Poisonous Empress Dowagers

Empress Dowager Ch 4 Part 1

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Chapter 4 Part 1

Title : 蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆 ( The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous)
Author : 我非主角 ( Wo Fei Zhu Jue)
Translator : Cubbyfox
Editor : Etereal
Proofreader : Waiting

In a palace so remote that it has no name, the scarlet paint on the pillars have faded and the pillars became rusty. The glass tiles at the top has also been severely damaged. The parapet made with jade carvings has been covered by wild plants. The windows are full of gaps. Several thrush birds flew in from the bushes nearby. They chirped a few times and left. The dry leaves that fell and accumulated on the ground, covering the entire floor. It was obvious how remote this palace was.

This place could be described as gloomy, desolate and dilapidated. However, in this dilapidated place where even eunuchs do not want to enter, a continuous sound of the Guqin could be heard. The melody carries the same desolate feeling, breaking through the beautiful palace, as if complaining about this area’s quietness.

The wild plants grew past the walls. A white figure between the grasses laid horizontally on it. The grass covered her face, but from her posture, he knew that she is not an ordinary person.

Suddenly, the sound of the Guqin stopped. A man in light blue clothes walked over, and stopped at the wall. His voice was like a flowing clear spring, and sorrowful: “It is dangerous to be on top of the wall! If you want to listen to the Guqin, if you don’t mind, you can come in!”

The figure on the wall heard the words and sat up. A face that is clear like moonlight, and enchanting as a lotus flower appeared. If she isn’t Leng Jiu, who is she?

However, she did not put on make-up today. A clear and beautiful face, and eyes that were wide opened. She is only in her teens, and she looks like a little girl. The green palace maid uniform made her more charming and cute. She looked like a very beautiful palace maid!

”Hehe! I was discovered by you!” Leng Jiu smiled and then jumped off the wall, landing just in front of the man.

She squinted at the person in front of her. He was different from the banquet on that day. At this moment, he no longer bowed and curved his back, but he stood up straight like a bamboo. The light blue robes casually wrapped around his body, but there was a casual beauty to it. His temperament was elegant and quiet, like orchids in a valley, rare and elegant.

His appearance made Leng Jiu slightly stunned. He was not the most beautiful man that she has ever seen, but he had the best temperament.

His facial features can only be regarded as the standard. Under his bright and clean forehead, was a pair of eyebrows that were neither thick nor dense. It was just perfect, as if painted by a master painter. Under his long eyelashes that were like the wings of a butterfly, was a pair of eyes as clear as water. His eyes had a touch of gentleness that people are unable to hate. The bridge of his nose is straight, and his thin lips were like an incision. His pointed chin, white neck, and a few strands of hair swaying on his chest, adding a bit of flirtatious sensation!

His body looks very thin, but it was hard for people to feel that he was thin and weak. Instead, people will think that he should be like this. Magnificent and charming, with a touch of sadness. If such a man was released, who knows how many women will go crazy?

Lan Ze looked at the girl in front of him and was also stunned. He raised his hand to Leng Jiu’s temple and gently brushed her hair. A faint smell of orchids entered Leng Jiu’s nose, and a dry leaf appeared in his hand. Leng Jiu playfully stuck her tongue out and said, “Thank you.”

The corner of Lan Ze’s lips raised slightly into a faint smile. He turned around and walked to the only clean place in this palace, the courtyard. He sat cross-legged, and placed the same Guqin on his leg. His jade-like fingers began to pluck the Guqin’s chords. A melody like the sound of flowing water began to flow out, making people unconsciously feel comfortable!

Leng Jiu doesn’t really understand music. Although she knows several instruments, but she only knows them. She could not grasp the artistic intention or soul of the music, so she only casually listened to music. She has heard many Guqin songs, but she always felt there was nothing special to attract her interest. However, the song that Lan Ze played was different. This was the first time that she was so serious and attentive in listening to the song, and she felt peace that she never had before.

She inclined her head to the side, looking at the man sitting on the straw mat and playing Guqin. She inexplicably felt sorry for him. He was originally an honoured prince, precious and treasured. However, because his country has fallen to this state, he became unknown and bury his life.

Leng Jiu walked out from that deserted palace. She could still hear the melodious sound of the Guqin from afar. She looked at the distant sky, smiled and left!

When she just returned to the Weiyang palace and changed her clothes, she heard Lu Chang’s voice: “Empress Dowager! The Emperor is here!”

Leng Jiu leaned on the cushion, and raised her eyebrows unpleasantly: “What is he here for?”

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Wei = Concubine

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