Poisonous Empress Dowagers

Empress Dowager Ch 3 part 2

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Chapter 3 Part 2

Title : 蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆 ( The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous)
Author : 我非主角 ( Wo Fei Zhu Jue)
Translator : Cubbyfox
Editor : Etereal
Proofreader : Waiting

Leng Jiu looked at the sweetness and shyness on Imperial concubine Li’s face, and she immediately knew her motive.
Imperial concubine Li wanted to provoke the jealousy in her heart and make her angry in front of everyone. Then, Long Yi would hate her even more. It is unfortunate that no matter how she schemes, she would not expect that she is no longer Leng Jinghua, but Leng Jiu. To her, Long Yi is less than a fart.

Leng Jiu smiled and raised her cup, laughing as gently as imperial concubine Li: “This cup of wine, Ai Jia will treat it as the young prince paying respect to Ai Jia. Ai Jia will naturally drink it!” (TL: Ai Jia = ‘Me/I’ used by Empress Dowager)

When she said finished, she drank her cup in one gulp. At the corner of her eye, she obviously saw that imperial concubine Li’s body stiffened. Leng Jiu sneered in her heart: Want to compete with me?

As the elder miss from the underground society’s top ranked gang, in addition to fighting and killing, she has to deal with countless politicians and the respective leaders of the major gangs. She could be her ancestor generation in scheming and using underhanded tricks. Wanting to use this little trick between women to compete for Long Yi’s affection to deal with her is too soft!

Accepting this cup of wine calmly, Leng Jiu did not engage with her. She then watched the song and dance below. Without any regard for her image, she grabbed a bunch of melon seeds and cracked them.

However, this casual manner without any dignity, made Long Yi, who was watching became nervous. He scolded ‘Damn it’ silently and immediately turned his head away. He kept feeling that everything was wrong tonight!

The song and dance was very boring. Throughout the dance, the dancers only threw their sleeves. Some of the dancers could not even be seen. She only saw a bunch of sleeves flying all over the place. Was there any meaning in this?

As Leng Jiu was about to doze off, the dancers finally retreated. Then, a man dressed in a light blue plain robes walked up with a seven string Guqin in his hands. His long hair that reaches to his waist, was tied with only one ribbon at his back. His head was humbly lowered and his body was thin and weak. He looked very frail! (ED: a Guqin/ zither is a Chinese string instrument)

He slowly walked to the middle, and kneeled with both knees on the ground. His voice was light as a breeze: “Lan Ze pays respect to the Emperor, Empress Dowager and imperial concubine Li!”

After paying respect, he didn’t wait for the Emperor to ask him to rise. Someone directly carried a table over and he placed the seven string Guqin on it. He sat in a kneeling position, and a pair of thin and slender hands gently started to play the chords of the Guqin!

He is humbled and his head is lowered. Yet, those dancers just need to kneel once when they pay respect. Why does he appear to be so humbled?

Lu Chang seemed to have seen through the Empress Dowager’s doubts. He sneaked closer and whispered: “Empress Dowager may have forgotten. He is a prince from the Snow kingdom, a small country in the northern desert.

Two years ago, the Snow kingdom became part of this dynasty, and he was sent here as a hostage. It is rumoured that he has excellent Guqin playing skills, so all the palace banquets will let him play a song!”

“Then, why is he lowering his head?”

“It is all because of his face. During last year’s palace feast, a young lady who was appointed as an imperial concubine saw him, and fell in love with him at first sight. She would not marry anyone else but him. Finally, she committed suicide.

In the palace, many palace maids also fell in love with his appearance. This caused the Emperor to be furious, and he gave a decree that he was not allowed to raise his head again. Moreover, in order to humiliate him, he ordered him to kneel every time he performs!”

A touch of interest arose in Leng Jiu’s eyes: “You mean that he is very handsome?”

Lu Chang look at Leng Jiu strangely, but he still replied: “Yes! This servant has seen him before. Although he was in a bad state at the time, but his facial features were indeed excellent. The average man cannot compare to him!”

Leng Jiu did not ask further, because Lan Ze had already played finish a song. He bowed and left, but she looked at his back that was still curved and saw an unyielding arrogance. Her red lips curved with an intriguing smile: interesting!

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