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Chapter 40
emperorSelection of imperial concubine is a big event, it is a big event for the court, for the woman of the imperial harem, but the big thing in the big event, LengJiu let HuiFei do some show, so she is natural, there are several imperial harem Hey, a few guiren came to the Royal Garden early there, and even the two-day two-part LiWei was supported by two imperial maids!
HuiFei is a red dragonfly in the palace, and LiWei is also in red. When the two of them go there, there is a posture of swords and swords. Now the imperial harem has no owner. The two imperial concubines are the biggest. Today, I want to give these new promotions. The show’s girls were down to the horse, but they finally hit together.
“pay respect toHuiFeiBigsis!” LiWei smiled lightly. Although it was a visit to the shrine, the body did not have any action at all. I apologized: “Lilsis is not convenient, you can’t give Bigsis a gift, please forgive Bigsis!”
HuiFei is the head of Four emperial concubine, and her position is much higher than LiWei, but she is not proud of it. Every time she sees LiWei’s belly, she is generally uncomfortable with flies: “Where is Lilsis? You are pregnant.” Kind, this ceremony is naturally forgiven, your body can be expensive, if something goes wrong, this palace can not afford it!”
In the vast royal garden, three hundred women wearing the same clothes stood quietly, no one dared to say a word, and the above two imperial concubine targets, let them not dare to talk, it is a defeat In today’s move, if something goes wrong, they will be finished!
“emperor is driving!”
“EmpressDowagerniangniang is driving!”
Two voices came from one left and one right. Everyone stunned. I didn’t know where to go. I had to kneel in the end: “emperor auspicious! EmpressDowagerniangniang auspicious!”
LongYi is still a bright yellow robe, noble majestic, handsome, he just came from the Golden Jubilee, the clothes are also the early one; and the other side of LengJiu is against her usual white red, wearing a black At the end, the clothes embroidered with the bright red Peony tree, black and red together, very sharp and dazzling, this is the clothes of Leng Jinghua before, LongYi also seen, when Leng Jinghua wears sultry and cheesy, but then look at her again Wearing, but there is a noble and elegant, graceful, and it is difficult to remove your eyes!
LengJiu combed a hairpin that was not complicated, but it didn’t look too simple. The scars of the eyebrows painted three pieces of this little one bamboo leaf, which added a few majestic and fierce to her beautiful face. Similarly, if you dare to look up, you will find that it is another kind of beauty!
LengJiu gaze across the standing LiWei and her slightly raised belly, then walked onto the table and just sat down. It seemed that I saw LongYi standing opposite and forgetting the action: “What does emperor stand there?”
LongYi came back to God, didn’t explain why he just lost his mind, sat down next to LengJiu, raised his hand and let the people of the ceremony get up!
“Get up!”
“Thank emperor!”
LengJiu and LongYi are sitting in the middle, LiWei and Zhao Yanyi sit down and right, those 嫔 and guiren are not qualified to sit down, can only stand, look at LongYi with gaze, but unfortunately LongYi does not look at them at the moment. !
Zhao Yan waved his hand, and the five gongren came over with five pallets, covered with red pandas. After they were uncovered, five jade plaques were placed on each tray, and the Peony tree cranes were carved on them. LongYi will give this brand to whom, who is the imperial concubine he selected, as for the book to wait for the waiter, but there are also outside, such as Hua Yuxuan!
Eunuch Qu took out the imperial edict of Ming Huang and shouted with a pointed voice: “Hua Yuxuan!”
Hua Yuxuan, who stood in the show, came out, and everyone’s graceful posture and self-cultivation immediately reflected on her, and she was disciplined.
“Fengtian carrier! Emperor 诏, 曰: Hua Yuxuan of the Prince’s House, outstanding appearance, both ability and political integrity, with the commitment of the heavens, so … …, therefore, the seal of the United States senior imperial concubine, the Fu Furui Palace, the temporary queen, the Lord Palm Palace, give it!”
LengJiu in the middle of the text is too lazy to listen, but the last few words she heard very clearly, the queen became a senior imperial concubine, do not know Hua Yuxuan what mood at the moment?
 Hua Yuxuan had a horror and resentment in her heart, but she couldn’t show it. She had to bow down and worship: “The girl has a purpose!”
After getting the imperial edict, eunuch Qu immediately smiled: “senior imperial concubine niangniang! Congratulations!”
 Hua Yuxuan nodded and smiled: “Working trouble eunuch Qu!”
Eunuch Qu smiles back to LongYi, now it is time for emperor to personally choose!
LongYi looked at LengJiu when she was reading the imperial edict at eunuch Qu. She saw no unpleasantness on her face, and she felt a little relieved in her heart, but I still felt a little uncomfortable in my heart, but I couldn’t think of it!
LengJiu noticed his gaze: “Imperor’s injury is better?”
When she heard that she cared about herself, the little shortcomings in LongYi’s heart were filled up immediately: “Hey, it’s no big deal! It’s these days, busy with the country, no time to see EmpressDowager, I heard that EmpressDowager is hurting in the eyebrows, just before. On the day of the South China Sea tribute a set of coral beads, and wait for people to send EmpressDowager!”
Zhao Yan heard the words in her heart. She naturally knew the set of headwear. She secretly glanced at it. She was so beautiful that she couldn’t open her eyes. When she was in bed, she asked for it many times, but LongYi didn’t want to give it, but she didn’t want to Now it’s so light and gives EmpressDowager!
LiWei has a face, no one knows what she is thinking!
“Thank you for the emperor!” Good things sent to the door, LengJiu has never refused!
“It’s not early, emperor should pick the show!” LengJiu reminded him not to forget the business.
LongYi swept the crowds in the underground: “Is EmpressDowager not saying that I want to personally pick it? 朕 Today is just a walk through the scene, picking things, or leaving it to EmpressDowager!”
LengJiu raised his eyebrows: “Imempor this truth?”
“Nothing to say!”
“So! That aijia is the master of the emperor!” LengJiu got up, gently shake the wide sleeves, walked down the stage, all the way to the showgirl, standing in front of a showgirl in the first row, she I remember this seems to be one of the sisters of Hua Yuxuan. When she was performing in the palace, she wore green clothes and played Xiao, and she seemed to have a good relationship with Hua Yuxuan!
LengJiu thought about it, took a piece of jade and handed it over. The sisters are the most bloody for a man, and they have the most love. This kind of fun, of course, must be kept!
The woman got a jade, and hurry to salute: “Thank EmpressDowager!”
LengJiu went all the way, picking the women who were dignified and graceful, especially those women who had a good relationship with Hua Yuxuan, but when they saw one she picked one, it seemed to see LengJiu’s intention intent, Eunuch Lu also intimate Remind LengJiu that it is a good relationship with Hua Yuxuan, the identity is more noble, what is the minister’s daughter and so on, so LengJiu quickly sent dozens of jade out of the ring!
Eunuch Qu handed the list selected by LengJiu. LongYi looked at some of the women he was going to pick. Seeing that LengJiu is not satisfied with it, Hua Yuxuan is seeing those people LengJiu picked out. It was a white face, but no one is paying attention to her now!
After picking up the person LengJiu, I went back to the position and asked LongYi after drinking the tea: “Imperor can be satisfied?”
LongYi smiled: “EmpressDowager picks people, I am satisfied!”
“In this case, the task of aijia is completed, and other things are handed over to HuiFei. Although the senior imperial concubine is in charge of the sixth house, but after all, it is not familiar with the palace, let HuiFei assist her, how does emperor feel?” LengJiu faint Proposed.
LongYi nodded: “EmpressDowager said it is!”
Zhao Yan heard the words immediately, thank you: “chenqie must not be trusted by EmpressDowager!”
“Aijia is lacking! You are free!” The words fell and did not return, and did not look at this place!
LengJiu’s pick was thrown into her mind. She is EmpressDowager. She will clearly show her position and let those women fight. She doesn’t care so much, as long as she doesn’t get her, she is happy to watch. This imperial harem you fight for me!
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