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Empress Dowager Ch 10 UNEDITED

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Empress Dowager Ch 10
Title: 蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆 ( The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous)
Author: 我非主角 ( Wo Fei Zhu Jue)
Translator: Cubbyfox
Editor: Etereal
Proofreader: Waiting

After that day, Leng Jiu really never step foot into Lanze’s place again.

Without the sound of Lanze’s Guqin, it was suddenly really boring.

She suddenly had an interest and she let people move the Qin case.

She wanted to try it, but in the end, she broke a few strings. Having no talent was indeed an Achilles heel!

Leng Jiu lazily laid inside Bai Hua Garden (Garden of thousand Flowers) to sunbath. She stretched out her hands and let the palace maid paint her nails.

Lu Chang (Eunuch Lu) saw that she was bored, so he talked to her about the inner palace.

From time to time, Zhao Yan came back to Leng Jiu’s place to pay respect to her. The reason why she was so diligent was naturally because she had tasted the sweetness of success (due to Leng Jiu’s advice).

Li Fei was pregnant. It was said that because of her weak body, the baby will be unstable. Fearing this, the imperial doctor exhorted that they cannot do ‘it’.

On the other hand, Long Yi is a man full of vigour and he is the king of a country. Since he can’t touch her, naturally there are other women.

Men like gentle and weak women. However, when the women around are all gentle and weak, they will certainly be tired of such beauty.

Then women with unique personalities that are slightly spicier will attract his interest.

And Zhao Yan was the prey that Leng Jiu has specially prepared for Long Yi!

It was said that in the past few days, Long Yi called Zhao Yan to wait on him, and even directly stayed over at her palace twice.

Zhao yan received favour, and naturally other concubines were jealous.

Among the concubines, the one that hated her the most was unfortunately the ‘gentle and weak’, Li Fei.

Li Fei was not happy, so Leng Jiu’s mood was good. She said that she doesn’t like to be used by others, nor does she liked being schemed by others. She hoped that Li Fei will be more resilient.

When the time comes, if she lost her fighting spirit before she (Leng Jiu) could do anything to her. It won’t be fun at all!

Leng Jiu let people move her lunch to Bai Hua Garden (Garden of thousand Flowers), but she could not eat much.

The Empress Dowager’s original twelve dishes were reduced to five dishes.

This was not to save money. It was just that she really did not have an appetite, and those dishes were not to her liking!

“Chendi (Imperial younger brother) pays respect to the Empress Dowager!”

She just picked up her chopsticks and was about to eat, when she heard an unpleasant voice.

She doesn’t know whether she will still be able to eat later? Looking at the coquettish as usual, and brilliantly smiling face of Long Yueli, her gaze that held an unclear intent fell three inches below his abdomen.

She vaguely smiled and asked: “Has imperial uncle been well these few days?”

Being scanned by her gaze, Long Yueli suddenly felt a throbbing pain somewhere. Only heaven knew that the drug was too strong.

He actually soaked in cold water for a whole night, then the usually strong bodied, Long Yueli actually caught a cold.

This was also the reason why he hasn’t harassed her these few days;

Looking at her gaze that seemed like she was watching a good show, Long Yueli’s heart twisted from frustration. Was it because his charm decreased? Or was she not a woman at all?

There was hundreds of twist and thousand turns in Long Yueli’s heart, but he did not show it on his face. (ED: hundreds of twist and thousand turns means he had a lot of thoughts in his heart.)

He didn’t need to wait for Leng Jiu to tell him to rise, he directly walked towards Leng Jiu and sat beside her.

“Chendi also has not eaten lunch yet. The Empress Dowager won’t mind treating Chendi to lunch right?”

Leng Jiu will not be fooled by him: “What if Ai Jia says that she minds?

Leng Jiu’s tone was obviously unwelcoming, but someone’s skin was really so thick to an extent that even knives and guns cannot penetrate it.

He directly took the bowl and chopsticks in front of Leng Jiu, and then turned and criticized the palace maid behind him: “You still don’t quickly bring us another bowl and chopstick for your Empress Dowager?”

Gate crashing and acting as host, totally shameless, should be talking about people like him. She really does not know how he is worthy of his flirtatious face!

Seeing that Leng Jiu did not object, the palace maid quickly served another set of silver chopsticks and bowl. She was blushing as she glanced at Long Yueli. She retreated to the back, lowered her head and stood down!

That palace maid’s expression naturally fell into Long Yueli’s vision, letting him know that his charm did not decrease.

However, he glanced at Leng Jiu that was not moved by his charm. It seemed that he has to work even harder!

He used his chopsticks to grab a piece of fresh bamboo shoot over to Leng Jiu’s bowl. He was attentive and didn’t forget to wink: “These shoots are so fresh, Empress Dowager should taste them!”

“Ai Jia has hands! Imperial uncle does not need to do it. If the imperial uncle’s eyes are uncomfortable, please go to the Imperial doctor as soon as possible for medical treatment. If you are late and an illness take root, it will not be good! ”

Leng Jiu looked serious as she said this. Lu Chang behind her couldn’t help but laugh!

Long Yueli‘s facial expression stiffened. This damn woman. Was she made of stone?

Long Yueli ate a lost, but he didn’t go up to find discomfort. Anyway since he was hungry, it was better to fill up his stomach first!

Seeing that he did not tease again, Leng Jiu then lazily looked at him.

Long Yueli is considered the most handsome and flirtatious man that she has ever seen. Compared to her past lovers, he surpass them all.

However, this kind of man born was in such a dynasty, and their identity was also so awkward.

It also determined that she have to directly build an ice wall between the two of them.

Although she regards man as nothing and can be said to be considered as promiscuous, but she isn’t a woman that only knows how to think with her lower body. Compared to lust, she was more rational!

After eating till seventy percent full, Leng Jiu put down her bowl and chopsticks and was about to leave. However, she heard Long Yueli casually said:

“I just came over from the Royal Garden and saw my emperor nephew boldly bring an army of guards towards the direction of the Northern Palace (Lanze’s place). I don’t know what could be the reason for this?”

Leng Jiu stopped in her tracks and looked at Lu Chang. Lu Chang immediately answered:

“Answering Empress Dowager! This morning, Rong Guiren suddenly vomited continuously.

The palace maid announced for the imperial doctor to see her, and said that she was pregnant. However, the emperor has never favoured this Guiren.

This child was clearly not the emperor’s child. The emperor was furious, and wanted to behead Rong Guiren on the spot.

In the end, the emperor was persuaded against it by Li Fei.

The emperor was angry, and he immediately commanded every palace servant under Rong Guiren to be strictly investigated at Zongren official residence!” (TL: Torture were allowed)

Therefore, Long Yi must have found the adulterer. Except, isn’t the north the same direction as Lanze’s place?

Although she did not believe that Lanze is the culprit, but since Long Yueli brought it up to her in such a manner, it was impossible not to be someone she cared about.

In other words, it was very likely to be connected to Lanze?

Her eyes shifted. She smiled as she said: “Since such a thing has happened, Ai Jia will go to see. I do not know if imperial uncle will be interested to go together?”

“Empress Dowager has invited Chendi. Chendi feels very honoured!”

From that casualness when he got up, it was obvious that he had calculated that she would not be indifferent and was just waiting for her to say that sentence! Leng Jiu chuckled. He really was a hateful fox! (TL: I hope you not hate me ^w^)

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