Poisonous Empress Dowagers

Empress Dowager Ch 1 part 2

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Chapter 1 part 2
Title : 蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆 ( The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous)
Author : 我非主角 ( Wo Fei Zhu Jue)
Translator : Cubbyfox
Editor : Etereal

(TL: These Chinese terms will be used hence forth.

Zhen: ‘I, the emperor’. It is used by Emperors to address themselves.

Ai Jia: ‘I’ used by Empress Dowager. It is the same as the Emperor saying ‘Zhen’ instead.

Leng Jinghua: The name of Leng Jiu’s current body.

Long Yi: Emperor

Gonggong: Eunuch

Chen Qie: ‘I’ or ‘This concubine’, it’s an honorific form of addressing themselves used by concubines. )


It looks like there is nothing special? There is not much difference compared to normal women. She can be said to be pretty, but her figure can only be considered as average. This kind of woman is also worthy for the emperor to beat her predecessor to death?

It is worth mentioning that before this body’s owner entered the inner palace, she and the current emperor were a pair of childhood sweethearts. Their childhood love was about to come to fruition and Leng Jiu had just reached the age to ask the matchmaker to arrange for marriage with him. When suddenly, an imperial decree from the late emperor that just won’t die caused her to enter the palace. One year later, she was crowned as the Empress. After which, her position ascended to the top.

The new Emperor hated her because of love, yet she tried hard in order to regain something back. Not only did she live in Weiyang Palace where the empress was supposed to live, but she also continuously killed the concubines that the Emperor bestowed favour on. At the beginning, the emperor could still tolerate it. However, she went overboard. Now, she has obviously has reached his limit. Thus, for the sake of an insignificant concubine, he had beat her to death!

When the palace maids and eunuchs talked about it, they all seem to be angry at the injustice done to her. They were even afraid that she would be angry, and comforted her. She actually wanted to say ‘What does these things got to do with her?’ She is herself and her predecessor is her predecessor. She does not want to care about this. However, it is another matter if others come to find her, because she was so bored these few days!

“Chen qie do not dare to be his beloved woman. It was the emperor who loved the wrong person!” Li Wei smiled softly. She slightly tilt her head up and glanced at the Empress Dowager in front of her. In an instant, her eyes widened, then she quickly lowed her head. Only she knows what she thought in her heart.

“If so, what have you come here to do?”
Leng Jiu’s lovely looking eyes had a flash of coldness, but a smile hung on her face. No matter how one saw it, they could only feel a sense of danger.

Concubine Li who was watched by her, suddenly felt that her back chilled. She tried her best to suppress that feeling and said,

“Chen qie came to plead guilty. That day, Chen qie rushed in and knocked into Empress Dowager, but caused the Empress Dowager and Emperor to be at odds and even caused Empress Dowager to be injured. Chen qie has sinned. Chen qie ask for the Empress Dowager to give her punishment!”

After speaking, her entire body fell prostrated to the ground. Her shoulders were shivering, as if she really felt that her sin was severe.

Leng Jiu wanted to open her mouth to speak, when suddenly a smell quickly rushed in. She simply did not speak. She curved her lips and waited for the start of a good show!

“Leng Jinghua! What are you doing again?” A shout exposing her rang out. In the next moment, a bright golden figure rushed in and helped the person on the ground to get up. He looked at her carefully: “Were you harmed?”

Concubine Li looked at him softly, she smiled and shook her head: “Why did the emperor come here…?”

Long Yi’s expression immediately chilled: “If Zhen came later, something would have happened!”

After he spoke finish, he looked at Leng Jiu. When he saw her appearance clearly and that her eyes flashed with some kind of emotion, his expression immediately turned ugly: “What are you wearing? How is it appropriate and fit as the Empress Dowager?”

Lu Gonggong walked over and stood in front of Leng Jiu. With the posture of a guardian, he said: “Before the Emperor teaches the Empress Dowager, please think about your identity first. The Empress Dowager can be said to be the Emperor’s mother in name. You not only shouted her name, but also did not have any respect or modesty towards her. This old slave will ask the various ministers in court tomorrow if this is the ‘filial piety’ in my dynasty.”

Long Yi’s eyes became cloudy because of Lu Gonggong’s words, and he ruthlessly glared at him: “Her? Is she worthy?”

Lu Gonggong was about to open his mouth to refute, but Leng Jiu’s voice faintly resounded: “Eunuch Lu! Step down!”

Lu Gonggong retreated two steps and stood at the side: “Yes!”

Leng Jiu looked at the Long Yi. Based on his appearance, Long Yi is indeed considered handsome. Coupled with the power and nobility of a king, he indeed has the capability to mesmerize women. However, what kind of beautiful men has she not met before?

His appearance has absolutely no allure to her! Her gaze swept over and rested on Concubine Li, who was in his arms. Her delicate and petite face had an innocent and delicate expression. Her appearance was like a small bird relying on people. (Cute and helpless looking) She did have the basics to make men pamper her. If not, she would really have nothing. It is a pity that her eyes shone with a sense of smugness that did not escape Leng Jiu’s sharp eyes. However, she is a woman that only works on schemes and she hates this type of woman the most!

Feeling the sharpness and ill-intent in the Leng Jiu’s eyes, disgust immediately rose in Long Yi’s heart.

“Zhen warns you! She is already pregnant with my child. You’d better behave, otherwise I do not mind making the Empress Dowager move to the cold Palace!”

Concubine Li softly tugged at the corner of Long Yi’s clothes, her voice was as if she was about to cry: “Emperor! The Empress Dowager did not……”

Long Yi patted her head to comfort her: “It’s alright! With Zhen as your master, no one can touch you!”

Leng Jiu sneered in her heart, and impatiently raised her eyebrow: “Have you finished speaking? If you have finished speaking, now it is my turn to speak!”

Leng Jiu stood up from the concubine seat. Her smooth, jade-like feet stepped on the carpeted floor. She proudly stared at Long Yi: “I do not want to speak too much to you. I will only tell you three points.

Firstly, I don’t like to see people flirt in front of me. Who you want to dote on is your business. Who you want to have children with you is also your business. You do not need to tell me, and I also do not want to know!

Secondly, I do not welcome anyone in this Weiyang Palace. From today onwards, without my permission, no one is allowed to enter!”

Lastly, don’t think too highly about yourself. The former Leng Jinghua loved you, but now to me, you are less than a scum. If you don’t want me to be involved, then get away from me. The further, the better!”

Long Yi look at Leng Jiu in disbelief, then laughed sarcastically. In his opinion, Leng Jiu was only playing a catch and release kind of trick: “Leng Jinghua! Do you think that Zhen will fall for your tricks? The same trick being used so many times, don’t you feel that you are so lowly?”

“Pa!” (Slap Sound)

An incredibly clear sounding slap resounded. Everyone instantly became frozen like a statue and fearfully looked at Long Yi’s face that was turned to one side. On his face was her palm print that was very clear.

Leng Jiu patted her hand and raised her eyebrows with a smile: “Emperor! Now, do you still think that Ai jia was just playing? This slap is returned to you. From today onwards, we don’t owe each other anymore!”

After she said it, she turned around and left. When the palace maids recovered from their shock and they immediately lay out a carpet on the road to let Leng Jiu walk on it back to the palace!

“Emperor! Are you okay?” Concubine Li was also a little surprised. Leng Jiu walked far away before she recovered from her shock. She looked at Long Yi’s face with distress.

Long Yi’s handsome face was covered with dark clouds. His forehead’s veins could be seen, and his fists was gripped so hard that they were creaking: That woman actually dared to hit him?

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