

With the last experience, Hua Jin has no need to teach people, directly hold LengJiu tightly, and defend against attacking, attacking the city between her lips and teeth!

LengJiu’s body softened in his arms, and he leaned over to press her on the bed, kissing more forcefully, as if to swallow her belly!

For a long time, he let go of LengJiu, leaning against LengJiu’s chest, and touching the strange softness, and his heart was a slap in the heart; he was still a boy, first tasted the taste of this man and woman, and he was the one who was in his heart. Children, how pro is not enough, if not the identity is not allowed, he can not wait to hold her all the time, can not bear to separate!

LengJiu hugged his head and gently stroked his hair. His hair was also well maintained. Although it was not as silky as LongYueLi, it was very comfortable to touch. She had a long hair before. The lovers, but she doesn’t feel anything, but she came here. She fell happy on the man’s long hair. The short-haired man has the beauty of short-haired men, and the long-haired men naturally have their own charm. Who said that men have long hair. Not good looking? That also depends on what talent is right!

Squeezing some of his cool ears and asking: “But what did the woman say back to you and let you run me in the middle of the night?”

 Hua Jin snorted in her chest and said with a red face: “She said that you don’t care about me, and you are jealous of me with emperor!”

LengJiu laughed: “Just because of this, you are going crazy in the middle of the night?”

 Hua Jin’s slamming is a good thing, but he knows that he is not because of this, of course, he will not tell her the real reason!

LengJiu opened the quilt: “Take off your shoes and warm up!”

 Hua Jin’s words were a little surprised and a little bit happy and a little nervous: “Can you?”

LengJiu chuckles: “You kissed each other, hugged and hugged, what else can you?”

 Hua Jin hasn’t returned yet, LengJiu has pulled him down, the soft lips are covered with his lips, Zhu Hongwei, the bite bites his lips, some hurt, but more is 悸Move, the whole body is excited because of this kiss, all the way to the bottom of my heart!

Hua Jin’s face was blushing and she lay off her shoes. The moment she just went up, she was still very nervous, but the next moment she immediately took LengJiu into her arms, and circled her with her hands and feet, then gave a satisfying sigh! LengJiu feels funny, is it so happy?

She didn’t know that for Hua Jin, everything at the moment was something he couldn’t imagine, let alone touch it! If the former Hua Jin’s pair of Leng Jinghua is only the brother-in-law’s feelings, then after the match and the kiss that day, LengJiu personally opened the door to his men’s and women’s feelings; even though he always used Leng Jinghua as Bigsis, now he definitely does not I will admit that identity, the person in his happy arms, he knows when he can’t sleep because of a kiss. He doesn’t want to just look at her, then talk, but wants to hug her, want to kiss her, even Thinking about those things that are even more shameful, he knows that they are not allowed to be so happy, but even if LengJiu gives him an afternoon dream, and then tears open, he can’t erase the happy heart!

He knows that there is no result, and he knows that he should not be so deep, but he is reluctant to pull away. Holding her on a bed and kissing her at the moment is a luxury dream for him, and this dream may have him. His life, he is also like a drink, like a slap!

Maybe it was the first time I was lying on LengJiu’s bed. He was so excited. Finally, he held LengJiu in such a way that he didn’t say a word! When LengJiu was about to fall asleep, she caught her kiss and finally left with reluctance; he was not LongYueLi, not so thick, and not so greedy, for him now, pro The hug is enough to satisfy!

The next day, LengJiu felt that the blood was a lot less, and the abdomen was not uncomfortable. It was obviously good. The mood of the gloomy days finally saw the turn, but it didn’t have to be played. The hunting was half a month. However, because of the incident on the border, LongYi naturally lost the mind to play and returned to the palace early!

When LengJiu came out with Kano, the team was ready to go. LengJiu swept the eyes of Wenwu Baiguan, and finally fell on the two red and white figures that were squatting together. Gong Yuwei didn’t look at her, but Hua Jin saw her. Looking at the past, and looking at Gong Yuwei next to his eyes, suddenly his face smells ugly!

LengJiu was too lazy to care for this arrogant goods. When she got on the carriage, she blinked across the Huayuxuan in a group of Young lady Qianjin. She still looks dignified and beautiful, but LengJiu has no such appreciation. She is not The brain is also a clever woman who is not interested!

The team slowly moved forward. Because of the large number of people, it seemed to move more slowly. When LengJiu was drowsy, suddenly the car stopped suddenly, and then there was a sound of arrows breaking outside!

“There are assassins! Protect emperor!”

“Shield! Protect EmpressDowager!”

“Hurry up!”

The arrow rain all over the sky, accompanied by the screams of the guards, and the screams of the great ladies! Almost at that moment, LengJiu raised his hand and quickly pulled off the thick curtains on both sides. Although he did not know that he could not hold the metal arrow, he could at least buffer it and not shoot too badly!

“Hey!” Although the outside blocked a lot of guards, but the arrow still shot, but fortunately the cloth is good, the arrow has just been penetrated and blocked!

“Hey!” After a round of arrows and rains, LengJiu saw through the gap, and the dense black man came from the square, it seems that the other party is under the blood!

“EmpressDowager! EmpressDowager, you’re fine!” Eunuch Lu climbed out from under the rut, his hands and feet were still soft, apparently just scared to hide, and haven’t slowed down yet!

“Oh! You are hiding! What can I do?” LengJiu glanced at him and turned his head to look behind. Hua Jin followed a group of Gongzi brothers to protect the group of Young lady Qianjin. He looked anxiously. To this side, it seems that I want to come over, but those who are not good at the moment are being entangled for a while!

LengJiu figured out the Qingfeng sword under his pillow, hesitated for a while, and finally sat down. Most of the martial arts people here have internal force. Even if she takes out the housekeeping skills, she can’t kill many people. Moreover, she is now EmpressDowager. Even if she kills the Quartet, no one will applaud. Why should she do something unpleasant?

“emperor!emperor!” eunuch Qu screamed and let LengJiu look at it. LongYi got a knife on his arm and it looked like the wound was not shallow; but looking at the eunuch Qu’s dead aunt, LengJiu was speechless, not A little hurt, as to be so miserable?

The car was heavy, Hua Jin finally rushed over, and opened the curtain with a nervous look: “Are you okay?”

LengJiu shook her head: “What can I do…” She didn’t finish her words. Suddenly her pupils shrank and pulled Hua Jin in. Then she raised her hand and held the golden head of the arrow. Live, though, the arrow tip has broken her eyebrows, two drops of blood dripping!

 After seeing Hua Jin’s return to God, he suddenly lost his soul: “Dead woman! Don’t you want to die?”

LengJiu took the golden arrow and left it on the side: “Is this not dead yet?”

 Hua Jin looked at the wound on her forehead, and her heart was cold and angry, but she didn’t know what to say. If it was just one point faster, even if it was a deep inch, would she still have a life at the moment? He couldn’t believe it. When he thought of this, he was stiff and his limbs were chilly!

LengJiu took his hand and held his eyebrows and pushed him out: “Don’t hide here, hurry up, or wait for someone else to kill it!”

 Hua Jin took a few breaths to calm himself down, but the anger in his heart was still there, and finally all vented to those assassins, one cut!

The battle lasted for two quarters, and the killer finally gave up the rapid retreat, leaving a dead body and bloody!

Many of the imperial court members were injured, and two of the four officials were killed. Young lady Qianjin was well protected. There were no deaths and injuries, but many of them were scared! It was the two big characters LongYi and LengJiu, one injured his hand and one injured his forehead; although LengJiu’s forehead was not heavy, but the position, when it was thought that it was a broken arrow, it is estimated that no one laughed, that is the real fate. Place Ah!

 Hua Yuxuan heard that LengJiu was almost killed by an arrow, but in the end he was only hurt by a flesh and blood, and almost bitten a tooth. Why didn’t she die directly? Hua Jin is just because of that, although he is worried about LengJiu, he is still angry. Others don’t know how to protect themselves. They don’t know how to avoid them. Instead, they hurt themselves. They also don’t protect themselves. They are cold-faced all the way. , never went to see her again!

LongYi was furious and wounded, but it was important to heal the wounds. Two officials from the Ministry of Punishment and one hundred guards were left. Finally, they announced their anger! To say who is the most comfortable, I am afraid that non-LengJiu is none other than even assassinated. But she has almost lost her influence. For her, this assassination is like a routine, nothing to be surprised!

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Niu! Six thousand words! Are you full? When you hug, you feel tight about the purse, give a flower and drill something, and then you have to come out and leave a message, otherwise it will be too unjust!

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