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Chapter 38

When I returned to the Royal LongYi, I was busy checking the assassin. I had to deal with the border turmoil while I was treating the wound. I naturally didn’t feel good to see LengJiu, and Hua Jin was because of the cold war with LengJiu that day. After returning that day, I didn’t have any news!

LengJiu趴 teased Kano on the bed, tied a white belt on his forehead, and took a medicine on his forehead. Although the injury was not heavy, it was broken, and the Imperials Doctor did not dare to care!

Eunuch Lu didn’t know where to go and listened to the news. He went to LengJiu and said: “I heard that the barbarians harassed the border, slaughtered several villages, and made people feel awkward. Emperor ordered the general left guard to lead his priest to sweep them. I believe there will be news soon!”

LengJiu didn’t feel anything to care about: “What do these things tell me?”

Eunuch Lu chuckles: “EmpressDowager, you really forgot everything, this left-wing general is cold, but your brother, do you have anything to do with you?”

LengJiu raised her eyes and thought of her identity. She was the daughter of the country general. The country general left the imperial city when the new emperor ascended the throne. Now he is the governor of the two provinces in the southwest. 300,000 troops, the real seal of the country; and her only brother is the left general, holding the most powerful eagle of Feng Yu, although there are only 50,000 people, but they are all enemy warriors, Moreover, he himself has made great achievements, but now he is only twenty-three four. It is indeed a general who is alone in one side. Feng Yu can no longer find a second person!

In addition to the princely palaces, LengJiu can be regarded as the most powerful and famous family of the Fenghuang dynasty. However, a few years ago, an imperial edict transferred the old generals to the border, and Leng Yue was also stationed outside the country for many years. Still in the grip, but the center of gravity has been transferred from the imperial city, as to why the old emperor dared to hand over the military power to the cold family, and not afraid that they are living outside the Sai, I am afraid that Leng Jinghua’s entrance to the palace can not be separated, plainly This is a deal, and Leng Jinghua is a hostage!

Although she has no memory, she does not know what is going on, but LengJiu will not think about it. She is her. Everything in the past has nothing to do with her. When she is full, she will entangle those.

After returning to the palace for two days, LongYueLi finally felt in the middle of the night, but he was also injured. It is said that he was stabbed when he came back last time, and he was not hurt badly, but he was on the softest waist!

LengJiu watched him lying on the bed, with a bandage on his waist and a swaying wind on his face. He couldn’t help but scream: “It seems that I can’t die! It’s a thousand years!”

LongYueLi’s face is black: “How can you have a good word in your mouth?”

LengJiu sat next to him and raised his hand to poke his waist: “Are you not very powerful? How can you have a day in the gutter?”

LongYueLi bites a bit on her lips, dangerously blinking: “This prince is hurt, you are very happy, are you not careful? I am going to do you tonight!”

LengJiu raised his hand and hooked his neck, his red lips curled up, and his smile was unremarkable: “Wait!”

“Awful woman!” LongYueLi said that she, she directly smashed her to death, is really awkward, won LengJiu’s lips more red and blood!

LengJiu licked his stinging lips and screamed at him: “Ah, are you a dog?”

LongYueLi saw that her lips became ruddy and charming because of her own moisturizing, and she was satisfied. She took her and the big hand was on her perfect curve, which lowered the sound of the sound and the incomparable voice was incomparable: “etc. This prince is good, you must pack it up!”

LengJiu pushed him away and watched the blood leaking from the bandage on his waist. He said: “Or let your injuries be good first, don’t think about those unhealthy things all day!”

LongYueLi’s big palm is covered with evil on her chest, and the fox eyes start: “Where is it unhealthy? Yin and Yang are the way to maintain health. This prince is too masculine and needs you to moisturize!”

LengJiu slaps him out, and the man who thinks about these men every day is speechless! He hasn’t touched a woman for a long time, is it broken?

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